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Essential Questions To Ask A Freelance WordPress Developer

Essential Questions To Ask A Freelance WordPress Developer

There are many platforms for building an eCommerce business. But more than 25% of websites are based on WordPress. If you are already choosing this platform to build your website, you will need the best and most professional WordPress developer or WordPress web design agency. So before you jump into the process, you might want to ask a WordPress developer a few questions.

Key Questions to Ask Before Hiring a WordPress Developer

Let’s say you are looking for the best and most professional WordPress developer. In such a case, the most important thing is to create a list of questions to ask a web developer before hiring or selecting one.

The most important and necessary questions to ask a WordPress developer before hiring them-

Before hiring a WordPress website developer or any other developer, such as a Shopify developer or a Laravel developer, it is essential to ask questions.

How many years have developers been developing WP solutions?

Experience is more important in this field than anything else! When interviewing an outsourcing company, the most important question is their overall experience in the same field.

This way, you can get different answers to this question and easily choose WP development services based on your project requirements. So it would be best if you went with a company or developer with at least 3 or 4 years of experience in the industry.

How much will the website cost?

Project completion time is essential to consider. After you explain your project requirement to the web developer, you should ask him about the approximate development cost. The cost of a WordPress site depends on various things such as creating/purchasing the item, prerequisites, modules, mixes and marketing costs. If you are buying 360-degree solutions, then the packages must be clear.

The developer will look into each of these things and give you a measure or exact cost of the business as needed. Then you would decide to continue with them or go with another person per your financial plan. Note: a suitable WordPress development agency has clear packaging modules. For example, we will delete our website’s SEO or development packages. There is total transparency.

How much time will it take to complete your WordPress Website?

Project completion is the most important thing for any WordPress site. When you list your requirements for a developer’s website, you need to ask them about the price they will charge. The costs they will charge will pay for the more critical decision of whether or not to hire them. The value of the project will depend on your project requirements, features and functionality you want. For example, building eCommerce requires many features. Each feature will cost you something. Prioritize what you want and then fix those modules.

Each developer charges according to their pricing systems. However, make sure you ask them about the cost of website development. Please take all the price estimates from the developer and decide whether you want to hire them or not. Another good way to find out is to look at their portfolios and client projects. You can contact these projects personally and check the price. For simplicity, we have mentioned the portfolio page.

How do they plan to build your website?

You should be aware of how your developer develops the website. The first and most important thing is to determine if they are using default templates, building sites from scratch, or coding.

Some web developers and designers may use trendy designs to create your website. On the other hand, some may use cheaper templates. So, you should be aware of a clear plan in advance. Your strategy should be clear whether you need custom web development or ready-made services.

Who will manage your website once it’s launched?

Post-launch updates are essential. Ask your developer if they handle post-release updates. The most critical and fundamental question asks the developer what their process or steps to do updates and many things on the site after launch is. Producing your site is just an excellent start on the web and will, without a doubt, be continuously updated with new data.

Unless you intend to sign a month-to-month contract with your technician, you can’t assume they’ll be available to start work whenever you want to change your website. The onus will be on you, so if you don’t have previous knowledge of the HTML or CMS they used, ask them how to change and include the new stuff.

A few content management systems like WordPress aren’t too hard to even think about understanding with a bit of preparation; however, you will need a compressed lesson anyway. You’d instead not be left with a website you have no idea how to oversee.

Do they offer maintenance or not?

As we all know, with the best preventive measures, sometimes website problems will occur, such as slow websites, crashes, hacking, etc. After noticing these types of problems, you need to know how to deal with the developer to inform them about the problem immediately.

Ask your web developer if they can help with post-launch issues and if they offer complete site maintenance plans. Talking on the phone with the person who created your website and knows everything about it can make it much easier to maintain than others.

If they don’t offer any maintenance plan, you need to find out or look for another plan. The second plan is that your on-site IT professional can easily handle website issues. Again, maintenance is part of the eCommerce development process.

Will the WordPress Development company optimize your website for SEO?

The success of your website largely depends on a successful SEO campaign. It is essential for your website in search results. SEO is great for increasing website traffic. Make sure your website is optimized for SEO. Of course, you can follow the whole SEO checklist and the local SEO checklist. But your SEO strategy should also be taken care of by your development agency. WordPress is an SEO-optimized platform and allows you to add many essential SEO plugins. Make sure your developer does the right On-page functionality for your website.

Will my WordPress site have a backup and restore feature?

The backup of any website is an essential element for any business. If you accidentally lose your website, the website will be deleted or hacked; you should be able to retrieve your data. WordPress has a built-in mechanism to secure your website. Only go to the developer if you are assured.

What kind of security protection can WordPress Development company provide to your website?

Website security is paramount, and you can never compromise on that. All WordPress developers must have a secure website. It is essential to secure your website from bugs, hacking issues, errors, content protection, etc. Ask your developer what they provide to keep your website secure. WordPress offers many security mechanisms to keep your website secure. Still, it would be best if you asked the developer about the advanced security features of your website. Make website security stress-free.


WordPress website development can take your business to new heights. If you want to do business online, get a WordPress website for your company.

When developing a WordPress website, you need a WordPress developer. Search for WordPress developers and hire the right one. Don’t handle web development without a developer. Hire experienced and professional WordPress developers.

For your upcoming website to be practical and fully functional, you need to meet the above criteria by asking the right questions at the beginning of the process.

The above questions of this post will help you discover the best WordPress developer or web development company and encourage you to learn about other aspects of website development. For more information like this you can follow . Here you get amazing tips for web designing and development.

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