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Exterior Doors: How Important Are First Impressions?

Focus on one aspect and you can enhance all others. What do you think is the first thing people will see when they come to your home? One temptation is to pick the paint color or the architectural style. You should be looking at your exterior doors. The focal point in most homes is the front entrance. Therefore, the eyes naturally gravitate to this feature first.

How Exterior Doors Impact Your Entire Home

The front door is an essential part of home design. It makes the first impression.

Show Your Style And Personality

Many people believe that there are only two styles of doors that will fit with the rest. Many styles and shapes can be mixed and matched to create a home with personality. You can use your choice of door to match the style of the neighboring homes or to stand out. Checkout for the modern doors design. 

Curb Appeal And Increased Value

The focal point of your home, your front door, will be what prospective buyers first see when you are trying to sell it. A well-designed door adds instant curb appeal to your home and enhances the appearance of other exterior features. It is impossible to predict that your front door alone will sell your property, but it can be a big help. Even if you don’t plan on selling your home soon, a good quality door will add value to your home for a long time and lead to a higher asking cost.

A Sense Security And Solidity

Front doors serve two dual purposes. They can both be used to attract people in and deter them from leaving. While a good door will attract the attention and buys of neighbors, it can also deter burglars. Intruders can still access your home through the front door. It is easy for thieves to break into a door that appears old, worn-out, fragile, or weak. A strong, solid door on the contrary is a powerful deterrent. It gives your whole home a feeling of being secure and well protected.

Live-In Comfort

We aren’t the only ones to recognize that comfort shouldn’t always be our ultimate goal. You’ve probably experienced the discomfort of a drafty room when you settle down to watch a film or felt the cold breeze on your neck.

You should be able to enjoy the movie without having to get up or put on more clothes.

You are allowed to host friends without worrying about whether someone will be too cold.

A good entry door can reduce cold drafts from your home. It’s a pleasure knowing you have control over your home’s climate.

Beyond the temperature, an energy-efficient door improves air quality in your house. They reduce the risk of mold growth as well as the number of insects, dirt, or dust that gets into your home.

Saving Money On Heating & Cooling

Yes, there is an initial cost to install a new entry door, but the long-term benefits of an efficient door are worth it!

You will save on heating and cooling costs. After you purchase an efficient entry door, every month you save money. It’s a win/win deal!

The money you save on energy costs will not be enough to pay for your new entry doors. Depending on the type of door that you buy and the replacement door, it may take a while for the energy savings to recoup the cost of your door.

If the only perk to a well-designed entry door is saving money, it would not be as attractive. This is only the beginning!

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