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Enhance your relationship with clients with an E-signature app

The relationship with the customer is very important. Your customer base is the backbone of your business. Therefore, you must use the right tools to maintain and develop your customer relationship.

There are many ways to maintain and improve your company’s customer relationships by using different software platforms. Using CRM software like Salesforce or Hubspot will help you organize your contacts and simplify your marketing efforts. E-commerce software like Shopify and Netsuite will make your sales work smoothly. And communication apps like Zoom and Google Meet allow you to meet with customers anywhere in the world quickly.

But what about the E-signature app? Facts have proved that more and more companies worldwide are turning to electronic signature software to provide their customers with more smooth choices and maximize their efforts.

Below, we will look at how electronic signatures can improve customer relationships and highlight some essential methods you can use to take your customer growth efforts to a new level.

Easier file collaboration

Typically, documents and forms need to be shared among multiple charity departments; final approval and inspection are required, and missing information is completed. It is essential to provide charities with tools that make it easier to collaborate-this is the role of electronic signatures.

The use of an E-signature app makes it easier for the staff of non-profit organizations to collaborate on important documents. How many staff members need to distribute necessary forms at once? Missing information on the form near the deadline? No problem–send it directly to the corresponding office! You can send them to the entire organization with just a few clicks.



Maximize your budget

A fundamental principle and advantage of non-profit organizations are to make the best use of every dollar. Non-profit organizations usually make money through fundraising campaigns and events, donations, grants, and selling various products or services. It is crucial that every dollar raised and spent is accounted for, so things like management expense reports are essential.

Using critical non-profit tools such as electronic signatures, charity team members can quickly approve expenses, send and collect signatures on beneficiary forms, and send expense reports to the accounting manager for signature.

A volunteer application is more accessible.

For most non-profit organizations, it is important to design the volunteer application process to be easy for applicants to use and for staff to organize effectively. By using electronic signatures, a central software tool, charities can simplify the entire volunteer application process, embed the form directly on their website, email the form directly to the applicant, and easily download and store a digital copy of the completed application.

The picture shows volunteers from a charity organization. For non-profit organizations, having the right tools is crucial for these philanthropic heroes.

Speed ​​up customer onboarding

Joining a new customer in need of service requires filling out, signing, and completing many forms and paperwork. Suppose these forms are filled out and collected in the traditional pen and ink way. In that case, this may mean spending a lot of time coordinating meetings, seeking signatures, correcting errors, and obtaining final approval.

Using the right tools for non-profit organizations, such as electronic signatures, can simplify the entire customer acceptance process. The form can be sent directly to the customer via email to sign anywhere and on any device. In addition, errors and omissions of information can be significantly reduce by indicating the information that needs to be fill in and the place to be sign on each form. In addition, the non-profit organization staff can monitor the position of the form in the completion process through detail inspections such as those provid by DocSignPro.

Easier fundraising

For donations to be collected, the donation process must be easy for donors. It is also essential that the staff of the charity can easily manage the incoming donation flow. Using electronic signature Online as part of the toolkit for non-profit organizations, donation forms can be embedded on the organization’s website for easy access, emailed directly to donors, and tracked by accountants. Donors can donate from anywhere within a few minutes. Improve customer relationships by strengthening security

Relationship with enhanced security

Digital signatures online provide more opportunities to improve security. Your customers trust you to ensure the safety of their important documents, forms, records, and information. Providing your customers with securely signing and sending digital documents is an important trust factor in customer relationships.

Options such as signing certificates after completion, dynamic encryption, and detail audit trails help you and your customers keep everything safe and private, making everyone involve breathe a sigh of relief. Your customers will appreciate the extra effort you make in terms of security through the electronic signature option.

E-signature app Improve customer relationships by increasing productivity.

By providing tools such as electronic signatures to your customer base. So you can help them increase their productivity in a significant way. With the best online signature app, signing contracts, submitting applications, approving various activities, and filling in essential forms have become more accessible, faster, and more efficient. Providing your customers with faster and more effective services can play a significant role in creating meaningful and lasting customer relationships.


E-signature app


Improve customer relationships through cost savings

Companies need to have the right tools to carry out daily activities and increase productivity. It is also important that the tools use are suitable for the budget and help save costs in other processes. By implementing cost-effective electronic signatures in the organization’s business practices, such as DocSignPro’s electronic signatures, everyone can benefit from cost savings. Customer relationships can benefit from simplifiy processes that speed up sales, save time and reduce administrative costs.

Improve customer relationships through easier compliance

It is essential for many companies, organizations, and individuals to comply with various industry and privacy rules and regulations. Support customers by providing secure and compliant document signing options, making them unique. Software solutions like DocSignPro enable customers and their clients to prepare, send and sign sensitive documents while meeting the compliance and privacy requirements of HIPAA, FERPA, FINRA, FDA 21 CFR Part 11, etc.

Improve customer relationships through the convenience

Provide convenience to your customers so that they can create customized contracts, provide information and conduct business on their schedule anywhere so that they can do business with you on their terms. Because your customers have busy schedules and are not always around, providing options. Such as embedding signable forms on your website or easy-to-sign and email documents, etc., is crucial for supporting customers who are growing Relationships.

Use DocSignPro to improve customer relationships.

DocSignPro values ​​and prioritizes excellent customer service and lasting customer relationships. We understand the importance of maintaining good customer relationships. And have incorporate key components into our software, making us the highest-rated first company in the market.

Enhanced security: DocSignPro provides strict SOC 2 Type 2 audit and compliance, dynamically encrypted and stored on a cloud server in a trusted US data centre. In addition, we put power in your hands through detail audits and appropriate visibility controls and functions.

Sign anytime, anywhere: DocSignPro’s easy-to-use and intuitive software can be use anywhere and on any device, making signing simple, fast and straightforward.

Support compliance: When you use DocSignPro’s E-signature app, you and your customers can sign with confidence because we fully comply with ESIGN, UETA and SOC 2 Type II requirements. In addition, we also offer 21 CFR Part 11 and HIPAA compliance as options.

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