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Explore the beauty of Pakistan with us

Northern areas are a region constituting the northern portion of Pakistan and Larger Kashmir valley administratively controlled by Pakistan Government. Northern areas of Pakistan are very famous due to their beauty of the wide range of Mountains covered with ice whole the years. The world’s three famous mountain ranges meet here in Pakistan; those are Hindukush, Himalayas, and the Karakoram. Many Glaciers are present in these areas. Several Lakes, Natural parks, dense vegetation on mountains, and waterfalls are the beauty of the northern area. Pakistan is the most attractive country due to its northern areas beauty among the world tourists.

Tourists from other countries are rushing to our country to visit these beautiful pieces of heaven. It is unfortunate for those people living in this country, having the resources but not enjoying the beautiful moments with their family in this area. One thing more to keep in mind that whenever a person makes the program, he should always make planning first keeping in mind how many days he can spend and how many resources. For best enjoyment, make a program with a traveling agency. You will be free from all the responsibilities of accommodation, traveling, Food, travel guide. Zufta Travel & Tours is the best traveling agency having vast experience in this field. They are offering the best packages for northern areas tour in Pakistan. From drivers to the tour guides of this company are experienced and know how to save time and visit more places.


Famous areas are Kaghan Naran, Skardu, Gilgit Biltistan, Chitral, Swat Valley, Hunza. Kumrat valley. Some of the main places which are very attractive to the tourists are:

SWAT valley

Swat with dense deep forest and rich green alpine meadows, swirling waterfalls with the roaring river. The snow-clad gigantic mountain of Mankial and Falksair is very captivating for tourists. the most beautiful points in swat.

  • Katora Lake
  • Godar lake(Highest)
  • Mahodand lake
  • Kandol lake
  • Andrab lake
  • water fall

HUNZA Valley

Some people say that Hunza in an Islamic world means Greenery, beautiful, a Miracle, and unbelievable beauty.

Hunza is situated on the northern side of Gilgit Biltistan, on the west side is kpk, and Xiaojing region of China is to the northeast. Height above sea level is 2438 meters. It is 100 kilometers away from Gilgit. The best time to visit this area is April to October but in the summer season, there is a large crowd of local and foreign tourists. It is a peaceful and safe area. This valley has many natural lakes, waterfalls, and mountain tops. People in Hunza valley celebrate a traditional festival Gianni with large gatherings arranged in  Altit, Baltit, and Aliabad.

  • Hunza valley
  •  K-2 top
  •  Deosai lake Roof of the world
  •  Royal garden Hunza
  •  Hunza Valley


Chilas is a city on Karakorum highway. It is located at the foot of nanga parbat 3000 feet above sea level. There is no monsoon rain that is why in summer temperature remains about 50c and winter dry and cold 10c with chill winds. More than 20,000 pieces of rock drawings and petroglyphs are all along the Karakoram Highway in Northern Areas of Pakistan which concentrated at ten major sites between Hunza and Shatial.

  • Petroglyphs on rocks
  • Babusar top
  • Fairy meadow trek to Nanga Parbat

SAKARDU valley

  • This valley is situated in Gilgit Baltistan, 10 km wide and 40 km long. It is on the shigar and Indus River. It is surrounding by the large Karakoram Range. It is a beautiful valley with blue water and high mountains on an elevation of 7300 feet. Sarkadu has three beautiful lakes Shangrila, sad para lake, and upper shangrilla lake. the most beautiful points in skardu
  • Satpara lake skardu
  • Shangrilla Lake
  • Upper kachura lake sakrdu
  • Baltit fort skardu
  • shigar fort skardu



Five famous lakes are present in Kaghan- Naran valley. Jheel Saif ul malook is located on an elevation of 10300 feet approximately.





It is a very unique lake, not easily accessible. This lake is covered with Ice whole the year except July and August. The ones who visit this lake are extremely lucky.

  • Saif Ul Malook Lake
  •  Lulusar lake
  • Dudipatsar Lake
  • Pyala Lake
  •  Ansoo lake
  • Shogran Siri paye


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