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Ecommerce Website Development Checklist. Things to Not Miss On!

You wouldn’t know a single person who hasn’t bought anything online, particularly in the past year when we all were in lockdown because of the Covid-19. Online shopping trends skyrocketed during the pandemic as this was the only option available to people for shopping. According to eMarketer, there will be 230 million digital shoppers in the United States alone by the end of year 2021. This number presents a clear picture of the future that Ecommerce holds.

People incline to retail shopping because of the convenience it grants. Ecommerce giants like Amazon are living proof of the obsession that drives digital shopping.  Amazon makes $385 million each day on average in sales and  $141.25 billion in retail sales in the year 2019. It can be argued that Amazon is an isolated phenomenon but people are making remarkable amounts of money from online businesses. These statistics shouldn’t come as a surprise as we have the whole world at our disposal and one has access to goods from all over the world today. The pandemic has only reinforced the same as online store spending increased by 77% in 2020, according to Forbes.

To run a successful store, you need to have an online presence of some sort. Website development is an integral part of your online presence and a determinant of how well your business will be performing. You can hire experts with expertise in eCommerce web development services, for instance, you can hire expert web developers from Invozone for ecommerce web development.

You make an informed decision while hiring a web developer. It involves information architecture, complex web applications, and secure payment gateways in addition to the design. If you’re looking for tick boxes on your economic website development checklist, then you should consider these tips before jumping onto making one.

  • Mobile-Friendly Experience:

In today’s world of technology where everyone is on their phones, your website should be designed to cater to the technical requirements of an eCommerce website meaning availability for mobile devices and software out there (from widely used to somewhat less used).

  • Product Number:

Ecommerce website development and design requirements will vary depending on the number of products you want to sell on your website. It should be kept in mind while making a website to avoid later issues.

  • Speed and Hassle-Free Performance:

Websites that don’t crash and give fast performance get higher conversions. This is the reason your website content should be controlled as well as the third-party apps.

  • Security of Your Website is Paramount to Success:

Websites are generally prone to security risks and eCommerce websites are all the more exposed to it. Your customers’ data and information security should of prime concern and to avoid such issues. You should spend on making it secure.

  • Live Chat Option:

Customers don’t want to wait around for answers and look for instant replies. The live chat option is a great way to facilitate questions. For instance, all high-end makeup websites have advanced levels of live chat options where they facilitate customers not just with answers but live product testing.

Role of an eCommerce Web Developer and Why You Should Hire One:

Why is it a good idea to consider hiring a website developer to grow your eCommerce business?

A developer is responsible for product management and putting it all together. They make sure that the website generates traction, is user-friendly and scripts like Google Analytics are added to the website. Developers are responsible for high performance, functionality, and third-party apps integration. They make sure to update database servers like MySQL, software integration for plugins, addons and APIs, and other functions to enhance your website’s functionality.

Important Skills that a Qualified Web Designer Should Have:

A qualified and skilled web developer will fulfill the technical requirements for an eCommerce business. You should look for the following skills in a website developer to assess if they are skilled enough to create the perfect website to grow your eCommerce business.

  • They should be able to point out the basics like layout, spacing, balance, color, and contrast of your website.
  • Developer with good communication skills will understand what his clients want even when he can’t word it out for him.
  • He should have the ability to solve problems that require out-of-the-box thinking and come up with possible solutions.
  • A skilled website developer will keep himself updated with the latest technology and trends in website design and development field.
  • They should be experts in HTML, CSS, Angular, React and JavaScript coding.

Maintenance of eCommerce Websites:

Like every other business, an eCommerce website is always in need of maintenance. It is like your home, when it was new, it was all shiny and clean but with time dust settled in and now you need to clean every few days. It’s the same with an eCommerce website and it adds to the eCommerce sales strategy and business growth.

A well-maintained website will increase viewers into buyers. Cart abandonment works as a pet peeve for many customers, your website should be maintained so that it doesn’t happen when a customer adds something into the cart and the cart empties itself. Many customers complain of experiencing this issue during the sale campaigns.

Improved User Experience:

Navigate your website from a customer’s experience and how would they like the website to look. Customers always appreciate when brands make their online shopping experience easy and fast. Let’s take Skullcandy as an example.

Obsession is a strong word. Maybe back it up with with some research of compulsive shopping behavior not just the revenue of Amazon.


Source: Skullcandy

Another serves one to give an idea of how it should ideally look!


Source: Skullcandy

Skullcandy has a great website in terms of user experience. They are aiding users visually and studies show people spend more time on visuals than any other medium. It also lets you click on the image and you can add the product to the cart directly make it easy and uber-fast.

Customers First Impression:

Customers’ first impression of your website can be a game-changer to increase eCommercelookis goeCommerceles.

If you fail to capture their sight and didn’t have a lasting impression, then you are already scrambling to rebuild their trust in you. Let me explain it with the help of another brand who is acing it.

Baskin Robbins

Source: Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins

Source: Baskin Robbins

This is what well-maintained websites look like. It helps in marketing your products and alluring customers into buying your products. The website is well thought out, it gives off a very summery look with vibrant colors and represents a food restaurant just the way it should be. It lays out the menu on the main page for people to know what they are offering and also season specials.


If you’re trying to grow your eCommerce online business sales or starting an online business, you should first go through the process of making an professional and user friendly eCommerce website first and foremost and you can choose different ecommerce platforms like shopify, magento, etc to build your ecommerce online website. It will equip you with the necessary knowledge on things related to eCommerce website developers, the cost of creation and maintenance of your website, the trends you need to follow, and important insights.


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