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Eating Habit is a Freedom of Taste

For Those Who Thinks Eating is Disease

Eating Habit is a Freedom of Taste

Many mothers in the world will never agree,

Many mothers in the world who teach their children’s eating manners will never agree, but I have no intention of advancing and improving even if my child does. It’s because eating is one of the distinct expressions that express individual tastes and personalities.

Since Our standard of living has improved, it is considered a good virtue to eat well and without food, and it has been educated to children. After the time when they couldn’t eat because there wasn’t really enough, the food started to rise on the table, so there was a nerve war between parents and children.

For a very feverish education fever, parents began to believe that it was education to feed their children evenly without eating unduly.

But is eating really bad for your health? What is the reason for cooking and what needs to be fixed?

Is edible nutritionally a problem?

Since the richness of the table is guaranteed, we are living in an era where we eat something more and lose our health rather than eating something less. (Of course, there are still many unfortunate circumstances in which you have to worry about meals in the world abroad, but it is much more uncommon to discuss the matter in order to deal with convenience. ‘S representative food began to have unfair suspicion that it may not actually be healthy.

There may be cases where young children, who lived at the same time as me, were forced to eat kimchi and vegetables and disciplined for the same reason in kindergarten. Of course, we know that it is very difficult to reflect the taste of individual food in a group activity such as kindergarten, but it is very inconvenient for children to receive unreasonable punishment for food reasons and to instill trauma for food in their children.

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One of the reasons why eating is often a problem is nutritional health. But wouldn’t it be healthy without eating kimchi? If you don’t eat carrots, will vitamins be a substitute?

There will be nutritional substitutes for any food, unless there is an absolute ingredient in the food industry, such as vibranium*.  In order to put it in the mouth of a child who is hard to eat something, it is not suitable in the name of health.

*Vibranium: A fictional metal from Marvel Comics, a light and free to deform, a powerful and irreplaceable imaginary metal

Why are you going to eat?

Why do you want to eat? In my case, there are two reasons for one, so there is a long history of edible eating.

First, children are more sensitive to taste and smell than adults. Children’s tastes are much sharper than adults after they have grown up to feel the taste of a level similar to that of an adult.

Even if the same roasted onions are eaten while eating food, young children will feel and avoid the unpleasant onion that adults pass by without feeling crazy.

For the same reason, the reason why you can no longer avoid food that you haven’t eaten as an adult can be because you don’t feel the taste or aroma that you avoided when you became adult and your taste and smell became dull. (It’s sad.)

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The second reason is that there are many foods that children encounter after baby food are made according to adult standards.

Nowadays, many improvements have been made, such as adjusting the liver of children’s food and launching individual sweets, but it wasn’t the same as my childhood.

Adults’ method of feeding kimchi that is too spicy for children to eat was to wash it in water. In a nutshell, it was made from an extremely adult-oriented diet, and’tasteless’ food is one of the reasons .

Even as an adult, I have a strong sense of smell, and I have had strong reactions to strong-smelling food since I was a child, and I have had many nerve wars with my parents. For that reason, one of the acts I hate most and feel personally neglected is being forced to eat.

(More severely, I don’t even welcome the thought of someone giving me food at a dining place.)

Is erosion a disease that needs to be fixed? Is it your taste?

Of course, if you feel uncomfortable and have room to improve, it is a natural phenomenon to fix it. People around me said,’Can’t you eat this? Try it once!’

In a world where richness is enough to choose a side dish from the table, eating is inevitable. It’s just a phenomenon in which food tastes come in sharply.

Just like respecting vegetarianism and halal food for cultural reasons, edible food is also a taste worth respecting. Therefore, if an individual does not feel uncomfortable, improvement cannot be forced. (Or do you have the same culinary skills as a top-notch chef who makes you eat even the food you eat?)

Of course, the opposite is also true. To prevent others from eating the food because they avoid something, or to force the vegetarian diet, it is just the same ignorance.

In the end, we are free to choose the taste of food and live in a world that can be consumed accordingly, and we should not suppress the taste of others for such a world.

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