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Factors To Check For Rishikesh Teacher Training Yoga Classes

Many posts address many criteria to look out for when choosing your Rishikesh teacher training yoga school. These would be critical points like Yoga Alliance certification, yoga style, curriculum, school reputation, cost, and more. Some will even cover many secondary issues that pertain to personal preferences rather than the yoga training itself. All these are the most evident perspectives to consider when searching for the best yoga school in Rishikesh.  However, there are a few determinants that most will not consider or even deem important enough to bring into question. Yet, they end up massively coloring your experience of yoga training in Rishikesh

Important Aspects That Determine Rishikesh Best Yoga Teacher Training

You will hardly ever find any yoga guide post discussing the points below. This is on the grounds that most are composed from the perspective of an outsider. They would help you choose Rishikesh’s best yoga teacher training school but not a suitable one for you. This can be a yoga teacher or someone from the yoga school. However, if you ask former students of the yoga school in Rishikesh, their suggestions and advice would be very different. The direction of their discussion would be more experience-oriented rather than criteria-based. Some of the elements that may come up in the conversation are:

Class Size

One of the things that can greatly influence the quality of the yoga classes in Rishikesh is the class size. This does not just refer to the student-teacher ratio; it also includes the actual number of students in the class. A smaller class size might be more expensive, but it has its perks. The teacher will be able to give greater attention to each student. The scope for one-to-one instruction, especially to students who are lagging behind, increases. Also, every scholar will be better ready to associate with and know one another.  Also, every scholar will be better ready to associate with and know one another. This enhances the interpersonal relationships between the students too. After all, when everyone is lodged together for so long, it is important to have cordial relations with them.

Yoga Trainer

This is not about the reputation and teaching style of the trainer. Rather, it pertains more to personal choices. Some female students may prefer a female trainer only. Students that perform well under pressure would look for a strict teacher. Others who require more care and attention would want a more flexible teacher. While most would ignore these small issues, it can greatly impact how well you learn your Rishikesh teacher training yoga. Such information can be easily obtained from former students who took a yoga TTC in Rishikesh under that trainer.

School Location

You might be wondering how location can be a factor here. After all, we are talking exclusively about yoga teacher training schools in Rishikesh. But location means a different thing here. More particularly, it means the exact environment and ambiance of the locality of the Rishikesh teacher training yoga school. So what you have to find out is if the school is in the main city or removed from it. You may be interested regarding why this is up for conversation by any means.  The truth is, yoga requires a peaceful mind and complete concentration. This might be simple for certain individuals to achieve even amidst the city noise. But it is not so for all; most will prefer a quiet and distraction-free environment. 

Accessibility To Emergency Services

The above point gives rise to another important question. If the school is far from the city, would essential and emergency services and requirements be easily accessible? Schools within the city will not face any such problem. But a school on the outskirts might not be as well-connected to the city where these services are more common. If the transport and communication system is not very good there, make sure that the school provides an alternative. This could be an in-house transport vehicle or at least a nearby third-party option you can avail of.

Weather Sensitivity

This pertains not to finding Rishikesh’s best yoga teacher training school but to Rishikesh as your training location itself. Before pursuing a yoga educator instructional class in Rishikesh, comprehend that this is a slope- hill station.You can automatically conclude that the weather will be really chilly here. Oxygen levels will be lower than in the plains. This can affect your health a lot. If you are going for an intensive yoga course in Rishikesh like Ashtanga yoga, your body will already be going through a lot of intense activity. On top of that, the altered climate can make you really sick if your body cannot adapt to changes easily.

Diet Restrictions

It is a good idea to call your chosen Rishikesh teacher training yoga school beforehand to inquire about the diet. You may have allergies and diet restrictions. The school authorities will not know about these. Informing them after you reach will be a mistake. It might take too long to accommodate the required changes if that is at all possible. 


Rishikesh is a holy Indian city that sticks to conservative Indian culture and traditions. People will not take too kindly to revealing clothes. You will end up offending them or, in the worst-case scenario, banned from classes. It is ideal to see whether there is a clothing codification. If the school does not specify anything, go for covered clothes.

Concluding Lines

Finding the right Rishikesh teacher training yoga school can be difficult without having access to the right services and tools. With the help of BookYogaTraining, you can find exactly what you need without needing to run to a thousand places.

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