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Differences between LED, CFL, and halogen lights

LED, CFL, and halogen lights are the major types of lighting solutions for your home. Each one of the appliances has its unique feature and its own merits and demerits electrician Burleigh Heads. 

This blog gives you detailed information about LED, CFL, and halogen lights. This blog also provides brief information on how electrician Burleigh Heads offers home electricity checkups. Let’s dive in.


Lamps are the first tune of electrical appliances created in 1800 by Thomas Edison There are benefits and drawbacks of the source mentioned above of lights. It depends upon the homeowner what type of light source they choose.

Incandescent Lamps

It is filled with inertia gas like nitrogen and argon to reduce the evaporation of firmament wire. Halogen elements are used in halogen incandescent to create a halogen cycle by combining tungsten filament wire and to improve its life span. These are efficient and cheap to produce. 

Incandescent Lamps have a span of about 750 to 1000 hours and mah frequent replacements for application. 

LED Lamps

LED Lamp stands for Light Emitting Diode. It produces light by passing through an electric current or a semiconductor. It is desirable for applications that need reliable and constant light sources that can operate in undesirable situations like extreme cold or hot weather. 

LEDs are very efficient at converting electricity into light at a very fast rate of over 90 lumens per watt. The small LED uses electricity in different locations without any excessive modification.

Halogen Lights  

Halogen lights work like traditional lights by passing an electrical current through tungsten wire. In Lamps, the current passes through filament wire, and in halogen light, it passes through a tungsten wire.

The Halogen bulb has the same look as the traditional bulbs, and it works well with dimers. It runs hotter than the traditional Lamps, and it is important to keep flammable materials away from halogen bulbs.

As compared to halogen bulbs, LEDs are expensive. LED lamps have an extremely high-efficiency rate and high light output. It has a low power consumption. The large selection of the color of LED lights includes the entire color spectrum, including ultraviolet and infrared lights. 

The disadvantage of LED light is that it is way more expensive and hard to mimic the light distribution. 

Final Thoughts 

There are benefits and drawbacks of the source mentioned above of lights. It depends upon the homeowner what type of light source they choose. The above guide sheds light on the different types of lights most common and popular. It will help you get a better idea about each of them and will also help you make a wise and learned choice when choosing amongst these lights. 

Connection Electrical can assure you high-quality electrical service as they have a team of highly skilled electricians Burleigh Heads. Trust them for efficient electrical service in Burleigh Heads. 

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