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Dynamic Search Ads Work for E-Commerce


When you subscribe to the dynamic search ads service, Google Ads does the job of scanning content, matching it to the key-phrases, and putting it in front of the product’s online searchers. So, the overall motive of the keyword-based ad campaign is served better. The chances of getting more visitors to the eCommerce website are increased considerably.


Managing an e-commerce business is not an easy task. As a business owner, you need to be vigilant on all fronts. The prime objects of concern are inventory, website uptime management, content management, delivery management, etc. Despite having the best of everything on these fronts, the whole effort may turn futile if you have not reached to the customers and sent the message correctly. Since the platform of interaction is online, the e-commerce site needs to play the SEO & PPC game rightly to get traffic, which eventually converts into buyers.

All this discussion indicates the importance of online advertising. Among various tools, dynamic search ads are considered immensely useful for eCommerce. Let’s understand what dynamic search ads are and how they work so well for eCommerce.

What are dynamic search ads?

Dynamic search ads do not have a pre-defined copy. These ads are created from the eCommerce site content. Got confused? It is not that confusing.

Let’s try to understand this way. You put a product description on the eCommerce website page. It has specific terms that match the search phrases used by online buyers input in search engines’ search bar. If you get an ad prepared using the same keywords or terms, it can make the whole process of reaching customers more effective. Isn’t it? Dynamic search ads service does exactly that.

Which eCommerce websites benefit from dynamic search ads?

Dynamic search ads look like a convenient service for one and all, but this is not the case. Given the kind of budget and efforts DSA demands, the eCommerce ventures should think of going for it, keeping various points in mind. In reality, it is not a universal recipe. These are the requisite features of eCommerce websites that can help you derive maximum benefits from this online ad tool.

  1. Large inventory: If your site has hundreds of products to offer under various categories, you need an automated solution to scan it all and create ads. DSA proves its relevance much better way for this kind of eCommerce website.
  2. Content-rich website: An eCommerce website will benefit a lot from DSA if it has used a lot of content, meaningful and relevant, and strategically placed keywords.
  3. Oft-changing inventory: DSA can help you manage the inventory display from the advertising perspective when your products go off-the-shelf too soon. Keeping track of running inventory and displaying it appropriately using an automated solution helps avoid glitches and errors.

Working of dynamic search ads for eCommerce and requirements for it to work

Dynamic search ads are an excellent thing to consider because of the ease of customization it offers to the advertisers. Here is how it works for eCommerce.

  • Scan products category-wise: The eCommerce ventures can employ category-wise scans available with dynamic search ads service. So, your e-shop will be scanned category-wise and matched and displayed with the keywords used usually by the online buyer.

Requirement: This service yields fabulous results only when you categorized the products properly and named the categories correctly. For example, you have to be very specific about the fitness gear and sports gear and choose among the two wisely. Else, the relevance may get lost.

  • Reach people who consider you relevant: Online advertising works two-ways. If you are working to ensure that the page is relevant, you also have to ensure that your page is displayed to the relevant audience. So, dynamic search ads research for you and display your web page to people who can help you meet your business goals.

Requirement: It will work when you have designed the content keeping the standard ad groups in mind. Sometimes, categories narrow down the scope of reach. People searching are not too sure about and too exact in their choices of keywords also, at times. So, ad groups allow you to reach those relevant but not too accurate in their search phrase use.

  • Gauge performance of the ads: Dynamic search ads don’t stop at displaying the ads only. Google also provides performance metrics to the eCommerce site owners/managers. Using this information, they can find which keywords and landing pages to promote more.

Requirement: Only having an excel sheet of performing keywords does not help. Dig more in-depth and explore the parts of the landing page that caught the visitors’ attention and compelled them to act. Sometimes, just changing the placement of a CTA can do the magic trick!

Why you should think about Dynamic Search Ads

Dynamic Search Ads for eCommerce can be a winning bet because:

  1. You get automatic updates: Dynamic Search Ads work in an automated fashion. The moment there is any change in the eCommerce website, the system detects the change and serves only the ad’s latest content.
  2. It assists with keyword use: Since dynamic search ads focus on the category, they cover a more comprehensive keyword range. Further, the information about performing keywords make it easy for the advertisers to include those keywords in their ad campaign.
  3. More impact per dollar spend: Using this Google Program, the eCommerce site managers can get an automated way of putting bids, updating ad text, and enhance keyword list. Also, since the ad headline is a bit more enriched, the impact is enhanced. Thus, both the people’s cost and ad improving cost are decreased, but the results increase.
  4. Better control: It can be an utterly messy affair if the ads continue to show obsolete information on any product page. What if that discount is not available anymore? Dynamic search ads help solve this problem by showing only updated content to the ad viewers.



It is safe to say that the intelligent way of increasing the visibility and reach of an eCommerce site lies in dynamic search ads. Employ it and see how it impacts the website performance revenue- as well as popularity-wise.


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