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Enjoy the Best Attractions and Adventures During the Abu Dhabi City Tour

The ultimate destination to see while you are in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and the ultimate tourist destination in the world, Abu Dhabi is a jewel in the crown. A jewel of a city, it sits proudly on the tip of a peninsula that dominates the Indian Ocean.

It was one of the last cities to be developed in the traditional sense, so you can imagine what an amazing city it is still today. With the most exciting attractions in Abu Dhabi City Tour to offer, here are some things to do in Abu Dhabi

Burj Al Arab

The most famous attraction in the city is without a doubt the Burj Al Arab hotel. It is almost certainly the most renowned building in all of the UAE, and this building will open your eyes to the future of an ultra-modern city. Located on the waterfront, across the Burj al Arab Hotel is the largest artificial beach in the world.

Sega World

While here you are guaranteed to have fun, and even though it’s a theme park it is fun for everyone. Aside from the rides, there is also a waterpark. Another attraction worth checking out is the Sega World.

Here you will experience a complete virtual reality thanks to a variety of new technologies.

Gold Souk

If you are into shopping, you will not be able to enjoy it in Abu Dhabi. This is because all the major shops are located in this city and are all found within walking distance. There are numerous places for you to enjoy shopping, and some of these include the Gold Souk, which is a market place that sells some of the most exotic gold jewelry in the world.

The Marina Bay

If you enjoy water sports then you will definitely want to include the world’s most popular water sport in your list of places to visit. The Marina Bay is where you can enjoy a wide array of activities, from the Marina Wave to the jet skiing and wind surfing. Of course, these are not the only things for you to do.

If you are interested in art, then you will see why this city is known as the jewel of the east in more ways than one. There are numerous museums in this area for you to enjoy as well.

Abu Dhabi is an ancient city. It was founded during the seventh and eight centuries by invaders from the East. As you tour this city, you will discover that it has undergone changes over the centuries. Today, it is a thriving city, home to several attractions. Take time to tour these historical treasures.

Palm Islands

One of the first places you should visit while on the Abu Dhabi City Tour is the Palm Islands. The Palm Islands is the perfect place to relax, with its perfect weather, palm trees and tranquility. You can spend several hours sunbathing, strolling along beaches or just lying down on the sand to have some refreshing touches of air.

There are many other activities to enjoy on the Palm Islands as well including golf, water sports and horseback riding. If you are looking for a place to swim then you should go to Gold Souk.


Abu Dhabi is home to one of the most modern cities in the world. During your tour of the city, you should make sure to visit the parks and other attractions. These places are perfect for families and young children. You can bring your little ones along with you so that they too can enjoy the sights. After all, these are some of the best places in the world to visit, experience and enjoy!

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