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Excellent Options For Shopping In Goa To Explore This Tourist Place

If you think you have experienced the most exciting shopping in your life, it’s time to think again!! Plan a Goa tour and indulge in some shopping after relaxing at the beaches of Goa. Goa beaches and parties are undoubtedly the only elements that establish this small state as one of the hottest tourism destinations in India. But once you are here, the sparkling markets and beachside shops are other factors that will undoubtedly leave you mesmerized, and you will crave to buy things in Goa. Your Goa tour is incomplete without Shopping in Goa.

The best part here lies in the fact that you do not have to think much about what to shop in Goa. While enjoying your Goa shopping, you will see the vendors dressed up in bright costumes and delighting you entirely with their communication in English.

Best Places For Shopping In Goa:

Here Is The List Of Some Wondrous Places That Seek The Attention Of All And Sundry Towards What To Buy From Goa.

You can get a whole range of shopping locations and things to buy in Goa for girlfriend such as

  • Saturday Night Markets At Arpora;
  • Anjuna Flea Market;
  • Thursday Night Market At Vagator Hilltop
  • The Mapusa Market

The shoppers always rush these places. Some of the only handmade things are available here in Goa. Goan artisans are considered the best in creating matchless objects from natural raw materials. Tour operators offer you a wide list of Goa local tour packages with easy customizations. With these Goa packages, you can make your trip wonderful and hassle-free.

Goa Special Items

  • Items Made from coconut shell and cottage handicrafts
  • Cashews and homemade pickles
  • Junk Jewellery
  • Goan hats
  • Lampshades in brass
  • Terracotta wall hangings
  • Colorful wooden lacquer articles’ chitaris’

At this party destination, one can get several articles that are contemporary as well as trendy. People are addicted to festivities here, so various fairs are organized here regularly, and travelers often think about what to buy from Goa and what not. This way, the lifestyle stores of Goa have become the favorites of modern-day travelers.

Other Special Items Goa Is Famous For And A Must-buy For All:

Sea Shells Galore

Garlands of seashells are quite famous in Goa, especially at hotels and resorts in Goa. They welcome their guests with amazingly crafted sea shell galore, which is readily available down the road market. Garland is one of the best things to buy in Goa for a girlfriend at any of the beaches Oxdel Beach, Galgibaga beach, and Siridao beach.


Fenni is the most famous liquor available in Goa which is made out of coconut and cashews. It is the best thing to buy in Goa which you can never miss buying if you are planning to get a Goa travel package. It is indeed highly alcoholic with long shelf life. Some also like to use it in cocktails mixed with tonic water and lemonade.

Cashew Nuts

Goa is considered one of the top suppliers of cashew nuts in India. You can be bought in all flavors, and varieties as they are available spiced, salted, coated. Last but not to be ignored, freshly shelled as well.

Musical Instruments

This city is often called a musical city. Trance music is something that can make anyone sing and dance irrespective of your position and place. Therefore, visit the markets t beaches in Goa to sightsee and buy a few Goa Trance CDs and those from Portuguese music.


Hats are trendy at the beachside. Being dominated by sun shining beaches, varieties of hats are available here in Goa to buy. Look for them in the reasonable and affordable markets in Goa. Buy some innumerable types of hats while searching for them during roadside shopping in Goa. You can also select the palm-leaf hats, which are in trend these days.


All kinds of spices like nutmeg, black pepper, Triphala, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon are grown here that are meant for making unique recipes, etc. Explore the spice gardens in this area on your trip to Goa.

Kokum Sherbet

It is a refreshing tangy beverage served chilled, which is beneficial during the hot summer days. It is also added to many cocktails exclusively in most of the lush Goa bars tempting customers with the delicious chilled cocktails to give an excellent punch and kick.


Famous for its beaches, people consider Goa as the best place to get beachwear like shorts, sarongs, funky flip-flops, bikinis, hats, and much more. Locals residents here sell such items in all colorful patterns and varieties across all the beaches like Baga, Anjuna, Calangute.

Wooden Carvings

Buy a few antique and attractive wooden pieces from a wide range of furniture sets. The wood carvings and stunning brass works are accessible at the different beach markets, roadside vendors, and also in exclusive showrooms.

Kunbi Saris

Kunbi sarees are carried out delicately by the local tribal women of Goa. These are now being renewed by the designers. The best places to buy Kunbi Saris in Goa are Wendell Rodrick’s store in Panaji. In case you are going out of budget, then you can also shop at village fairs or local stores.

Coconut Craft

The most amazing thing is people of Goa use every single part of Goa when they use coconut shells for making bowls and traditional sculptures. Explore the beauty of the art and craft. Also, see a variety of coconut shell pieces as a biological art which you will get to view in Goa fairs.


Bebinca is known as a sweet or dessert in Goa prepared from flour, coconut milk, eggs, mixed with sugar then baked layer by layer. It is delicious to eat as a short life souvenir. Bebinca is soft, light, and easy to carry, which is in good packaging.

Flavored Tea

Get the chance to explore and experiment with various flavors in Goa with the teas in all the spice flavors. Some fruit flavors are also available. You get such a wide variety of flavored tea options there, which you must have not even heard of in your whole life.

Port Wine

Portuguese gave Port wine to Goa by starting the local production of wine here in Goa. Slowly, they left the place, but the production house of this wine continued to enjoy people with its relishing taste. This famous for its intensely sweet taste and is pretty cheaper as well. It is one of the best goa special items people like to carry with them.

Sea Salt

Easy access to seawater and favorable climatic conditions make sea salt production amazing here. Buy this special item of Goa from the Mapusa markets with complete confidence. Quality and authenticity can be indeed believed upon as most of the sea salt is made locally. Get it in authentic quality at the Mapusa market.

These are the things that Goa is famous for. So next time you plan your tour to Goa, ask your Goa tour operator to arrange your housing and lodging nearby the famous shopping places in Goa.

Tour Travel World is the most renowned tour and travel portal that cater to your roaming demands well. Here you can meet with a team of trained tour operators who guide every traveler with what is special in Goal. Join us to explore not just the beaches and resorts in Goa but the mesmerizing marketplaces as well.

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