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Difference Between Boxing Gloves and MMA Gloves

The huge distinction is very evident, even to the layman. Most importantly, a boxing glove and MMA glove are planned in light of totally various applications.

Concerning the MMA gloves, it assumes the plan of fingerless gloves as contenders will you a wide assortment of battling procedures from absolutely striking controls like boxing and Muay Thai, to hook hefty battling styles like beginner wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Having your fingers free permits contenders to apply both striking and catching procedures while as yet giving sufficient insurance to their hands.

Presently, let us separate the particular perspectives that the two gloves share practically speaking and look at their methodology for each element.

Difference Between Boxing Gloves and MMA Gloves

They are a fundamental piece of the preparation for these kinds of sports and having at any rate a couple of dependable sets of gloves is one of the initial steps. Notwithstanding, as you begin to take a gander at all of the different alternatives that are accessible for gloves, you will find that there are definitely more than you may have at first idea.

With those decisions, it very well may be hard to tell which one you ought to pick. This is particularly obvious in the event that you didn’t know that there are some significant contrasts between MMA gloves and boxing gloves they have diverse center framework and so on For instance, 10 oz. MMA gloves and 16 oz. boxing gloves are totally different. They are intended for various games altogether. How about we investigate these distinctions.


One of the primary contrasts that you will see between the gloves is the cushioning. Boxing gloves will in general have a considerable amount more cushioning on them, and some of them will gauge 16 oz. or on the other hand more. This is on the grounds that more often than not, somebody who is a fighter will wind up tossing and getting undeniably a greater number of punches during a contest than a MMA contender. The MMA gloves don’t have as much cushioning, and they are lighter. The gloves for MMA warriors should have the option to oblige that, too, which you will see beneath.


This is another significant contrast between these sorts of gloves. The boxing gloves incorporate the whole hand, and instead of resembling common gloves, they are more similar to gloves. The entirety of the fingers are in the principle cushioned space of the glove, while the thumb has its own different space.

The MMA gloves are more similar to genuine gloves in this design. These gloves will keep the fingers independent, and they leave portions of the fingers uncovered. The justification this is the distinction in the manner that the matches continue. In boxing, you are simply going to toss punches.


The most recognizable distinction you will see between the two sorts of battle gloves is the measure of cushioning each has to bring to the table. As can be seen from the outset, boxing gloves give undeniably more cushioning and can gauge more than 16-ounces. The thinking behind this is that since fighters solely utilize their hands during matches, they will in general toss and get undeniably more punches.

With respect to MMA gloves, they will in general be lighter and thusly, consolidates less cushioning. MMA contenders should be fast and light and having a lumbering glove can lose their cadence. Additionally, MMA warriors toss punches, yet feet, elbows, and knees too.

Add to the way that MMA likewise uses hooking based combative techniques which expect contenders to have the option to take hold of to their adversary.

Full Gloves and Fingerless Gloves

Another huge distinction among boxing and MMA gloves is that boxing gloves cover the total of the hand and follows a comparable plan to that of a vigorous glove.


Hand Wraps

This is another angle wherein boxing glove, and MMA gloves contrast. Boxing gloves and hand envelops go hand by hand. This sort of battle gloves gives adequate room in its inside to oblige hand wraps. Having hand wraps is vital when wearing boxing gloves as it lessens grating and keeps everything cozy and stable.

Which Type of Glove Hits Harder?

Presently, punching power isn’t easy to decide as there is a wide assortment of components to consider. By and large, the appropriate response is abstract to the individual who is throwing the right hook. The heaviness of the gloves MAY be a factor eventually too.

Boxing gloves will in general weigh between 8 to 12 ounces which relies upon the battle contract the two players settled upon. Concerning MMA gloves, they as a rule utilize the default 4-ounce gloves in all matches. Because of its lighter weight, warriors will actually want to toss quicker punches with MMA gloves.

Does the higher speed liken to a harder punch? Indeed.

Uncovered clench hand figured out how to convey just about 370 kilos of power!

Wearing MMA gloves, Rutten conveyed a power of 295 kilos which is additionally enough to take anybody without an iron jaw unconscious.

With the boxing gloves, the previous MMA heavyweight champion timed 291 kilos of power. Practically indistinguishable from the punching power he conveyed with a MMA glove yet somewhat lower.


Committed MMA gloves structure some portion of the MMA warrior’s center uniform. As perhaps the main things of MMA hardware you’ll at any point own, it’s urgent to put resources into a top notch pair of MMA gloves, which will reimburse you ten times over the long haul. MMA gloves are intended to be lightweight with open fingers. They make incredible hooking gloves, considering the wearer to start catches or multifaceted holds, making securing and accommodation conceivable while as yet having hand insurance. The heaviness of a couple of MMA gloves can differ, and each style of warrior will have their own inclination. Here at Made4Fighters, we have MMA gloves in various sizes and loads, including the 4 ounce MMA glove, perhaps the most well known MMA glove loads utilized in the UFC and other MMA sports.


While boxing and Mixed Martial Arts are both battling sports, the gloves they use are unique. Boxing gloves are more intensely cushioned than MMA gloves. This shields the fighter’s hands from the rehashed sway while punching. MMA gloves are a lot sleeker by correlation, making different procedures utilized in MMA simpler. MMA gloves additionally leave the warrior’s fingers discrete and portable to make catching conceivable while boxing gloves keep the fingers together to make the clench hand more steady. Both boxing gloves and MMA gloves are excellent at what they are intended to do. Pick the right gloves for the game you are taking an interest in.

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