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Expert Tips from a Sydney Removalist for Packing Dishes & Glassware

You might have got them at an amazingly low price from an online shopping site. Or it must be one of the most expensive gifts you’ve received on your wedding day. Nevertheless, you don’t want to find your dishes and glassware damaged after reaching the new destination. Moving to a new place is difficult but if fragile items like dishes, bowls, mugs and glassware establish 40% of your belongings, packing becomes seriously complicated. However, you don’t need to worry at all if you engage the expert packing services from a reliable Sydney removalist company. They’ve got the right packing materials, professional tools and most importantly, specialized skills to pack the dishes and glasses safely.

Dishes and glassware are some of the most difficult things to pack when moving to a new place. Here are a few rules you can apply to make the process faster and easier.

Important Steps to Follow When Packing Dishes & Glassware

Layer the boxes

Before beginning to pack the dishes, first use crumpled paper, packing paper, bubble wrap and foam sheets to cushion the bottom of the box. Make sure the cushioning is a dense layer, at least two inches thick. This will serve as protection from the damages caused by shocks and jerks during transportation. After placing each rack of dishes, fill up the corners and empty gaps with crumpled and packing papers for more protection. Add a thin layer of cushioning before you place a new row of dishes in the box.

Pack dishes, glasses and cups separately

You might be tempted to pack all the dishes, glass and cups together but don’t do it. Use a single sheet of newspaper to wrap one dish or glass. For the glasses, lay the packing paper flat and roll the glass diagonally starting from one corner across the sheet. Tuck the leftover ends inside the glass.

Packing dishes is easy. Lay the plate or even the bowl at the centre of the packing paper and then pack it by folding all the sides. Now, transfer the wrapped dish or bowl into the box by keeping it on its edge. Avoid placing the dish flat as the weight of the load on top could damage the ones underneath. Follow the same technique to pack the cups.

If you’ve hired packing services from a Sydney removalist company, you’ll find the professionals using more packing paper around the stem when wrapping wine glasses. The stem is the most fragile part of a wine glass. By doing so, the stem gets wrapped in a thick layer which prevents it from breaking. They also use multiple layers of packing sheets to wrap larger things like lampstands and vases.

Stack the dishes vertically

The golden rule to keep your dishes from breaking is to never place them flat in the boxes. Professional removalists like us always stack dishes and bowls on the side, vertically in the box. Most homeowners when doing a DIY move make the mistake of stacking the dishes horizontally in the box. This is wrong as even if they’re sufficiently wrapped, one bump on the road will make the dishes go bouncing and moving all around in the box. Thus, it’s important to place the dishes upright in the box, row by row.

Try not to place the dishes, cups and bowls all in the same boxes. Having a separate box each for bowls, glasses and plates will keep them safe from damage. For the glasses, place them side by side. If you have a variety of glasses and cups, place the heaviest ones first in the box and the lighter items on top.

Place heaviest items first and fill space with packing material

If you have plenty of dishes and glassware, you will require sturdy boxes with sufficient depth. Since you’ll be having multiple layers of glassware, you need to remember two things –

  • There must be adequate cushioning between each layer
  • The heaviest pieces go inside the box first

Following these two points will certainly keep your in a flawless state throughout the move. The reason why professional removalists always place the heavier items first is simple. All thanks to their less weight, the lighter items on the top is less likely to cause an impact on the things beneath them. Besides adding cushioning between each layer or row, filling up all the extra space with packing paper will reduce the movement of the things during transit. Remember to have a minimum of two inches of protective layer at the bottom. Lastly, avoid overpacking the boxes. No matter how tempted you might be, squeezing in two dishes or one glass despite having a nearly full box could be the sole reason for damage.

Seal and label

Now comes the final step. After all the hours you’ve invested in packing, you want the boxes containing the dishes and glassware to be handled appropriately by your removalists Sydney team, don’t you? Labelling your boxes as ‘Fragile’ is a great way to let your movers know ‘these boxes deserve all your care and attention’. Use a marker to write down ‘Fragile’, a short description of the contents and indicate the opening side. Labelling will help your removalists to quickly distinguish between boxes containing dishes and glassware and those that have clothes, pots, pans, books and other stronger items.

Let Sydney Domain Furniture Removals Ensure the Best Protection for Your Dishes and Glassware

Sydney Domain Furniture Removals is a notable Sydney removalist company with over 20 years of experience in this industry. We are skilled and adept in packing all kinds of household items, including glassware, dishes, plates, cups and other valuables. We employ only premium quality packing materials to wrap the items carefully, place them in strong and durable boxes and load them into our moving trucks efficiently. When it comes to creating a safe and hassle-free house moving experience, there’s no one better than us! To know more about our removalist services, feel free to reach us today.

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