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India is inclined towards a special love for cricket. People are much obsessed with the sport and are much into it. People can play them on the fantasy cricket apps during the cricket matches. Now, the cricket fans also have this chance to make their teams, have all the fun of live matches, and get all the updates. That enthusiasm, energy, and love for cricket make us come towards this article and let people know about some fantasy cricket apps. Download fantasy cricket app and make your fantasy journey come now. Make your teams and have a fun session playing with other players. 


A fantasy cricket app is a concept where cricket enthusiasts have this chance to enter the virtual world of cricket. Like the real game of cricket, a team of eleven players challenges the other one. It is an online game and allows people to give their participation in different leagues and tournaments. People come, participate and win real cash prizes with it. Many new fantasy app have been launched now and are easily available on the google play store or the app store through apk links. 

Have a look at some of the best fantasy cricket apps that you should try this time. 


Here is one top-rated new fantasy cricket app that has made millions of fans now. You have this glorious chance to participate and win big cash rewards with the app. Big mega leagues and tournaments happen daily on the app, and it allows people to take great winnings with them. 

Download the app from the website of Fantasy Dangal and sign-up to get a good sign-up bonus as well. You can also get a good referral program with the app where you can invite your friends and family to make a good cash bonus. 

Enjoy some of the best benefits and features of the app to keep moving in your fantasy journey. Download fantasy cricket app now and have a good time playing some of the cash leagues. 


It is one of the most enjoyable fantasy cricket apps that you would come across. You have this chance to play different cricket leagues and matches. 

Smriti Mandhana and Bhuvaneshwar Kumar are the two great brand ambassadors for the fantasy cricket app. More than 7 million active users on the app are playing and earning big rewards from the app. 

Enjoy some of the big benefits of the app by downloading it on your smartphone. 

You can watch and play the game at the same time on the app. 

100 percent cashback would be there on the first deposit

There would be real-time updates that make the match much more interesting. 

You can have the best referral program with this app. 


It is another fantasy cricket app that is India’s one of the fastest-growing app. You can download fantasy cricket app to play some of the mega cash leagues or if you want to play any practice match as a beginner. 

Make your time worth it with the best fantasy cricket app around you. 

The all-time favorite celebrity, Ranveer Singh, is the brand ambassador for the app and is moving very ahead compared to other new fantasy cricket apps. Play and win daily prizes with the app and have a good playing session with your friends and mates. 

Enjoy some of the benefits and features of the app. 

Play and enjoy the live matches.

Have a good referral and sign-up bonus with the app. 

There is a good scoring point system in the app. 

Have a smooth interface in the app. 

There is a detailed lobby for the player’s comfort. 

There are exciting offers and promotions for the players. 

Make your team now and win some biggest prizes of your life! Download fantasy cricket app now. 


The fantasy cricket app is moving towards its success. It is a safe, secure, and trustworthy app where players can have their freedom to play their live contests and matches. You can download fantasy akhada app from office website of fantasy akhada.

The app comes with 24*7 support and comfort for the players. The ios users can also download this fantasy cricket app and make their team to play their matches. 

Some of the best features given by this app are truly amazing, and players are going forward to download fantasy cricket app. 

People can pick the players based on their scores and recent performances

Build your own winning team on the app

Automatic credit of winning amount in your smartphone

Multiple accounts will not be allowed on the app. 

Download the app now to enjoy some leagues and matches and also making big bucks with the same. 


Here is another new fantasy app that has gained a lot of active users by now. You have this opportunity to make your own cricket team and experience it in a whole different way. You can download fantasy cricket app and sign-up to get started with your favorite fantasy sports. 

You can participate in the cash leagues and practice matches, and you can also buy the tickets for prize pools. 

The app consists of some amazing features that you should know and avail. 

Sign-up and earn a good referral bonus. 

Enjoy good cash deposit schemes.

Make your own team and win big. 

Have a good customer support with the app. 

Have all the live updates for the matches. 


It is a new fantasy app launched in August 2020 and has attracted so many users till now. Use the bonus cash to join the paid leagues and enjoy some of the biggest cash leagues. Play big and win big with the fantasy cricket app. 


  • Earn the referral bonus of rupees 100 with the app. 
  • You have the fast customer support service
  • Best user interface for the app
  • Minimum withdrawal is rupees 50 only
  • Have the offers with cash deposit schemes as well. 

Download the app now for some amazing playing experience. 


The new fantasy cricket app is one of the leading fantasy cricket apps and is moving forward to make its biggest fame with their new brand ambassador, Suresh Raina! 

Take part in the different matches and leagues to make your talent showcase. You can win amazing cash prizes by playing with your skills and experience. 

Make your team now and have a good time playing with some of the new people who are already playing and winning. Also, enjoy some of the best features that the app provides. 

You can have big discounts on every match that you have played. 

There are minimum 4 players required. 

You have to keep track for the scoreboard and check the team’s performance. 

Download fantasy cricket app to make your best time! As the app’s tagline says, where talent meets opportunities is true! You can make your talent showcase and win out some heavy amounts and daily prizes from the app. Make your team now, and also, make it count! You have to play and win out some of the biggest rewards possible in the world of fantasy cricket. 


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