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Everything You Need To Know About Chain-Link Fencing

A chain-link fence is also known as wire-netting, wire-mesh fence, chain-wire fence, etc. The appearance of the fence is woven-type and is made up of either galvanized or LLDPE galvanize wire. The wires are run vertically and bent into a zig-zag pattern forming a diamond-like shape in the fence. The companies providing chain-link fences also install perimeter fencing in Dubai.

Installation of the chain-link fence:

For installation, posts are set into the ground, and then the fence is attached to them. Posts can either be made up of steel tubing, timber, or concrete and are set into the ground or concrete itself. The terminal posts which are also known as corner or gate posts should be set in concrete footing only to prevent leaning because of a stretched fence. Chain link fencing UAE is known to be the most preferable fence facility as the security provided is top-notch. The fence is attached at one end first, stretched, and then attached at the other end. The posts which are set between the terminal posts are called line posts. The fence is tied to the line post with the help of an aluminum wire. In chain link fencing UAE, to reduce the in and out movement occurring at the bottom of the chain-link mesh between posts, the bottom tension wire, also known as coil wire, is stretched.

Manufacturing process:

The process of manufacturing chain-link fencing is known as weaving and it takes place by galvanizing a metal wire to reduce corrosion. This metal wire is then pulled along a long and flat rotating blade, forming a spiral shape. This spiral keeps on rotating past the blade and when it reaches the end of the fence, it is cut near the blade. After pressing the spiral flat, the fence is ready for another cycle. The overlapping spiral is clamped by a machine, making the link permanent. An advanced method of chain-link fencing is also known. In this, a double helix is formed by winding two wires around the blade at once.

An important point to be noted is that the fencing company also provides pipes and tubes in Dubai, giving the customer double benefit and also saving him the hassle of searching for pipe and tubes supplier anywhere else.

Size and notable uses:

The fencing mostly comes in rolls of 20 ft and 50 ft which are joined together by unscrewing and screwing the end wires to combine both pieces. Usually, the height of the fence ranges from 3 ft to 12 ft. Mesh gauge and mesh length can vary according to the need of the customer. The chain link fencing is popular for its low price and also the fact the open weaving does not block sunlight in open areas like parks, grounds or gardens, etc.

Chain link fencing is widely used and has some well-known uses. Some of them are enlisted below:

  • In various wrestling matches to cover the wrestling ring with the chain-link fence.
  • In the fields of baseball, softball, and many other sports grounds chain-link fencing is built.
  • Public parks and zoos are the most common places where chain-link fencing is required.

Aims and targets of chain-link fencing:

The fencing company sets some aims and targets for the benefit of the customers to cater to them with the best service. The company not only promises to provide service of pipe and tubes in Dubai but an excellent service of perimeter fencing in Dubai is provided too.

Some major aims of the fencing company are given below:

  • To give high-security fencing solutions.
  • To install an efficient perimeter intrusion detector.
  • To give selective access to visitors and control the perimeter entry and exit.
  • To protect the crops, poultry farms, or animal cages in the best possible way.


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