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Documents You Need To Prepare Before Collaborating With A Builder

The cost of building a newly constructed house can frighten us, so many would-be-homeowners buy an existing house. While this isn’t a wrong choice, don’t freshly constructed homes have an inarguable allure? You can build new advantages in your place and leave behind old problems, and who can help you better than a contractor to make your dream come true? 

Kialla Homes is renowned for its exceptional customer service and outclass building quality. A great contractor isn’t who just feeds you their ideas but is someone who listens to yours, and as the best Wonthaggi Builders, Kialla Homes does just that. 

Kialla Homes showcase

their quality artistry to showcase their name as professional Wonthaggi Builders. The handing from a builder to a homeowner is a critical process and requires a lot of patience and diligence. There are many different types of documents that need to be prepared before collaborating with a builder involving financial, operational, and technical aspects. 

The documents that need to be prepared can be classified by the below methods:

  • General Power Of Attorney

To get a home loan, this document should be original to verify whether an authentic person does the sale or purchase of the property on behalf of the property owner. 

  • Allotment Letter

An Allotment letter is one of the essential documents to get a home loan. It is essential to know that the allotment letter is not the same as the sale agreement. It conceals all the details required regarding the property as a whole. An allotment letter is generally issued to the first owner, and other owners can just ask for a copy of the original letter of the seller. 

  • No-Objection Certificate

While building a housing project, NOCs have to be acquired by the developer from different authorities. For the personal records, it is important to ask for copies of all the NOCs as they may be required at any stage after the acquisition of the property. 

  • Encumbrance Certificate

An encumbrance certificate is must to prove that the property does not have any pending dues, legal fees, or mortgages. This certificate also consists of all the details regarding the transactions that happened over some time. 

  • Copy Of Building Plan

The buyer must acquire a copy of the building plan approved by the statutory body to ensure that the construction is legal and done as per the rules and regulations. 

  • Sale Agreement

This document holds all the information about the property, such as the payment plan, the possession date, the specific details of the common areas and facilities provided, and much more.

  • Payment Receipts

The buyer must acquire all payment receipts from the builder. It should also show all break-ups of the payments and marked as “no dues”.

  • Occupancy Certificate

This certificate is provided by the local authorities to the developer. This is to state that the building is finally ready to be occupied. The building has been constructed according to a sanctioned plan. 


Although buying a property comes with a lot of paperwork, in the end, it’s all worth it. The right builder around Kialla Homes will help your vision come into reality. They will provide you with all the necessary documents and transparency throughout the construction process; buying a house is no longer a nightmare. 

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