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Double Ended Bath and I Shaped Bath

The I shaped bath panel is designed to complement that l shaped bathtubs. You may need to pay for various things for the new bathtub installation. It may range from the cost of purchasing a bath, the panels, and shower screen. The costs of installation are an addition to it that may be equal or even higher to the costs of fixtures. Most of the time, a bath panel is sold with a bathtub, but in some cases, you will have to buy it separately. You may be surprised to know that installing a panel is an easy and straightforward process. So, if you are familiar with the basic use of tools, then you can do it yourself. 

Do you want to fit them on your own? This article will help you get it done within 30 to 60 minutes.

Why Is Fitting L Shaped Bath Panel Important?

I Shaped Bath Panel

The primary purpose of the l shaped bath panel is to conceal the plumbing under the bathtub. If you don’t install them, they will remain visible, which will look bad. To complement various styles, these are available in different colours and finishes. You can ensure that your bathroom looks perfect by installing them under the new bath. It is important that you choose the colour that matches other utilities, so you have no problem in creating a coordinated look in the bathroom.

How to Fit L Shaped Bath Panel by Yourself

As discussed earlier, fitting acrylic bathtub panels is not a difficult or complex process. However, you will need to follow our step-by-step process to make it easier and quicker. First, you should get few tools that will help you throughout the entire process. 

  • 1x Power Drill
  • Screwdriver
  • 1x Measurement Tape
  • 1x Lead Pencil

Step by Step Process of L Shaped Bath Panel Installation. 

Here are the size steps that you will need to follow to install l shaped bath panel

  • The first step is knowing the exact dimensions. So, we can fit it properly. You will need to use a measuring tape for this purpose. You must note down its length and width. 
  • Then as per measurement, prepare the wooden batten and fix it along all the edges of the bathtub.  
  • The next step is to prepare your bath panels as per your dimensions of the bathtub. If there are unnecessary edges, then you may cut them accordingly. So, it can fit perfectly in its place. 
  • Once it’s in the desired size, you can adjust the panel in its place. You may make further adjustments to make it fit snugly under the bathtub. 
  • Now take a power drill and create holes with equal space. These holes should align the edges of the wooden batten. 
  • It’s now time it fixes the panel tightly with screws. Ensure it tight enough to be in its place. 
  • You will have to follow the same steps for all types of front and side acrylic bath panels. 

That’s it, your bath panel installation is now complete, and you can now start cleaning the place after putting your tools in the toolbox. The process is straightforward and may take up to an hour time. However, if you are not familiar with the tools that you need to install the bath panels, it will be better to call a professional for help.

Shop for l shaped bath panel At Royal Bathrooms UK

 In this article, we have discussed everything that will help you to install l shaped bath panel without the help of a plumber.  Generally, most people can accomplish it easily and quickly. And it can make save them a significant amount of money. So, if you want to keep your costs of bathtub installation at a minimum, then our DIY guide will be helpful for you. At Royal Bathrooms, we have an extensive range of high-quality acrylic bathtub and bath panels available at lower prices than the market. You can visit our website to explore offering on bathroom fittings and fixtures. 

How a double ended bath is the best option for your modern bathroom?

An intelligent response to a small space, they are bowed out to give you more shower room and bending screen. Find out about double ended bath: when you get what it takes whether you need a bowed spot on the left or right side. The double ended straight baths are shower screened in many shapes and dimensions that make your toilet structures look perfect. Since there is no space for both a shower and a bath in the vicinity you will have the opportunity to constantly resist the obligation to shower bath in your washing room, at this point the shower can be independent.

Screen for bath

double ended bath

A fixed screen for showering is the perfect choice for a customary event since the shower is the main cleaning choice in the toilet. An optional solution is a two-collapsing shower screen that packs inside the wall against the rear of the shower. The safe toughened glass is in all nooks, shower, and bath screens available. The half-framed double shower also is perfect for people who like a bath and a shower in a small washroom.

Screens are safe: You have the same shower screen, but with the bonus, it looks awesome in your bathroom if your water spill protection is worse. The splitter attaches to a fixed screen which does not collapse incessantly. When accommodating your shower, you should take as much time as you need, and take great care to estimate all of this before you fit in double baths. No vocation is worth creating as, if not immediately, it will spill up, instead of following the distance of a small family who uses the screen daily.

Screens are beautiful: You get the equivalent of a shower, but it has another advantage which looks extraordinary in your washroom when water spills are worse than the shadow of a shower. Its modern shape should fit into your toilet perfectly. I have fit over two hundred shower screens during my years working as a handset and I do not encounter any user trolling it to be nasty or harmful.

 The extravagance of your wonderful look or spa

You can find a breath-taking convergence point in your bathroom if you have a financial and space plan. Solace is essential for long splashes to change the scale. The most famous size of the shower is double ended bath – shorter ones, but you cannot rest comfortably. For some extravagance, a marginally broader style has required.

Remember that a big shower needs to press the heated water frame and continually tests whether it fits into the entrance before giving the money. A small variant may do the trick if the shower is a backup to another shower. At this point, you can have slip-free or exceptionally structured shower accessories when you fit a shower bath.

Multiple options are available 

Easy to use.

The most common shape of a shower is a double ended bath usually made with side or end panels. And on the other side, they can be positioned on a tiled stage. Available with one-side tap openings or center taps.

Spa or Jacuzzi

Spa showers siphon air over the base and whirlpool showers over side planes water. Most showers can fit with facilities, in addition to dissociated houses. Installation costs are higher than different types of showers.


Corner showers can accommodate the loose space in a separator but can take up more floor space when sticking in and looking slightly dated. They are bigger but shorter than standard showers. So, you cannot lose, even though they are taking a lot of water.

The setting of the floor

This line between the Victorian and the current undeniably shifts into a modern bathroom. In both cases, a great deal of water will require to ensure that the water system with high temperatures has regulated. You too are often overwhelming, so test whether you can weigh up your space.

Double ended bath at the Royal Bathrooms

In the end, make a choice that accommodates all the features you are looking for in your shower area. These can be in many forms, L-shaped, p-shaped, and straight edges are the major options in the contemporaries. And search for all the after-sale services before finalizing the retailer. Enjoy buying online!

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