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Factors That Affect Car Transport Charges from Delhi to Bangalore

Are you shipping your car transportation from Delhi to Bangalore, but have no idea how much will it cost to transport a car from Delhi to Bangalore?

Well, car transport charges depend on several things. And it varies from company to company.

Car shipping charges mainly depend on the type of service you have hired.

Well, we will be discussing and everything related to the car transport service and its charges.

What is the cost of a car transport service from Delhi to Bangalore?

The approx. distance between Delhi and Bangalore is 2100 Km so, the charges or car transportation from Delhi to Bangalore will be approx. Rs. 10,000 – Rs. 20,000.

The charges depend mainly on the factors that are listed below.

Common Factors Affecting Car Shipping Charges

The Type of Transport Company

You must be thinking about how this could affect car transportation charges. So, to your kind information, moving company or the transport company you are hiring plays a vital role in car transportation charges.

If you have hired a renowned transport company, which is popular, then you will have to be ready to pay a large amount because the agency will cost as per their brand reputation. They know they will not compromise on the quality of the service also, assure 100% safe and on-time delivery of the car. Hence, their charges are higher.

So, one of the common factors that affect packers and movers Delhi charges for car shipping service is the type of company you have chosen.

Moving Season

Just like the other transportation services, car transport also has a moving season. The most preferred season is winter for car transportation, so this may cost you higher than moving your car in summer.

Usually, cars get heated in summer and you never how your car is being handled by the transporter so, you should opt for an enclosed carrier or truck to transport your car. Enclosed shipping is expensive than open-air shipping.

Delivery Preference

Most people have a fixed schedule to transport their four-wheelers. And, this may cause higher fees because the transporters will have to plan accordingly.

The more flexible you can be with pickup and delivery dates, the less you will be charged by movers.

It is advised to book an auto transport company at least two weeks before the scheduled moving day. This will give plenty of time to both you and your transport company to prepare for the shipment.

Also, remember last-minute bookings always be an expensive affair. So, plan and book a car transport company in Delhi ahead of time.

If you need the service urgently, then you will have to pay a higher moving fee. If you have an immediate requirement, then you have no other options than to pay higher moving fees to the movers.

Transportation Mode

The mode of transportation depends on your preference. There are mainly two shipping options available through which you can transport your car – open truck and enclosed truck.

An open carrier is cheaper than an enclosed carrier. If you have a low budget, then you can choose the open carrier.

But as you are transporting your goods from Delhi to Bangalore, you should book an enclosed truck to transport your car.

The moving company will use the truck is that is fully covered and ensure safe transportation of the car. This way your car will be protected from a variety of elements like bad weather conditions, dust, rain, snow, birds, etc.

If you are transporting any luxury or expensive car from Delhi to Bangalore, then you should surely book an enclosed carrier shipping service than an open carrier.

People who want to transport their car in the possible safest way and with no damages at all, go with enclosed trailers or trucks for car delivery services from Delhi to Bangalore, which comes at a higher price.

Other Factors that Affect Car Shipping Cost

Condition of the Car

One of the common factors that may affect car transportation charges is the type and condition of your car.

Larger cars cost more than handling small or medium-sized cars. So, the type and also the size of your vehicle will be considered by the movers and packers to estimate the cost of car transportation service from Delhi to Bangalore.

If the mover has to use some equipment or is required to adjust the size of their truck to deal with your non-standard vehicle, then this will impact transportation charges.

Personal Items Loaded in the Car

Many people think when they are availing of car transportation services, then they are allowed to pack and move the other items in the car itself. But, this is a cost-affecting factor that will directly impact the transportation cost.

Movers will check the type of goods you are transporting through your car because they won’t allow any perishable and flammable items that may trigger an explosion.

So, choose wisely the items before packing and moving them through your car.

Also, this will affect the moving cost because the goods can be tossed inside the car during transportation which may damage the car and the movers will be responsible for that. So, they place it properly and ensure safe transportation.

However, this step will increase the overall weight of your car thus, the charges will increase.

Pickup and Delivery Service

If you want the movers to pick up the car from your doorstep and deliver it to the doorstep at the desired location, then this can cost you a lot.

In door-to-door car shipping service, the movers will come to your place to pick up the car. They will drive the car from your house to their warehouse (usually out of the town), where they will make the ready to be shipped.

They will pack the car, especially the fragile items and car accessories. Then, using the moving equipment, trained staff will safely load the vehicle onto a trailer or truck.

Their drivers are also trained and experienced, who will transport the car safely. After reaching the destination, movers will unload it with much safety and deliver it to your doorstep.

So, this is also a factor that can increase the car shipping charges.

If you want to know the exact cost of your car transportation from Delhi to Bangalore, then get in touch with some reliable car transport companies in Delhi.

Ask them to provide their quotations or, call them for an inspection and get an accurate estimation.

While the cost of car transportation or car shipping charges is one of the major concerns of people, some worries about the delivery time. They want to know how long the movers and packers take to deliver the car.

How Long Does It Take To Ship a Car?

The total duration of transportation depends majorly on the distance to be cover by the moving agency.

Since the movers will have to pack and load the car with safety and also deliver it to your new house, it consumes a lot of time. And then it takes a few days or even a week to transport the car.

Since the distance between Delhi and Bangalore is more, and it consumes almost 30 hrs to reach Bangalore from Delhi, then car shipping companies may take 1 week to deliver your car.

Final Words

There are several factors that can affect car transportation charges from Delhi to Bangalore. Get quotations from the top-rated car shipping companies Delhi to Bangalore to know the exact charges of car shipping services. And also we provide service car transportation in Pune.

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