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Digital Marketing For Real Estate: A Complete Guide For Realtors

The real estate market should see an increase of 2.3% by 2021. More residential and non-residential buildings will likely be created.
In this blog we will discuss about Digital Marketing For Real Estate


Realtors will get busier. More rookie brokers will join the business. Competition among real estate agents will tighten.


Now, as a realtor, how would you stand out from your competitors? Just like many businesses, implementing a perfect digital marketing strategy is the new normal.


To be ahead of your competitors, you have to start taking digital marketing seriously because it’s vital for building brand awareness for you as a real estate agent, growing exposure, and bringing more leads to your enterprise.


This blog discusses the importance of digital marketing for real estate.


Why is it important for realtors to use digital marketing?


Today, Many realtors and agents undervalue the crucial role of digital marketing in the real estate market.


Not just boosting brand awareness, but digital marketing also helps build a unique brand identity among competitors.


Following are some reasons why digital marketing is essential for the real estate industry:

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A lot of people lookup search engines to get information


Today (greater than ever), everyone who needs to find any piece of information turns to a search engine.


No one has the time to waste by asking for information from a friend or the next-door neighbour when a smartphone or computer can give accurate information in a couple of minutes.


You’d, therefore, need to establish a presence online to boost the visibility of your brand.

After all, this is where your prospects hang around, and you do not wish to miss out on individuals finding you in their searches.


Effectiveness of video and mobile marketing


Mobile and video marketing has proved itself to be the most effective form of marketing.

Several types of research confirmed that mobile advertising campaigns are more successful than other internet norms. 

Also, videos raise the conversion rate, hence we can say that real estate video marketing and mobile marketing is an investment. According to Hubspot, landing pages containing video tend to increase conversion by around 80%.

Watching a video that presents a product could ease the buying decision of a potential customer and convert the viewer into a lead.


Online testimonials are important.


As with almost any business, demonstrating credibility is critical. Online reviews are one of the simplest methods to get trust and credibility from clients. 


It would be best if you asked your clients to write a review of the experience of your services on your Google business page.


A couple of positive testimonials on your page can establish trust with your prospects when determining to try your service for the first time. 


This trust is a significant element in the real estate niche where you’re attempting to entice your customers in parting with their money to make big investments in property.


Benefits of performance tracking


Printing a physical banner might seem like a real deal; however, the question is, how can they convert? How are you able to keep track of your performance? 

No manner. You can’t track the number of people who watched them daily or measure your campaign’s success rate.

With digital marketing strategies like pay per click (PPC), you also can track your performance and see how well (or poorly) your ads are working. 


Easier to reach out to your target audience:


Not everyone in your local area will pay attention to the posters or banners you put around in your town.

It becomes more challenging if you are attempting to reach people outside your locality. That is where digital marketing plays an important role.

Digital marketing permits you to aim and reach an audience outside your local area — all in just a few clicks.


Save cost by going paperless:


Going digital lets, you save money by eliminating the cost of printing. By going paperless, you’re also saving the environment. 

Additionally, the price that might have gone to paper printing may be used for other strategies such as Facebook or Instagram ads.

Multiple chances to get creative


Online marketing gives you the freedom to be more creative. You are free to think out of the box, explore different demographics, examine different campaigns and lots more.

For example, you can use Instagram’s “Ask me about anything” function to get feedback from customers about everything they require from you.


Everybody else is going digital.


Almost all realtors are either now implementing or planning to implement one or several campaigns.

Every realtor, including new players, is into digital marketing. So what are you waiting for? 

The digital marketing business keeps growing daily, and you ought to make haste to set up an internet presence as soon as you can or be left behind.


Strategies that can be used to get maximum leads for your real estate business


How can you stand out from the competition? 

Here are few proven strategies that realtors can utilize to get more leads for their business.

  • Creating Email Campaigns:

Emails are among the most converting digital marketing strategies in the real estate universe.

They permit you to connect, engage, and drive with your new leads while keeping existing clients interested in your service.

As per a recent report, 86% of consumers would rather receive emails.

Always ensure that the content you create is relevant to what your target audience is searching for.

There are a lot tools available in market for email marketing.

You can use any tool from below listed tools-
Mail Chimp,
Aweber , Convert Kit, Mailgun , sendx, mailerlite, drip , sendy , sendbloom


  • Develop a User-Friendly Website:


According to some statistics, around 40 % of website traffic in real estate business come from the mobile phone.

Thus if your website isn’t properly optimized for mobile use, you may be missing a great deal of money on the desk.

Implement a live chat feature. People are always looking to ask questions.

Be certain to be available whenever you’re needed.

  • Pay per click advertising:


Pay per Click advertising, also called PPC, is a digital marketing strategy popularly used by professional real estate business owners.

Pay-per-click ads are utilized to target prospective leads immediately.

The main benefit of PPC advertising is that you will not get charged until someone clicks on your ads. 

PPC algorithm shows your ads to the people who have searched for terms related to the service you’re offering from Google or other search engines.


  • Content marketing:


Content Marketing is the hallmark of a responsive website. A mobile-optimized, highly responsive website without valuable content posted on it is a total waste.

Content marketing is a vital part of SEO and also the best way to get your website indexed.

Website content helps you build reputation, credibility and connect with the audience.


  • Virtual Tour Hosting


Most successful real estate business owners offer virtual tour hosting to their clients.

Not only does virtual tour hosting generate faster revenue for your business, but it also helps customers streamline the home buying process.

Buying a new home is a tricky process, and that’s why clients need you as a marketer to help ease the whole process.

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Thanks for reading.

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