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Facebook Ad Copywriting: How to Write for Conversions!

The goal of any Facebook ad campaign is to get users to click on the ad and land on your website, right?

This allows you to boost your eCommerce sales for your product or service.

You can write a great Facebook ad all day long, but if it doesn’t appeal to your ideal customer or has nothing to do with what they are looking for, you’re throwing money away by paying to promote it.

For this reason, I’ll be showing you the foundations of creating Facebook ad copywriting.

So keep reading because the following are tried and true copywriting strategies that can be applied to your ads to instantly make them yield better results

To get the greatest effects, combine them in various combinations and add your own spin to them.

Facebook Ad copywriting


Keep it simple.


You only have a few seconds to grab someone’s attention on Facebook. So, keeping your ad copy simple and to the point is essential.

You want to ensure your target audience understands what you’re offering and why they should care. The words you use are also important while crafting an ad copy.

For example, instead of saying,

“We provide quality footwear,


“Get high-quality shoes at unbeatable prices”.

By focusing on quality and price instead of talking about how many pairs of shoes we sell or what size is available, we’ll be able to attract customers looking for an affordable shoe that will last them a long time.

It’s easy to get carried away with adding words when trying to get people interested in something, but if your language is too complicated or confusing, no one will take the time to read it.

Keep things as straightforward as possible, and make sure your sentences flow nicely together so that people can read without stopping or getting confused about what comes next.


Avoid second-person pronouns


Your customers are bombarded with over 5,000 commercial messages a day. To stand out, your ad copy needs to be Irresistible. And that starts with understanding the basics of writing persuasively.

When crafting your ad copy, avoid second-person pronouns like you and your. Instead, focus on the benefits your product or service provides.

Also, avoid brutal sell tactics by clearly defining what your customer will get from your product or service.

If it’s not clear why someone should buy from you, then people won’t buy from you. Focus on social proof:

Whether it’s testimonials, reviews, awards, and more-put, yourself in the shoes of your customer and consider what they would find most compelling.


Don’t promise too much in the headline.


Your headline is the first thing potential customers will see when they come across your ad. So, it’s essential to make sure it’s catchy and attention-grabbing.

….But be careful not to promise too much

If your headline doesn’t deliver on its promises, you’ll lose the trust of your potential customers. Instead, focus on creating a headline that accurately reflects what your ad is about.

The goal of a compelling Facebook ad copy is to motivate people with a desire for what you offer (your product or service) and entice them with a call-to-action that asks them to take the next step to get more information or buy.

The following are examples of some bad and good headlines:


Bad Headlines

  • Make money while you sleep
  • Create a six-figure income overnight
  • Your money should work harder than you do.


Good Headlines

  • Here’s how to retire early without sacrificing your lifestyle
  • Need extra cash? These 20 simple ways can help you achieve retirement before age 50


Don’t forget to ask for the sale! Your ad copy should always include a compelling call-to-action asking your audience to click through.


Get rid of jargon


To write copy that converts on Facebook, you must keep things simple and jargon-free. Your audience should be able to understand what you’re offering without having to read through a long, complicated explanation.

Be clear and concise, and focus on the benefits of your product or service. If you can’t do it in less than five words, then don’t do it.

Once you’ve figured out your offer, figure out how to word it in a way that gets people’s attention with phrases like:

You’ll never believe this!

Or weird but true!


Use emotional triggers


Your Facebook ad copy should evoke emotion in your audience. After all, emotions are what drive people to take action.

Use emotional triggers like fear, urgency, and greed to get people to click on your ad and convert. These are the three most potent emotional triggers, according to Psychology Today.

For example,

If you sell a weight loss product, you could use fear by telling your customers that they will die soon if they don’t lose weight now.

The urgency could be utilized by mentioning how many days are left before the offer expires or how much time is left until this sale ends.

Greed can be achieved by offering an exclusive deal that only lasts a few more hours or minutes – because who wants to miss out?


Proofread it once, then read it out loud!


When you’re done writing your Facebook ad copy, proofread it once, then read it aloud.

Because reading it aloud will help you catch any errors you may have missed and ensure that your composition flows well.

And you’ll also be able to tell if the sentences make sense, are redundant, or are missing important points.

If the copy is too long, see if there are ways you can shorten it without losing key points. Don’t be afraid to tell people what they need – say precisely what the offer is in a short sentence at the beginning of the post!


Best time to publish ad on Facebook


Do you know which time is best for publishing your ad on Social Media Marketing Facebook?

According to Hoot suite’s analysis, the universal best time to post on Facebook is 8:00 am to 12:00 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The best time to publish an ad on Facebook is when someone is slightly interested in your offer but hasn’t committed yet-which means finding their pain point and how your product solves it should be the central focus of your copy!

To do this, you need to learn your potential customer’s pain points and use them as the basis for crafting compelling messages.

An excellent way to find out what people care about most is by asking them questions or taking a survey.

While crafting an ad copy do remember to:

  • Keep the language simple and easy to understand using plain English words like a 5th Grader
  • Use headlines that will immediately grab a person’s attention.
  • Focus on talking about your customer’s needs instead of yours.


Clear Call-to-action


When you’re writing ad copy for Facebook, your ultimate goal is to get people to convert. To do that, you need to have a clear call-to-action (CTA).

But what is CTA?

“A CTA is a short, actionable phrase that tells the reader what you want them to do”.

It’s not just a single word like “submit” or “buy.”

This means always providing a clear call to action, so they know exactly what they’re going to get if they buy now (in other words, make sure there’s no confusion).

The most successful CTAs on Facebook include phrases like

  • Click here to learn more
  • Take advantage of this offer now


  • Download this app.


Some compelling calls-to-actions:

  • Click here to sign up now!
  • You deserve this opportunity – here’s how to apply today
  • You could save $$$ by clicking here now!

One of my favorite examples is “Warby Parker”, which offers a free home try-on for glasses when customers click on their CTA.

In this way, potential customers can see how good the glasses look before they make a purchase.

P.S  Don’t forget, even if you’re offering something free like a checklist or report, always have an Offer button that allows visitors who want it to subscribe and receive everything via email.


Final thoughts on crafting Facebook ad copy


One of the finest investments a business can make to expand is using Facebook advertisements.

However, just because they are simple to use doesn’t guarantee you can get a high-performing ad for your company with such ease.

The tips we provided above for writing Facebook ad copy that works are similar to the good ingredient in a tasty meal; but, to make that great, it requires a talented chef and a lot of effort.

Simply said, creating effective ad copy that generates conversions requires time and effort.

P.S Remember that what may work for someone else may not work for you.


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