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Desert Safari Dubai Deals and Packages – Best Travel Guide of UAE (2020)

Dubai is one of the most prosperous and modern emirates in the United Arab Emirates. The city borders Abu Dhabi to the south, Sharjah to the northeast, and the Sultanate of Oman to the southeast. The city is located in the Arabian desert and has a unique topography.

Dubai’s landscape is mainly made up of sandy deserts and gravel deserts in the southern part of the United Arab Emirates. The sand is clean, white and smooth and is made up of broken shells and coral. Hunting in the surrounding sandy desert in the Dubai. VIP desert safari Dubai is a fascinating and exciting experience. It is difficult to choose between several adventurous tours through the desert. The journey starts from the reception point to the 4×4 car.

Types of desert safaris

Desert Safari in the Morning:

Due to a busy schedule, many people don’t have time to plan a night hunt. In this way, they can enjoy a desert hunt in the morning desert safari Dubai that gives them a pleasant adventure trip. The desert safari offers exciting dune trials that last around 20 minutes, as well as an electric camp where you can ride a bike, camel and sand. Morning hunt may vary depending on your pack. On average, some companies offer a combined trip of around 2 hours. It is suitable for those who are not interested in dining and camping.

Evening Desert Safari:

It is an important activity if you want to remember something in your life. If you plan to visit Evening Desert Safari Dubai, get a taste of the fun and excitement of a night hunting in the desert. In the afternoon, you will have to rest at the first destination near the camel farm. Take the opportunity to discover the sunset, camel rides and sandpit in the desert ocean. Try a beautiful henna design on your arms and legs. Pamper yourself in a party atmosphere with delicious bras and a hookah. At the camp, see oriental dancers to Arabic melodies.

Red Dunes Desert Safari:

Now, let’s talk about what really affects the dunes of Dubai. Upon entering the Dubai Desert Safari, you will witness a series of giant 4 × 4 cars emerging from the desert. Oh, you are right, the fallen dunes in Dubai. A roller coaster travels low and from red to yellow through the vast desert, bouncing from thin to dune. Are you waiting for a trip of horror and adventure? The dunes that hit Dubai are definitely the answer.


You’re probably thinking about how dangerous a fast trip can be, but it’s fun. Red Dunes Desert Safari Dubai employs professional drivers who are experts in getting up and down the dunes in a very smooth way with the right car. The gears and wheels are different from normal cars, they are specially protected for driving on hard sand dunes. It is more suitable for damaging the dunes of Dubai.

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Camel Riding Dubai:

Enjoy a Camel riding Dubai and dinner in the Emirates Bedouin camp on this nature tour. Our service took you from your hotel with luxury car and head into the desert to meet camel train. Ride a camel through the royal desert over a sand dune. As the sun goes down, enjoy the falconry display, watch the bread-making demonstration and get henna tattoos. Finish your beautiful dinner under the sky.

Overnight Desert Safari Dubai:

Explore the Arabian desert in the night sky while everyone is resting in the camp. Remember to carry a camera to catch recollections of dawn over the sandy desert of Dubai. Attempt henna plans, conventional attire, and camel rides. After a full dinner, you can sit alone on a quiet night and feel the wind blowing across the sand. If you like to dance, stay away from your belly dancer. Enjoy the rest in the dunes and the ski game. Remember to bring a sleeping bag and blanket to spend the night.

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