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Health and Fitness

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment: History and Development

It has not only been a few years Erectile Dysfunction disorder in men came to existence, but the condition is also affecting men since ancient times. Today, there are a number of treatments available if a man undergoes erection issues, but do you know how it all was in its early years? This post will take you to the history and treatment options’ development of Erectile Dysfunction. Let’s find out how was it to have erection disorder in its early years and how is it now. Let’s begin!


However Erectile Dysfunction was not this common in men as it is now, it always existed in the world. As the number of cases started rising, physicians and pharmacists started looking for treatments so that they can avoid such a disorder that can turn one’s sex life disaster. Initial years were tough but some treatments like Viagra 200 were also introduced out of what some worked and some failed to fulfill one’s expectation. Here are some treatments that were tried;

Drug therapy

The first attempt of treating Erectile Dysfunction in men was made by the middle ages Islamic world by Muslim physicians and pharmacists. They were first to suggest Viagra 150mg for treating such erectile disorder. They used to prescribe a single drug or a combination of drugs along with diet and lifestyle changes suggestions. Not only oral drugs, but they also used to recommend the application of medications through the urethra as well.

Testosterone therapy

As soon as the physicians realized that testosterone levels are in some way responsible for this disorder, Erectile Dysfunction, they thought of trying injecting sheep testis extract in men as a source of testosterone. Soon the purified testosterone started being purified and this process changed a bit.

Penile implants and vacuum pumps

In a few upcoming years, in around 1970s, surgeons came up penile implant as a permanent treatment option to Erectile Dysfunction. They used to get patients inflatable penile implants. Meanwhile, a guy invented a device that is now called the vacuum pump to drive erection instantly but forcing blood to rush towards the penis. The device was called YED (youth equivalence device) and that time and is still being used as a treatment to Erectile Dysfunction being called vacuum pumps.

These were some of the historical treatments used for Erectile Dysfunction. Some of them helped men in some way to improve their sex life and some remained failure. Sooner, the rapidly growing medical field led the development of new ED medications like 100mg Cenforce kept going.


It was a revolution when the medical field came up with some medications that really worked for Erectile Dysfunction treatment. However every attempt made till 1989 was almost a failure to treat ED, Pfizer came up with sildenafil citrate which is now patented and branded as name, Viagra.

During the time this medication was being developed, the male disorder was well-researched and was defined. Erectile dysfunction was said to be a male disorder that happens when blood flow to the penis is not frequent enough to harden penile tissues and develop a firm erection on sexual stimulation. Well, as acclaimed, sildenafil citrate was said to work by stimulating and expanding blood vessels to make bloodstream towards the penis more frequent. As a result, sildenafil citrate was proven a successful treatment for Erectile Dysfunction.

Well, it was not all. Pfizer did not stop on Viagra itself, it also found out some of its alternatives that could be taken if a case arises where Viagra does not work or one is allergic to it. Sooner, Pfizer introduced Cialis and Levitra containing tadalafil and vardenafil respectively. Having the same working mechanism and effect on one’s erectile health, it was accepted by the FDA too, FDA approved these drugs for the use of treating Erectile Dysfunction in men. The strong doses of these medications are Cialis 60mg and Levitra 60mg which helps in curing ED of higher degree.

That is all about the history and development of Erectile Dysfunction treatments. However it took quite long to reach out to really working treatments for Erectile Dysfunction, it ended up well with the invention of sildenafil and its other equivalent drugs. Hope you liked the post!

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