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Enjoy a trip to the Valdezcaray Ski Resort

The Valdezcaray ski resort, located on the slopes of San Lorenzo peak, the highest mountain in the Autonomous Community of La Rioja Alta. It is a place to enjoy fun moments with family or friends. Don’t despair if you don’t know how to ski yet, because there you can take your first steps in this sport with the help of qualified instructors. Valdezcaray is the ideal resort for beginners in winter sports. If you’re an experienced skier, you’ll also have some slopes dedicated to your skill level.

On the way to the Valdezcaray ski slopes you will discover monasteries, cobblestone paths and beautiful architecture. That will manage to transport us to the time of knights, maidens and castles. You can even see underground constructions that jealously guard the first writings in Spanish. La Rioja is a region very rich in heritage and very charming for anyone visiting.

Starting from from the municipality of Arnedo on this route that ends at the Valdezcaray ski slopes.  You will pass through villages adorned with colorful landscapes and you will be able to enjoy the gastronomy of the region. We advise you to let yourself be carried away by the atmosphere. Enjoy the scenery and stop whenever you find something that captivates you. Often the most interesting things spontaneously come our way, without warning.

Valdezcaray ski resort: a day in the snow

The first thing you should know when stepping on these slopes is that you will enjoy a privileged landscape while you let yourself slide through the snow. If you dare to reach the top, on Pico San Lorenzo, you will have a panorama of the most imposing mountains. From there you can see the Picos de Europa, the Cantabrian Mountains, Mount Gorbea and Moncayo. It’s a place to enjoy the mountains with your family, whether with a pair of skis or your snowboard. Although it is a medium-sized track, it has everything you need to make the most of your winter getaway. And if you’re lucky enough to have a few days of vacation, it’s always best to visit it during the week, because you can have the place almost to yourself. It is important to check the conditions of the resort through the Valdezcaray webcams before your visit because conditions at certain times of the year are variable. The best time of year to enjoy the snow in valdezcaray is normally between December and March.

The slopes

In the 300 hectares that the Valdezcaray ski resort covers, you’ll find 24 slopes: six for beginners, six for an intermediate level, ten for a slightly more difficult crossing and another two for the more experienced. As for the means of lifting, it has a system of detachable chairlifts, fixed clamps and cable cars for those who are just starting to learn. If you are worried about the lack of snow, this will never be a problem as it has 108 cannons that generate it artificially. Valdezcaray is also prepared for you to go freely and without worries, as it offers a space for the little ones, the toy library. In it, they will carry out recreational activities and share games with children of their age. Check the conditions of the slopes at Valdezcaray in advance to know what to expect when booking your visit.

Services on site

As there is always a first time for everything and skiing is a sport that has its tricks, the slopes also offer the possibility to learn from professionals. If you want to start skiing or snowboarding, you can attend the snow sports school, where individual or group lessons are given that will help you gain confidence to glide through the snowy mountains. The Valdezcaray ski resort also has other areas not to be missed. On the one hand, there are the sports shops, where you can buy what you need for your comfort, as well as rent equipment. And if you get hungry from going up and down, you’ll find two cafeteria-bars and a restaurant. In addition, it has other necessary facilities such as restrooms and medical assistance.

Places to visit near the resort


Let’s take the Plaza de España as a starting point and from there, we will advance along the Paseo de la Constitución towards the west. A few meters away is the Cueva de los Cien Pilares, located under the ground of Arnedo. The sandstone and clay terrain has underground caverns-houses created in the Middle Ages. It is said to protect the inhabitants of the valley and the Monastery of San Miguel from violence. The Moors conquered Arnedo in the 8th century and made it capital of one of the province. The town was later conquered by the Christian king Sancho I of Pamplona in 908-909.

Grajera Park

Advancing along the LR-115, 10 minutes from Logroño, you will find the Parque de la Grajera. A green space surrounded by large trees where you can go hiking and observe the local fauna: squirrels, swans, deer, birds and fish. There is also a farm where you can interact with the animals; a playground for children, food court, bar and parking. The central point of the park is a large, over 100-year-old water reservoir, created to irrigate the city’s orchards. Today it is a popular recreational area with picnic tables, barbecue areas, a sports club and a golf course. Without a doubt, a natural park to recharge energy with the whole family.


Logroño is famous for being one of the stops on the Camino de Santiago, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1993. If you have time, it is undoubtedly worth a stop to get lost among its impressive buildings. Between Portales, Caballerías and Plaza del Mercado de Logroño streets, you will find the imposing Co-Cathedral of Santa María de la Redonda, dating from the 16th century. Inside, you can visit the different chapels that make it up, each of which tells its own story. The city is charming and the walking tour is a pleasant experience in itself. As for typical food, there are over 50 taperías (tapas restaurants) located near the town center.

Monastery of Santa Maria la Real

Returning to the Valdezcaray ski slope, we can take the Logroño road towards Navarra de Ezcaray Avenue, where the Santa María la Real Monastery is located. An essential visit full of history, legends and with great architectural value. Santa María la Real is a monastery in the small town of Nájera in the La Rioja community. Originally a royal foundation, it was ceded by Alfonso VI to the Cluniac order. It was an important pilgrimage stop on the Camino de Santiago. It is particularly well known for the woodwork in the choir of the church.

Botanical Garden of La Rioja and Riojanatura Zoo

If you take route A-12, you can enjoy the La Rioja Botanical Garden, which invites you to discover the variety of colors and smells in each of its ecosystems. Following the route along LR-111 avenue, you will see the Riojanatura Zoological Park. This is an important environmental education center that is responsible for protecting rescued species and promoting the care of nature. Continuing along the LR-111 highway for 13.7 kilometers, we arrive at the Valdezcaray ski resort.

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