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Our today’s blog is for all those event planners who are looking for amazing event engagement ideas for their next events!

When an event is organized, it becomes an asylum for hundreds of people for at least an hour. So it becomes a place of many excitements, expectations, and ideas.

When Organizers are planning to organize a successful event, they must have to understand what adoptions can make the event remarkable. They should have to know the latest technology trends in the industry that makes people curious to see and create high engagement in events.

According to a study, those events which use technology trends can increase attendance by 20% and decrease the event cost by 30%.

Here are some best technology trends of  events in 2020:

Best Event Technology Trends for 2020

Social Media Walls

Social walls are digital displays that creatively and usefully display the content posted by users on social media. You can aggregate UGC from social media relating to any hashtags, profiles, mentions, and tags.

When we talk about venues, social media wall for events can help you to make the event more interesting and engaging for the attendees. In today’s scenarios use of social media in events distinct your events from other events by giving a whole new ambiance.

event technology trend

Displaying the user-generated content on a big monitor or screen looks wonderful in events. And when attendees post their images or videos with some specific event’s hashtags on Twitter, Facebook , Instagram and many more then they might see their posts on social walls of events which can create real-time exposure for attendees. This makes the event more interactive, engaging and successful.

  Benefits of social media wall for events:

  • Create social media buzz before, during and after the event through social walls
  • Give chances to know the attendees’ behavior, opinions, likes, and their valuable vision
  • Build a social relationship, trust, and reliability along with the growth of brands
  • Generate sponsorship revenues by adding marketing messages and banners on social walls
  • Deliver exciting, engaging, and entertaining event experiences

There are many tools in the market for social walls but Taggbox will be the best option to choose from.

Read more: The Most effective ways to use social media walls in events.

RFID Badges

RFID(Radio-frequency Identification) & NFC (Near field communication) use radio waves that work as a smart device when combined with wearables of attendees or badges. It enables the capability to monitor attendees’ behavior easily.

event technology

The use of this technology can help event planners in various aspects

  • Activate fast check-ins
  • Upgrade sponsorship experience
  • Cashless Payments
  • Fraud detection

Over the past couple of years, many planners are using RFID & NFC technology. The popularity of this technology benefits events in minimizing event costs and gathering data without interrupting attendees.

Live Streaming of Event

Based on a survey of 1500+ event professionals, almost all professionals say that engaging attendees is the most crucial task in planning events. We know, event planners do their best to engage audiences but what about online audiences?

Live streaming of events can help in this, providing the event content on the internet can help to reach a wider audience. Selling the access code of streaming also generates new ways of revenues for event planners.


  • Maximize the exposure
  • Improve events
  • Provide an online channel of communication

“Crowdsourcing” technology evolves as trending technology in the live streaming of events. Facebook live, Instagram Live, and YouTube live helps attendees to broadcast their personal experiences easily. Creating personal event hashtag and encouraging attendees to use it so event planners can collect the data and measure the potential of events.

Facial Recognition for Events

Facial Recognition technology is one of the best technologies for events. It can match your face from millions of faces easily even from video frames. Event planners have been using this technology for the last few years and are very satisfied.

Benefits of using facial recognition for events:

  • Fast Check-ins
  • Improved Personalization
  • Improve on-site security

Facial recognition technology delivers organizers several benefits from expedited check-in and better access control (compared to traditional authentication methods, such as paper confirmation) to the delivery of a more specified event exposure and a beneficial impression of the on-site event.


World is accepting the technologies vigorously, event planners also want to use technologies in their events to make it more memorable for attendees. Projection mapping is one of the technologies which is used to project visuals on 3D objects in lieu of traditional plane surfaces.

Benefits of projection mapping for the event industry

  • Improve Engagement
  • Add memorable feature in events
  • Easily shareable on social media
  • Provide an element of interactivity


Artificial Intelligence for an Event


Artificial intelligence is a new trend in event technology. It enhances the engagement of attendees at events. It can provide you highly specified experience even at meetings, conferences & events with 30,000+ attendees. The chatbot is the best example of this.

Installing chatbots in events can help attendees to direct where to go and make events more interactive & memorable.

Benefits of AI in Events

  • Personalize event experience
  • Remove languages barrier
  • Improve event planning process
  • Offer better network opportunity

With the evolution in technology and attendees’ behavior, you always have to keep your eyes open for these new event technologies trends in 2020. No matter which technology trends you adopt, the aim should be only to improve the attendees’ experience, interaction and in building a long-lasting memorable relationship.

Take your event’s engagement to the next level, by evolving these technologies.

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