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Desert UAE

Desert UAE

If you are planning a trip to the UAE, one of the most incredible places to visit is the Desert UAE. Al-Nafud and Al-Jawf deserts are both breathtaking. Here are a few tips on how to spend your time in the desert. Also, check out the Al-Nafud resorts and Al Maha suites. All of them are a must-see for any desert vacationer!

Al-Nafud desert

The Saudi Arabian desert is the largest in the world, and is home to Riyadh, the capital city of the country. Humans have lived in the desert for centuries – recent excavations have found evidence of human settlement here as early as 2.4 million years ago. The most famous desert dwellers were the Bedouin, who relied on permanent cropping and livestock rearing in the oases for survival. Their descendants still live settled lives around the oases.

The desert is mostly barren, with only a few grassy areas and watering places. It’s perfect for camping and hiking, and it’s a popular place for festivals and events. The locals organize a festival here every spring, where they celebrate their culture and traditions. The festival also includes poetry readings, traditional arts and crafts, and authentic Arabian food. The authorities organize an annual Hail Rally during the festival, attracting participants from neighboring regions and even countries.

The Nafud desert, or the Sand Sea, is 64,000 sq km in size. It’s home to towering sand dunes that rise up to three thousand feet high. Its dunes cover a vast area, and the region receives rain only twice a year. It’s also home to a fossilized human finger that dates back 85,000 years. During the winter, it receives rainfall that brings up short-lived, succulent grasses.

Al-Jawf desert

Birds are an important part of UAE’s ecosystem. The Al-Jawf desert hosts a variety of bird species. According to researchers, more than ten thousand birds visit the region during the Winter. However, they face a number of challenges due to the loss of natural areas, overfishing, and uncontrolled human consumption of groundwater. While many birds make their home in the UAE, Al-Jawf is considered a transit area by many birds, and only around 170 species are recorded there.

This dry and windy desert is dotted with ancient sites and oases. In the 19th century, the area was part of the Emirate of Jabal Shammar, which was nominally affiliated with the second Saudi state. During this time, the locals were fighting between two rival families: the Al-Rashid clan and the Al-Shaalan tribe. In 1838, King Abdullah bin Ali Al Rashid sent an army of 3,000 men to attack the Arabs. The army remained there until 1853, when Abdullah bin Ali Al Rashid and Talal bin Abdulrahman Al Saud declared their Emirate of Jabal Shammar.

The history of the region is enriched by archaeological sites. The region has important sites that show the influence of the Romans, Nabateans, and Qedar civilizations. Archaeological remains of different periods of Islam also abound in Al-Jawf. One of the prime tourist attractions in Al-Jawf is the Marid Castle, which is located south of Dumat-al-Jandal city. This castle is 600 meters above sea level and is a popular tourist destination. It takes approximately 30 minutes to climb the 1000 step staircase.

Al-Nafud resorts

There are many different things to do in Al-Nafud, a destination in the UAE’s desert region. The area is home to various Arabian legends and tales, as well as shifting sand dunes. The area is also famous for its numerous scenic locations across the Arabian peninsula, including the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Jubbah. The resort is also known for its romantic setting and offers a range of different activities for guests to enjoy.

The Taj El-Fahd Desert Resort is the ultimate destination for a romantic getaway in the UAE’s arid landscape. The resort is set within a natural oasis, and features a luxurious spa and amazing dining options. You can even go on a camel trek to experience the desert’s wildlife. Al-Nafud is an inexpensive option for a luxurious desert getaway.

The Ritz-Carlton Ras Al Khaimah in the Al Wadi Desert is a five-star oasis located in a protected reserve. Each villa boasts a private outdoor pool. The Ritz-Carlton Ras Al Khaimah’s desert experience concierge can arrange activities like stargazing and desert treks. The Ritz-Carlton’s desert villas feature private outdoor pools and are furnished with upscale accents and furnishings. The Ritz-Carlton’s Arabian cuisine is the best in the desert, and the hotel’s award-winning restaurants and bar menu are just some of its many highlights.

