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Digestion System: Why to Be Worried?

Many people do not give any attention to their digestion system. If you are one of such individuals, then this post is for you. Digestion is the procedure via which the food is broken down into a shape that can be absorbed into the blood system and taken to cells across the body.

As seventy percent of the body’s immune system stays in the digestive tract, maintaining digestive health is critical to the overall well-being of the body. You can easily find a good and effective syrup for food digestion and ensure that the food digestion is good for you. The procedure begins in the mouth when you chew and swallow. Your saliva contains an enzyme that forks the starch from the food into tinier molecules.

The swallowed meal is pushed into the oesophagus and that connects is the throat above with the stomach below. A ring like valve clogs up the passage from the oesophagus to the tummy, but as the chewed food approaches, the muscles around ring relax and the food passes into stomach. The upper area of the stomach is a holding area. Via the action of the stomach muscles, little bits at a time get pushed into the lower part of the stomach, wherein it blends with liquids and stomach acid, and an enzyme that breaks down protein, digestive juices that crack the solid food into a liquid shape. Next, this passes gradually into the small intestine.

What is next?

In the intestine, the food blends with bile generated in the liver. The bile is gathered in the gallbladder, but at mealtime it is cuddled out of the gallbladder, into the bile ducts, and on through to intestine, wherein it dissolves fat into liquid. The dissolved fat is then get digested by enzymes from pancreas and intestine. Eventually, all of the digested nutrients get absorbed through the intestinal walls, and carried off in the bloodstream to other areas of the body for storage or further chemical alterations. The waste product of the procedure encompasses old cells and undigested pieces of food that get pushed into the colon, and eventually excluded through the bowel.

Remember that all other types of health functions can be undermined in case you do not digest, absorb and even remove your food. You must take care of your digestion or you could fall sick. Here the incapability to digest food properly might indicate a deficiency of stomach acid and digestive enzymes. Such a thing is a common issue due to poor eating habits and high stress degrees. In case there is a deficiency in digestive enzymes your body will pull enzymes into digestive organs from other areas of your body, which are crucial for proper immune regulation and even cellular processes. Such a thing might lead to a reduction of enzymes in other systems and procedures not directly related to digestion.


So, the point is since you know that digestion is really important and how it works for your entire body; you must not take a chance with it. You should get ayurvedic syrup for indigestion and ensure that your digestion is good.

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