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Travel and Leisure

Family Vacation in Thailand

The Kingdom of Thailand is geographically located at the heart of Southeast Asia. This tropical country is a biodiversity hotspot that will always welcome you with a smile as for its name ‘The Land of Smiles‘ and with its array of animal, plant, and marine species that only grow in number for there are new species that are being discovered and identified up to this date.

Why Thailand

Thailand is well known as one of the best tourist destinations in the world. There are many good reasons for that..
It is where you can enjoy a large selection of splendid, wide white-sanded beaches, warm weather all year round, unique and delicious dishes, abundant wildlife, and breathtaking temples. With its cosmopolitan population, getting culture shocked will be highly unlikely for you and your entire family. This family-friendly holiday destination offers a plethora of activities for the kids and keeping them entertained in this country will be pretty easy.

Prepare Your Trip Well

Planning your trip in a foreign country can be quite a task and some would even say a bit intimidating if Asia or more precisely Thailand is your destination. One of the best ways to enjoy this tropical paradise is to take advantage of any of those Thailand Family Tours services, which in most cases help you build your own tour according to your own needs or family needs.
Some Thailand Family Packages offer all sorts of private packages such as a seven (7) day Bangkok & Kanchanaburi tour, a ten (10) day Bangkok Kanchanaburi & Phuket tour or a 14 day, all-round Thailand, when they (The tours) all being built together with you according to your requirements, making sure the route of your tour suits well with all family members.

Traveling to Thailand with kids can really be an amazing family vacation!

Thailand with kids

Check out some of the sights you might want to consider visiting while building your Thailand Family Vacation.

  • Children will surely find the unique Amphawa Floating Market memorable when taking the long-tailed boat along the river after sunset to see beautiful colonies of sparkling Fireflies.
  • Bamboo rafting down the Kwai River letting their imagination take them to Huckleberry Finn’s world.
  • Immerse with the Burmese at the Mon Tribal Village, observe and experience the local’s way of life while enjoying the lake.
  • Sail with a long tail boat through the mangrove forest to feed the wild monkeys in their own natural habitat.
  • And last but not the least, indulge in a healthy hot spring treatment that can revive their bodies after some days of adventures.

Northern Thailand

northern thailand

If you and your family have some more time to spare and more interested in the North of Thailand, perhaps crossing into Laos after touring the northern region of Thailand would be your thing.
Visit the White Temple in Chiang Rai is one magical sight and the most visited attraction in Thailand. Then, once already in Laos, you can embark on a sailing adventure on the Mekong River, visiting local Lao tribes living by the river bank. Then see the beautiful mountain city of Vang Vieng and end up in Vientiane.
This kind of tour will definitely provide you an unforgettable experience and a photo opportunity with an amazing backdrop that you and your family could cherish and reminisce.

All-Round Thailand

For a much longer Thailand family vacation with your kids, you might want to consider the 14 Day.
This tour allows you to literally tour the country from north to south while other than all the sights that the Kanchanaburi and Amphawa region has to offer, you visit Northern Thailand with its wild nature, learn all about the interesting hill tribespeople. And then, wrap up your trip, relaxing on the beautiful island of Phuket.
This path will never disappoint to provide you the best that Thailand has in store for everyone who wants to experience this tropical paradise.

It may sound like a cliché, but Thailand (and Laos) truly does have something for everyone – of all ages, and kids love this place!

Now, these days, when traveling is still on hold, you have some time to think about your next tour. You have the time to filter the locations according to your wishes and choose the right operator, or even your particular interests and needs.

If you do have some time.. prepare your trip

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