The Mysk Al Badayer Retreat is another luxury glamping in the UAE. This resort has eco-friendly design touches and is located within a traditional Arabian fort. The resort has a luxurious spa, three Arabic dining rooms, a crystal salt sauna, and a hammam. The resort’s dune bashing and falconry facilities are also worth exploring.

Al Maha suites

Located 45 kilometers inland from Dubai, Al Maha is an opulent desert resort. It is accessible only via a jeep transfer arranged by the hotel. This exclusive desert resort offers secluded suites where guests can feel completely at one with nature. Guests are also welcome to participate in desert activities, such as wildlife spotting. The luxurious suites at Al Maha are designed with privacy in mind.

Each of the resort’s guest suites has its own private pool and has sublime furnishings and authentic Arabian ornaments. The bathrooms feature marble showers, spacious bathtubs and king beds. Guests enjoy attentive service in a friendly atmosphere. Although Al Maha is relatively small, it does have many amenities and services that make for an exceptional vacation. There are guided desert safaris and activities for families, as well as a state-of-the-art fitness center.

The Al Maha offers several dining options, including a formal international restaurant. Guests may choose to dine in their suites, and they can also take advantage of the resort’s dune dinners. The Timeless Spa is also located on-site, and it offers full beauty treatments. The hotel has an outdoor swimming pool and gym, as well. It is a great place to unwind.

Liwa Oasis

Liwa Oasis is a large oasis area located in the Western Region of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Located about two hours away from Dubai, Liwa is an oasis that is unique in its size and natural beauty. The area is also home to a number of other fascinating places. You can visit the Oasis for a day trip or a longer stay to explore all it has to offer.

For visitors planning to visit Liwa in the UAE, there are several attractions that can pique your interest. These include: The Empty Quarter (the cheapest hotel in Liwa), the dune city of Hameem, and the stunning Liwa Oasis. Alternatively, you can spend a day in Musanam, Oman, where you can explore clear blue fjords and rocky peaks.

The Bani Yas tribe, the largest in the UAE, is home to a number of ancient settlements. During the pre-oil period, they farmed dates, raised livestock, and engaged in pearling during the summer pearling season. During this period, they would travel to the coast in fleets of boats. In addition to the traditional oases, the Liwa Oasis is home to seven ancient forts that were built during the Bani Yas tribe’s era. In fact, they were so dedicated to preserving their land that they were willing to rebuild these ancient structures.

If you have some adrenaline, try climbing the dunes. These are some of the tallest dunes in the world and are an excellent workout. To get the full experience, you can take a camel ride along the dune. You can also take a camel ride up the dune. This is one of the best things to do in Liwa, as you can do it from the desert.

Fossil Rock

You can visit the Fossil Rock in the UAE for a fun and educational off-roading adventure. This desert formation has clues to the history of the planet and early species. The rock is filled with marine fossils, including pygmy adzes, apex predators, and apes. The Mleiha Archaeological Center offers a guided trek. It’s worth taking your own trash bag to avoid leaving behind unwanted items.

The discovery of these fossils is a rare opportunity to experience a unique part of the UAE. This 4,000-square-kilometer site was a forest eight million years ago, similar to the forests of East Africa. Fossilised roots were found stretching over a wide area, one over ten metres long. Although more study is needed to identify which species were buried, they are thought to have belonged to acacia species.

Located near Al Maliha in the Emirate of Sharjah, Fossil Rock is a fascinating place to explore if you’re interested in the history of the UAE. Its ancient marine remains provide evidence that the area was covered by a sea 70 million years ago. You can even pour a glass of water on the rock to see the fossil imprints. It’s an incredible geological experience and the landscape is stunning.

Fossil Rock is just one of the many attractions in the city of Sharjah. You can enjoy various activities in the region, including hiking, dune-bashing, off-roading, and glamping. You can also check out the Mleiha Archeological Centre, where you can learn about the history of the UAE and discover its rich archeological treasures. It’s worth a visit to Mleiha if you’re in Dubai.

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