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Home Improvement

Fabuwood Kitchen Cabinets Color Concepts

Loves fabuwood kitchen cabinets. We get it. White’s clean, simple, orderly—and, even devotees ought to agree, a small amount of a no brainer. However, we’re here to inform you that colour is often a kitchen’s supporter, smartly light bailiwick details or reworking dated cabinetwork.

Fabuwood Kitchen Cabinets Types:

It will modify the full feeling of the fabuwood kitchen cabinets. Even brightening up only 1 area an island, saywith a refreshing hue are often a true mood-booster. Mix two colours on your cupboards, and you are on your thanks to a very personal look. Thus escape from the white-and-wood zone and let colour work the space. We’ve forced along a dozen fabuwood kitchens cabinets colour combos to urge you where we’re going.

Ocean and sky:

One no-fail approach: mistreatment 2 reminders an equivalent colour. During this giant open room, designed by designer Stuart Disston, the deep-blue island takes centre stage, whereas sky-hued cupboards outline the perimeter. House decorator Sherrill Canet selected the custom shades to ground the ceilinged house and harmonize with the chrome steel appliances and therefore the island’s bands of dark wood.

Barn red and greenness:

To keep this spectral colour theme from skewing too Christmasy, room designer Carlie Korinek selected soft, muted tones. Wood finishes on the island, ceiling, and floor heat the palette even additional.

Leaf inexperienced and white:

The vibrant island holds court during this crisp white room, however house decorator Gideon Mendelson did not need it to be a solo act. Thus he coated the ceiling with custom-painted canvas (wallpaper may work too) during a matching green-and-white theme. Beside plates adorned over the cooktop, it invitations the attention to travel around the fabuwood kitchen cabinets.

Daring blue and soft blue:

To add some oomph to the straightforward shaker-style cupboards during this room, designer Adolfo Perez used pale blue on the cupboard boxes and a deeper shade on doors and drawer fronts. The result: pure bungalow charm.

Bright red and hour black:

This dramatic fabuwood cabinets dealers near me by Kraftmaid feels balanced due to a pairing of equal-intensity colours. Black cupboards effectively fade into the background to indicate off the red island at the centre, whereas a lightweight backsplash and countertops keep the painted items from feeling severe.

Cool grey and hot orange:

A changeable colour—is it blue? Is it grey?—this neutral has enough interest to face on its own. However, it too comes alive paired with the fiery orange that house decorator Andra Birkerts other on the island. Painting the backs of the open shelves a lighter tint of an equivalent grey adds depth and showcases the intense accessories.

Lemon and lime:

Vibrant colours reign in home-owner Nancy traverses Fabu cabinets, wherever daring inexperienced perimeter cupboards and a sunny yellow island are united by the kitchen’s multicolour tile backsplash. Dark granite and lightweight wood counters focus all the eye on the cheerful palette.

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Deep blueness and white:

Too much white will blur a room’s details. To focus on the design of this house, house decorator Kelly Laplante used a mid-tone blue to ground the ground and outline the ceiling trusswork. An equivalent colour on cupboard doors and therefore the built-ins’ exposed edges brings these charming options to the fore.

Pale grey and aquamarine:

To give this room some zing while not overwhelming the colour-shy home-owner, house decorator Liz Caan ringed the fabuwood kitchen cabinets with neutral grey cupboards before painting the island a dust-covered green-tinged blue. Grey-veined marble on the island tabletop and very backsplash helps tie the 2 areas along.

Flame red and soft yellow:

Interior designer Liz Mitchell selected a punchy theme to decorate this corner bar, entirely off the room. Employing a lightweight yellow paint-glaze combine on the panels adds dimension to bright orange-red cupboards. Inexperienced wallpaper makes the colours pop even additional, whereas a fashionable mahogany tabletop keeps the planning from being too impulsive.

Cornflower and yellow:

Mistreatment of the blue on the backs of the open shelves adds depth, whereas a sliver of white trim higher than of} and below the yellow cupboards and a row of glass-front cupboards up top lend a way of airiness.

Mineral and milk:

To achieve the planning of a house room furnished furnishings items, designer John Tittmann used soft colours to focus on distinct cupboard sections. The cooktop space is outlined with pale yellow; beadboard panels and vintage inexperience distinguish the electric refrigerator unit. Accent tiles facilitate marrying the colours employed in the space.


The fabuwood kitchen cabinets confirm the look and feel of the house as a result of these storage units cowl most wall houses. So contrast-coloured cupboards not solely inject a splash of colour however conjointly add plenty of depth and oomph to the ornament. Here are some winning ways in which to introduce colour into the room cupboards and create the house waken.

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