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Do you know About the Software to Provide Efficient Healthcare to Medical Tourists?

As per the IMTJ analysis, 4,27,014 medical tourists visited India in 2017 to avail skilled healthcare at expenses well below the global par, unlike the services on offer. 

Moreover, the Ministry of Tourism of India stated that the medical tourism industry could reach the market value of $9 billion growing by 200% by 2020.

Along with efficient doctors and technological advancement at low costs, medical tourists come to India to avail of traditional therapeutic practices such as Ayurveda and yoga. 

Hence, with this expanding market in India, medical practitioners also need to provide an organized setup. Thus, it necessitates the importance of practice management software or PMS.

This software provides methodical and organized healthcare services to facilitate medical tourists with world-class pathological and medicinal assistance.

Here are some benefits of management software programs –


PMS works by correlating client-server, desktop software and online-based software to serve everyday operations. 

It is mainly used to organize administrative works and financial functions. Not only PMS but also advanced equipment and machinery are required to provide satisfactory medical services to medical tourists. Certainly, it needs substantial funds to create that infrastructure. 

With the help of Loan for Doctors by Bajaj Finserv, you can acquire the necessary finances to develop such a setup.

  • The dynamic data analysis system

A healthcare clinic can provide up to the mark services only if it can handle big data. Practice management software helps to access a patient’s previous medical history such, as earlier test results, surgeries, diagnoses, etc. 

Also, it can track and reserve all these data for future references. This data management system helps to diagnose accurately.

Other than patient’s data, PMS also helps to organize administrative data such as various employee sheets and financial data like revenue and expenditures. 

As a result, the infrastructure becomes stronger with its systematic approach. Avoid the common mistakes that doctors make while running their businesses such as under-staffing.

  • Record system – no use of paper

Nowadays, no one wants to carry paper documents. Thanks to handy electronic devices and the internet, anyone can access a soft copy of the documents. 

Moreover, due to the growth of medical tourism in India, several patients come here from different countries and it is difficult for them to carry the hard copy of their medical history. Above all, papers can get damaged in daily uses and also difficult to maintain.

Practice managers come with electronic data record system to store the data methodically. This helps to access clinical data easily and effectively.

  • Higher efficiency

Clinical management starts with lining up the appointments of patients, maintaining records, billing, accounting, etc. And efficient management is needed to increase productivity.

Practice management software provides automated management service to streamline every big and small element of medical care. Also, you need to hire the best front office staff to run your clinic efficiently and inspire better patient engagement.

  • Departmental coordination

With the core managing system, this software enables the doctor to access data from various departments. That helps them diagnose in a better and more proficient way. It saves time and effort too.

  • Error-free system

Clinic management demands accuracy. Electronic automation practice management software programs reduce the chance of human errors. For example, patients get the prescription in forms of printed paper or mail. 

Hence, it becomes easy to read and understand, and the patients get the right medicine hassle-free. The automatic process reduces the odds of faulty treatment because of the wrong diagnosis.

  • Fulfillment of patient’s need

The most important part of any industry is customer satisfaction. With this software, patients can handle certain facilities from home, such as booking appointments, canceling or rescheduling the appointments without calling the clinic. 

To keep up the rise of medical tourism in India, the satisfactory experience of patients is also needed. You also need to reduce patient waiting time in order to provide better services.

They can also see the result of their medical test while sitting at home. Other than that, a smooth billing process also provides satisfaction to the patients.

  • Time management

From writing a prescription to preparing bills, or maintaining a patient’s record, all require a sufficient amount of time. But clinic software saves time as it covers the entire management system automatically.

While talking about time management, Bajaj Finserv also provides you pre-approved offers on loans to help borrowers save time by simplifying the loan application procedure.

Summing it up, practice management software programs make all clinical work easy and effective to provide better healthcare to medical tourists. You should avail it to create world-class infrastructure and take your healthcare to the global platform.


Seema Gupta is a well-known financial and tech advisor with the abilities to keep a track and predict the market trends with the utmost accuracy. Her extensive knowledge in finance and tech is remarkable as she has worked on different financial and sectors dealing with the entire range of loans. She is also an expert in writing many finances and tech related articles and blogs, so she is a renowned finance blogger too.

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