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Do You Want To Lose Belly Fat? What Is a Faster Way to Fat loss?

Are you fat and struggling to lose weight? Does your body consist of excess fat that you want to get rid of?

Apart from physical appearance and tight clothes, extra fat can be harmful to your body. Excess fat can lead to several health conditions.

Losing belly fat can be challenging, even if you look thin. There are several ways to exterminate belly fat. In this article, we will discuss many of the faster ways to fat loss.

Faster way to fat loss: Detox Water

A general thought that occurs in mind is that to lose weight you must exercise and maintain a good diet. But other than these methods, there are many other easier ways to contribute to this mission.

Fat-burning detox waters are well known for belly fat removal. Detox liquids have proven to be more effective along with diet and exercise. Detox drinks upgrade the metabolism of your body by improving your digestion and by wiping out toxins from your body.

Some of the fat-burning detox drinks are:

  • Ginger lemon detox drink: A combination of ginger and lemon works wonders as ginger is rich in gingerol that helps with digestion and wards off stomach problems. On the other hand, lemons are a great source of vitamin C and antioxidants.

You can prepare effective detox water by squeezing a half lemon into a glass of warm water. Along with the lemon, add a small piece of grated ginger. Your drink is ready.

  • Green tea: It is the most consumed detox drink to lose belly fat. Green tea is a calorie-free drink. It is rich in catechins, antioxidants. It boosts the fat-burning activity in your body and makes your metabolism efficient.
  • Sweet honey cinnamon drink: Boil a stick of cinnamon in water and add one tablespoon of honey. A quick lime dash will enhance its flavor and boost its effectiveness.

Cinnamon curbs cravings, and keeps you away from the appetite for a longer period. Furthermore, the honey accelerates the metabolism, which makes it a beneficial detox drink for flat belly.

More soluble fiber

Soluble fiber is best for lose weight. These are the best sources of soluble fiber:

  • Flax seeds
  • Avocado fruit
  • Blackberries
  • Legumes

According to some studies, soluble fiber is said to help lose weight. It lowers the process of calorie absorption from the food and gives you a sense of fullness. This reduces the appetite due to repressed cravings. It is better to include soluble fiber in your diet in abundance to yield wonderful results.

Avoid excessive drinking

Drinking excessively is a feasible way to make you gain belly fat.  It has numerous benefits in minor amounts, but drinking too much can be dangerous.

One of the faster ways to fat loss is to limit alcohol consumption. Studies have related increased alcohol consumption to a higher chance of creating fat around the waist area.

Moderate drinking daily is better than excessive drinking on alternate days. So, it is necessary for fat burning to adopt a habit of mild drinking or completely refrain from it.

Protein-rich diet

A protein-rich diet and weight loss have a relationship.  Consuming more protein helps with weight loss as it prevents overeating.

The fullness hormone known as PYY is discharged into the body by the consumption of high protein. This hormone curbs cravings reduce appetite and stimulates a sense of fullness.

Protein boosts metabolism, which plays a vital role in weight loss. It also promotes the development of lean muscles that help in weight loss by burning calories. Some of the rich sources of protein are:

  • Meat
  • Dairy
  • Beans
  • Eggs
  • Potatoes
  • Almonds

Stress and Fat Loss

You might find it strange to know that stress can also actually impact your weight loss journey. You can accumulate belly fat due to the stress hormone called cortisol.

As per several studies, elevated cortisol levels can lead to a higher appetite that eventually increases belly fat. It is best for lose weight to avoid stress and get rid of it completely.

There are several ways to relieve stress. For instance,

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Healthy diet
  • Laugh
  • Adequate sleep

These are a few easy methods to reduce stress and the production of cortisol. Moreover, if these techniques do not work out for you, seek professional help. Therapists and counselors identify the cause and assist you in coping with them. Mental help plays a vital role in maintaining physical health. So, neglecting stress can be harmful to you.

Refrain from sweetened foods

One of the main sources of belly fat and weight gain is sugar. Foods with added sugar provide very few nutrients. These are high-calorie foods that furnish your body with very low or no nutritional values at all.

Sugar not only heightens abdominal fat but also causes harmful diseases. Fructose present in sugar is associated with several chronic diseases, like type 2 diabetes, liver disease, and obesity.

Plus, apart from refined sugar, healthier sugar that is obtained from honey should also be consumed scarcely.


Like sweetened food, you must also refrain from drinking too many sweetened beverages to burn fat. Sugary drinks are worse than consuming sweetened food.

Liquid calories are not processed by the brain like solid calories are, so there is a higher chance of fat accumulation.

Shedding extra pounds and burning fat is only possible when you thoroughly avoid sugar-sweetened drinks like soda, sweet tea, etc.

Supplements and Pills

Burn belly fat supplements are also available these days to reduce weight. There is no affirmation regarding the effectiveness of these supplements. However, these supplements are safe when used appropriately. Moreover, the supplements do contain fat-burning ingredients that are beneficial at times.

Fat-burning pills are also used by many people to lose weight. Many of the fat-burning pills are approved by the FDA, which makes them safe to use. Yet, there are a few side effects, like nausea, constipation, diarrhea, etc.

Some fat loss pills are now banned by the FDA due to their damaging side effects that include liver failure, seizures, and heart attacks when taken excessively.

The general formula that is used in supplements and pills for weight loss comprise:

  • Decreased appetite by providing a sense of fullness.
  • Low calorie or fat consumption from food.


When paired up with a healthy, balanced diet and detox drinks, exercise can work wonders for your weight loss procedure. Numerous exercises help you to lose weight naturally.

  • Walking: A walk is the simplest type of exercise beneficial for burning fat. This cardio exercise works excellently for shedding extra kilos. A brisk walk early in the morning for thirty minutes in the fresh air can contribute a lot to cut down extra belly fat.

Not only walking, but running also proves to help burn belly fat. Furthermore, these easy exercises are manageable even for beginners and help to boost metabolism. The best part is that you do not require any pieces of equipment to carry out this exercise.

  • Cycling: Cycling is also a productive way to burn fat. Similar to the above-mentioned exercise, cycling can also be easier for beginners. You can even buy a stationary cycle at your home if you are uncomfortable going outside.
  • Aerobics: This cardio exercise is a fun way to lose weight. At home, without attending the gym, you can burn a maximum number of calories.

In conclusion, the most important thing to remember is that to achieve your goal, you must be consistent with your efforts. Likewise, to burn belly fat, you must adopt a healthy lifestyle, incorporate healthy changes into your diet, and perform regular exercise.

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