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Everything You Need To Know About Power Inductors

Power inductors, unlike normal inductors, are components that utilize the property of self-induction to obstruct the fluctuations in a circuit. Power inductors are mainly used in power supply circuits of the DC-DC converters. They are mainly installed in circuits to reduce core loss. These components are mainly known for the generation of great power efficiency. 

There are various types of power inductors available in the market based on DC resistance, maximum rated current, tolerance, and lots more. In this article, we will discuss power inductors on a general basis.

What Does A Power Inductor Consist Of?

Like normal inductors, power inductors also consist of a coil, choke, or reactor. When placed in a magnetic field, it stores energy based on the flow of the current through the coil. It’s basically a passive two-terminal component.

Use Of A Power Inductor 

Power inductors tend to minimize the fluctuations by an electromotive force generated by a variable current. As a result, the core loss in an appliance that requires voltage conversion is significantly reduced. Also, power inductors are an integral component of the power supply circuits. Moreover, when placed in a strong magnetic field, this electronic component can also receive and store energy.

Power inductors are also used extensively in signal system design to reduce signal loss. They also filter the EMI noise. In addition to this power, inductors are used in voltage conversion circuits of a DC-DC converter.

How To Enhance The Performance Of A Power Inductor? 

There are several ways in which the performance of a power inductor can be maximized. Some of the ways include switching of frequency of the ICs between 20kHz to 2mHz and reduction of the wire heating DC resistance losses. 

Proper inductor load and ripple factor calculations reduce the power loss in a power inductor. The proper measurement of the ripple current also reduces the core loss in a power conductor. Various simulation software is available nowadays for such calculations. Thus enhancing the efficiency of the component.


Types Of Power Inductors 

To maintain the even flow of current in a circuit, power conductors are classified based on various factors such as DC resistance, tolerance, packaging, shielding, nominal inductance, maximum rated current, and case size or dimension. Various companies manufacture power conductors. Some of them are Cooper Bussman, NIC Components, Sumida Electronics, TDK, and Vishay.

Also, factors like high current, high power, and surface mount power dictate the choice of power inductors for an application. SMD miniature power inductors consist of a special ferrite core and have high current capacity and impedance characteristics.

How To Choose The Perfect Power Inductor For The Appliance? 

A wide range of power inductors is available nowadays in the market. However, choosing the right one for your appliance is quite essential. Your selection should be mainly based on the core saturation current and the peak current of your appliance.

Other factors like shape, size, winding characteristics are also important. Some additional factors such as temperature capacity and power level variation also should be kept in mind before choosing the power inductor.


This is all you need to know about power inductors. In a nutshell, power inductors are electric components that store energy when kept in a magnetic field and minimize core loss. Their importance in our daily use of appliances is beyond imagination.


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