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Disney Vacation Club Resale: Essential Tips When Selling Your Timeshare

A Disney vacation club resale contract is not only feasible, but it also typically has a higher resale value than virtually any other timeshare brand. It doesn’t have to be tough to sell your DVC Resale.

Sure, a quick look at the Disney vacation club resale listings might open the door for all the anxiety and feelings of overwhelming worry to take over. Keep on reading to learn all about the Disney vacation club resale market nuances and how to streamline your selling process.

Select the Right Resale Vendor

When you’ve decided you’re ready to sell your DVC ownership stake, treat it like any other real estate transaction. You have a piece of real estate that you’d want to sell, and you want to sell at the most significant potential price to maximize your profit, just like any other investment. How you choose to sell your home is one of the decisions you’ll have to make to achieve this objective.

Along similar lines, you should avoid any business that primarily offers other timeshares with a few DVC homes thrown in for good measure. We say this because you want someone who knows all there is to know about DVC resales, which most timeshare salespeople are unaware of.

If you’re looking for one with a flawless reputation, then you can simply go with this vendor to sell DVC with DVC shop.

Spend Time on Optimizing Search Engines

One last thought on the subject: select a DVC reselling business with a good Google ranking. It’s a little-known element of the selling process that’s critical to your profit maximization. If you choose a company that isn’t on Google’s first page (ideally in the top five), just a tiny percentage of individuals will see your listing.

You’ll want to choose a reputable seller with many positive reviews and a strong Google presence. While you may have a thorough knowledge of how the marketplace operates and which suppliers are trustworthy, you should not assume that someone new to DVC does. As a result, choose the most dependable company that is DVC-focused and meets your requirements.

The Perk of Disney Vacation Club Resale: Nail Down Your Financial Timeline

When it comes to money, you should go into every prospective deal with your eyes wide open. You can only have so much influence over the process. While you may sign contracts as soon as they arrive in your email, the other party may be untrustworthy. A DVC resales agent also can’t just fly to that person’s house and compel them to sign. We expect people to be courteous in such situations, but this is not always the case.

It would help if you were honest with your DVC resales representative when you get bids. If you need to get paid soon, let them know. They may be able to recommend interested purchasers or former clients who are reliable and polite. It’s one of the reasons why a resales agent’s client service is so essential. Some companies will go above and above to please their customers.

You should start with such information if you need money fast. That way, everyone involved will know you’re looking for a simple, fast transaction. You don’t need to shout “motivated seller” or anything like that since this may result in lower offers. Simply be honest about your current situation and trust the resale agent you’ve carefully selected to meet your requirements.

To Sell or Not to Sell Your Points

This is one of the most contentious DVC contract discussions. Many of the individuals we know who have joined the program have done so in stages. In other words, they have several contracts.

If you’re one of those individuals, you’ll have to choose a different choice. You’ll have to decide whether or not you want to lose all of your points. You may choose to retain one (or more) of your contracts for your purposes if you have several contracts. You’ll then sell the rest to boost your financial account.

There are a few things you should think about. Like all other areas of the real estate business, the DVC market is dependent on the economy’s general health. All real estate values rise when the economy is robust (as it is right now). This helps to understand why The Walt Disney Company just announced record DVC pricing hikes.

Is It Better to Spend Your Points First?

This issue is entirely dependent on the circumstances. On this issue, you should get guidance from your selling agent. Some contracts are listed as “stripped” by resale brokers, meaning they have no points available for the current year or perhaps even the following year. Contracts with regular points do not sell for as much per point as contracts with no issues.

You will profit from market behavior if you have more points than usual due to the banking procedure. Because you have a contract with extra DVC points, you’ll earn more per point.

Then figure out if you’ll earn more money renting points initially before selling your contract. However, you must be aware that you will not transfer your DVC interest as long as you have issues available for rental. So, by using this somewhat unconventional approach, you’re postponing the selling date.

Ready to Start Your Disney World Vacation Club Resale?

The process might seem rather complex and with many potential pitfalls. However, your Disney vacation club resale can be a much simpler step to take once you have the right strategies on hand.

We hope that our guide has shed some light on how it all works. And, if you’re still hungry for more information, then you’ll love checking out our real estate and finance sections for all the additional advice and tips you could possibly need.

One of the lesser known benefits of buying a Disney Vacation Club resale is the opportunity to purchase a point package. And some including bank points. “Banked points”? Consider bonus six points.

Disney Vacation Club members have the opportunity to “bank” points, which means they are reserved for future use years. However, when the DVC property is placed in the resale market, the price is determined by the standard annual allotment and any banking points are awarded to the buyer at no extra cost.

Banked points must be used within a year of use for which they are safe and cannot be re-banking. As a buyer, you get a one-time points bonus with the purchase of a standard point package. To accomplish this, discerning sellers may expect a slightly higher price per point or ask the buyer to cover other closing costs. This is not a problem for the buyer: those extra points still come at a very low price if purchased in the retail market, and can be rented for a substantial profit.

Because Banked Points offer such a great price to the buyer, the sale of these Point Packages can be very competitive. When you find an attractive listing with Banked Points, make a serious offer quickly before you leave the property market.

Long-term value was really important to us when we bought it. We were still in college when we bought our DVC contract, and there was no long-term financial stability. Although buying in DVC certainly made sense to us at the time, we also wanted to have a valuable asset that we could sell when we needed it. Basically, that’s why you buy the resale market for any big ticket item before you make an initial purchase.

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