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Dust Collection System: What Is It? How Does It Work?

A dust collection system is used to remove particulate contaminants from the air in industrial complexes, factories, and production facilities. This system forces the air through filters that collect the unwanted particles and clean the air. The filtered air is then expelled outside or recirculated dust extraction booth.

Since environmental well-being concerns have grown, dust collection systems have become a necessity for industries that release large amounts of ambient gasses and dust particles. Although there are quite a few types of dust collection systems, the traditional type is most commonly seen in most industries and production facilities. A dust collection system like the one provided by MECHVAC Engineering has many components that function to draw in contaminated air, filter it, and then release the filtered air. These components include:


The ductwork is the first consideration when designing a dust collection system to ensure the proper functioning of the system. The length and size of pipe used are dependent on the required air, the number of machines being serviced, and the type of particles being extracted.


A blower or a fan is used to pull in the contaminated air. The factors that affect the blower’s design are the static pressure of the system, the volume of air, substances in the air, and temperature and moisture conditions. The blower pulls in the contaminated air and sends it to the filtration and cleaning systems. 

Dust Filter:

The contaminated air is forwarded to the dust filter through the ductwork from the blower. Here, the unwanted particles are removed from the air. The amount of air that passes through the filter is measured in the air to cloth ratio. The lower this ratio is the higher the system’s efficiency. 


After the dust particulates have been filtered, it is removed and collected in a container or receptacle. The receptacle’s design depends on its loading rate and the type of material being filtered. Some of the main types of receptacles are drums, rotary valves, screw conveyors, and enclosed boxes which many even refer to as a dust extraction booth

Electrostatic Precipitator System:

Although most dust collection systems use filters, some use electrostatic energy to remove unwanted particles from the air. The particles in the air are ionized when passing through the system using discharge wires. They are then accumulated on collecting plates due to their charge. The particles are then removed from the plates by vibrating or rapping. 

In Conclusion

With the rise in pollution concerns, dust collection systems play a vital role in purifying the contaminated air released by various industries before they are released into the atmosphere. This prevents the air from getting polluted and contributes to other issues such as respiratory diseases and also global warming. 

A dust collection system is composed of various components used for different functionalities. The types of dust collection systems made by MECHVAC Engineering depend on particulate matter and its disposal. Therefore, they play a major role in creating a healthy work environment and preventing contaminants from being released outside.

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