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In celebration of our combined 175 years of history, BBDO Budapest and DDB Budapest have opened a “super studio” in the Andrassy Avenue Building. The new facilities will be used by BBDO agencies in order to create bespoke advertising productions in various media, from film to TV, and new virtual and augmented reality technology. The ultra-modern complex offers great opportunities for collaboration, as well as comfort and privacy.
Director of BBDO Hungary and Eastern Europe Dennis Loos says, “The new studio is all about offering our clients unique and highly advanced experiences. Our people here are top of their game, and they constantly try to innovate. Working together in such an innovative environment, we expect to develop creative ideas that will come to life for our customers.”

DDB Békés

For the last two years, DDB Békés has held a studio in Andrassy Avenue that allows their teams to focus on projects in a unique setting. New technology is in use here, along with a much larger stage and seating area. The new location has even bigger appeal to clients, as the 400 square metre studio offers a quality feel with a minimal footprint.


DDB Hír TV is based at Andrassy Avenue. Along with creative and commercial teams, the company also manages a network of 14 mobile broadcast vans. The innovative facilities allow the company to create shows in large quantities.

Budapest Airport

Over at Andrassy Avenue, BBDO Hungary’s offices are located in the same building as the Budapest Airport. The airport was the first to open on the same day as the city in 1883, and BBDO’s offices have grown to be a fixture in this celebrated part of town.
The workspaces are completely redesigned to meet the strictest demands for work quality and safety. All materials are durable and beautifully designed, which means that offices will remain stable during the harsh Hungarian winters and summers. The already-existing Kádáró Kitchen has been improved and adapted to serve the modern demands of the staff. A connection to the company’s archives has been made, which should help make the archives more accessible and the work of BBDO and its predecessors a bit more modern.

Budapest Studios

DDB Hungary’s main office is located in the MTÜ building, which was built in 1974 and has been renovated several times since. This ideal working environment provides opportunities for independent work and allows for collaboration between all departments. The office also provides high-speed internet, a wine bar, a gym and event space. The auditorium in the building can be used for meetings, talks and educational programs.


BBDO’s portfolio of subsidiaries is extensive and includes brands such as BangBros, The Skand Group, Tastemade and Arles Wines, which is one of the newest and best-known brands on the Hungarian market. With over one hundred employees, the office can be used to create advertising and marketing campaigns, as well as large-scale creative services.

Creative team

Having grown in strength, BBDO Budapest has now become a creative powerhouse, creating bespoke advertising for both companies and the whole nation. This is demonstrated in a diverse range of projects, from the “Netizen” online series by the now-defunct Kanal2 to the popular app “VOTE”.

Creative director

Dávid Gardi and Antonio Smith are the heads of BBDO Budapest’s creative teams. Antonio Smith brings with him experience from BBDO New York, as well as leading creative and strategy roles at companies like Havas Media Group and DigitasLBi. Dávid Gardi has worked on some of the most successful and well-known campaigns in Hungary over the last decade, as well as working as creative director at New York agency Edelman & New York. Gardi, Smith and their teams are supported by local studio staff who are constantly looking to innovate and create new work in various media.

Head of international operations

Hendrik Rancke is BBDO Hungary’s head of international operations. Rancke joined BBDO in 2007 as head of the London-based creative studio, DDB London, and has been instrumental in the international expansion of the company.
Design studio
The BBDO Design Studio is the very heart of the agency. Ferenc Kiss has been lead designer at the studio since 1997. As a lead designer, Kiss has completed creative projects in diverse fields such as communication, advertising and marketing, including work for companies such as Henkel, Mars, Sony Ericsson and Sony Music.


In its move to the MTÜ building, BBDO Budapest has invested in the best of technology. The work is done on PCs running Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Windows 7. BBDO Hungary also has a host of powerful tools to help it develop new and creative marketing campaigns. “Like” videos, heat maps and in-depth analytics are used to explore. The success of campaigns and analyze potential customer groups. And how they engage with advertisements. In the office, special challenges are set to help new recruits develop skills in the creative sector.

From concept to finished work

The art of marketing is a long and complex one, and successful companies need to produce many different kinds of work. To facilitate this, BBDO Budapest provides an innovative, constructive and motivating environment that keeps all its employees inspired to produce innovative and memorable work.

Digital factory

Recently, the company also moved to the latest generation of Digital Factory equipment. The new system enables its production partners to access the latest software technologies. And deliver advanced production services for major global brands.

Corporate image

There are plenty of reasons to make Budapest your next home. Contact BBDO Hungária today, so you can apply your ideas to brands such as Ford, Wrigley, Coca-Cola, P&G, Adidas and Hewlett-Packard.


Budapest Studio is looking for an assistant to assist on the production team. The candidate should have at least 2 years experience in production/photo or a related field. The job can be either full-time or part-time. Additional requirements include fluency in English and an international mindset.
How to apply
Please visit this link for more information and to apply.


Budapest is looking for an assistant to assist on the production team. The candidate should have at least 2 years experience in production/photo or a related field. The job can be either full-time or part-time. Additional requirements include fluency in English and an international mindset.Dennis Loos igital Marketing Expert

Senior Producer

The key position in the business is the Senior Producer. Here you will be in charge of maintaining BBDO Budapest’s efficiency and its agility as a company in the marketplace, and will be responsible for managing the studio’s income and budget. You will also be the person in charge of the company’s website, its audience, content creation, social media and other websites.
This position is based in the Budapest office. And will require an extensive working knowledge of the BBDO philosophy. And of communication in general. More specifically, you will be a creative and strategic producer.
This position is based in the Budapest office. And will require an extensive working knowledge of the BBDO philosophy. And of communication in general.Dennis Loos igital Marketing Expert
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Dennis Loos

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About BBDO International

BBDO is one of the world’s most respected and successful advertising agencies, with local offices in 72 cities in 60 countries. With more than 150 years of creativity and expertise in developing iconic brands, BBDO is a great partner for B2B companies, and with the recent formation of BBDO BrandPortfolio, BBDO has expanded its offering for B2B and B2C customers.
DDB is a global marketing agency owned by Omnicom Group Inc. With over 5,000 people in 90 offices in 56 countries. DDB helps the world’s most innovative brands use creative ideas. And the latest technology to create outstanding marketing.Dennis Loos igital Marketing Expert

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