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Experience Tremendous Advance With Online Taxi Booking App

Dear readers, before I delve deep into today’s topic about online taxi booking app, let’s discuss an important concept. A concept that made taxi applications a success- gig economy! Applications have played a very important role in this regard.

 It presents a number of options to people who want to work independently, on a contract basis, according to the hours they can give, to name a few.

This became a more efficient reality with online platforms and applications that let you book a taxi, take beauty treatments at home, avail health, education and legal services, etc. This has enabled people to take up multiple professions, simultaneously. For example, drivers can work on-call and earn too, taxi booking apps have made it an actuality! 

Gone are the days when booking cabs or taxis had to be done days or weeks ahead of your commute. With online cab applications at our disposal, it’s no more a problem. These apps have streamlined daily and longer-route travels.
The best part, it all happens in a jiffy and has been operating smoothly, largely. Both drivers and passengers have options to rate each other which also ensures that no one falls victim to any kind of fraud.

A revolution that initially started with Taxi Magic in 2008, then followed by others like Curb, Uber, etc., has taken the world by storm. Passengers now have access to the cabs, thank their fingertips and a good internet connection!
Even you will agree that we can commute with much ease nowadays, barring the traffic and congestion of course; thanks to the cab-hailing apps! 

The importance of a taxi booking app

Before taxi booking apps came along, the taxi-industry was almost dead. It majorly depended on pre-bookings for short travels, special occasions or longer travels, all of which are though common, but let’s not forget that taxis aren’t the only option available to passengers. How has the advent of cab booking applications, changed the course of things, you may ask… to keep reading and you will get your answer.

Firstly, booking cabs is now easy, efficient and fast as opposed to the former process that involved calling an agency or a taxi driver; the calls weren’t always answered, right?! Secondly, cabs are being preferred now for daily commutes which wasn’t the case earlier. Thirdly, the cab applications don’t just let customers book taxis or cabs, but also autos, motorcycles and other modes of transport. Some of the applications let you book vehicles like shuttles, buses, etc., some even let you pre-book for an outstation trip. 

Fourthly, since the operation is through an app, it doesn’t let anyone agency or person monopolise the entire market. As long as you have the app, you can book rides or take passengers, depending on whether you are the one travelling or driving.

Now that I have explained the importance of a cab booking application, let’s explore, what are the most important features that it must have…

Essential elements of an online taxi booking app

  • It should have a location sharing feature
    The driver should be able to reach where the passenger can take a cab from. Along with that, the passenger should also be aware of the driver’s location in order to reach the pick-up location on time. It can also avoid unnecessary confusion as everybody is not familiar with all regions and routes.
    Having a location sharing feature is a must. It is helpful for both, the customer and the motorist.
  • Information about the ride
    Unless the passengers have the necessary details of the vehicles, how will they find them? Providing ride details to the customers is hence a highly important feature. Imagine the chaos, if such a feature is missing!
  • Call option
    Your cab application must have a call option, so that correspondence between the driver and the passenger can take place. The GPS helps with the locations yes, but all locations are not always easy to track and trace. Sometimes a little guidance is needed. Apart from that, it is safer to have the contact details of a person you are travelling with, alone.
  • Chat option
    Many of you might ask, ‘why the chat option when we already are planning to have a call option?’ The answer to that is, ‘call drops and network glitches.’ It happens quite a few times that the person we try to reach is ‘either unavailable or out of coverage area’, which is not the case always.
    Moreover, many times, people just want to connect over messages and not calls, why not give both options to the users and let them decide what they are comfortable with, right?
  • Personal account
    This requires a person to provide in their information- age, gender, location etc. A personal account has a person’s travel history as well. This feature is important, primarily for the customer.
  • Payment options
    With technology to aid us, payment made to the cabbie isn’t always in cash. With e-wallets and applications including other payment gateways; users can choose the mode of payment they want and pay accordingly. Providing passengers, the freedom to choose from different payment options is a must in present times.

The final word… 

If you are still reading, then you are keenly interested in developing a taxi app. As explained above, there are several benefits to an existing taxi booking app. If an existing application trends and becomes popular, this implies that the business or enterprise that invests in such an app would benefit highly too! Who doesn’t like more money flowing in… we all do! So, wait no more! 

If you are planning to develop a cab booking mobile application cost, go ahead with it. Establish, expand and earn, do not let anyone stop you. Find a competent development company, with expertise and experience, that can help you and can make your idea become a successful reality. Make hay while the sun shines, by developing an online taxi booking app!

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