Fascination Of Magento 2 Stripe Payment Gateway & Magento 2 PWA

Challenges Without Magento 2 Stripe Payment Gateway

As an e-store owner, you do so much to handle your e-store and run it in a way wherein you can profit and build your brand image too. Managing an entire e-store is not an easy task.

It requires a lot of time, wealth, labor, and efficient strategies. There are so many essential elements that are responsible for the success of an e-store such as astonishing UI, optimization, huge traffic, etc.

But the most important element of a successful e-store is different payment methods. Yes, ‘Different payment methods, it is really one of the most crucial elements of success for any e-store because the main goal of any business is ‘earning profit’.

If you have everything that means you have better UI, huge traffic, interested shoppers, items, billing software, etc, but payment is not done due to the different payment method then sales will not be done.

And the main goal of the company will not be completed. As a result, you will also lose 100% of interested shoppers. In case you hire a developer to fix the issue, he/she may take much time and money to fix it.

And your loss will increase too. It is not just a condition, it can really happen. According to market researchers, around 30% of e-store shoppers deny completing the payment process because they use different payment methods than e-store.

And they can’t make an account to just buy items from any specific Magento store.

With Magento 2 Stripe Payment Gateway

Magento 2 stripe payment gateway extension aids to make your e-store the most desired e-store of shoppers that is a perfect place to buy anything anytime.

It enables e-stores to receive payments in more than 135 types of currencies. It is also easy to set up addon that comes with amazing customer support.

This Magento 2 addon also ensures that your payments transactions should be secure and quick.

How Is Magento 2 Stripe Payment Gateway Advantageous For You?

Improve UX

It enables the e-stores to achieve a new level of UX. It enables the e-store to eliminate the long process of making payments.

This plugin makes the payment transfer process short and simple. It saves the card details in the database with the buyer’s permission that makes the purchase process quick and simple for the next purchases.

Partial Invoicing For Fewer Items

It enables the e-store to use partial invoicing methods if there are fewer items available in the stock than demanded. Sometimes shoppers send order requests but items are not available in inventory.

Here, the e-store can send some items to shoppers to partially fulfill the buyer’s need. And send remaining items later whenever they will be available. It aids to earn buyer’s trust.

Earn Buyer’s Trust

It enables the Magento 2 store owners to earn loyalty and trust by realizing shoppers how secure they are!

We know that it supports various payment methods but it also gives a safe and secure environment wherein shoppers can make the payments.

It enables you to display a stripe badge near the payment method to make shoppers comfortable to start doing payments.

Enable Admin To Place Orders

It enables the e-store admin to place an order or modify the order attributes with the help of the shopper’s card details.

Whenever shoppers buy any item and use their cards to make payments, their card details are automatically saved in the backend.

If something happened wrong with the ordered item, the e-store admin can make changes with the shopper’s permission. It is a manual approach that eliminates order-related issues and also represents great customer service.

Why Is The Influence Of Magento 2 PWA So Gigantic?


PWA stands for progressive web apps that are a kind of internet-based module. It can be developed with the help of coding. The purpose of developing this technology is to utilize it on any device such as laptop, desktop, tablet, and smartphone.

Magento 2 PWA is a plugin that has changed the entire situation for e-stores. It can also be saved on the main screen of a smartphone just like an app.

Shoppers see the message ‘add to home screen’ and once the shoppers hit the option, your e-store’s site will be saved at the home screen of the devices as PWA.

Once you put the e-store app on the home screen, it will make more fast and easy access possible for buyers. Once you do that, every webpage will be saved and accessible offline easily.

Magento 2 PWA extension is an excellent mixture of mobile web and apps that gives the opportunity to attract more internet users. It could be saved on the home screen of smartphones such as an app.

5 Key Reasons To Utilize Magento 2 PWA

The ratio of smartphone users is increasing every year. Internet users like to use their smartphones whenever they need to do something online because every time turning on a pc and then starting browsing an e-store site takes time.

But no one wants to waste time, so they prefer using easy to carry smartphones for doing almost all tasks online. This is the reason e-stores are so attracted to this addon.

Next top 5 points of Magento 2 PWA aid in understanding why e-stores want this addon so badly.

#1 No Page Loading
#2 No Downloading
#3 Support Offline Mode
#4 Simple To Access
#5 Improve Sales Growth

#1 No Page Loading

It enables the e-stores to use PWA’s features that eliminate the requirement of refreshing or loading the entire webpage. This plugin makes your e-store’s performance superfast that saves shoppers time and decreases chances of leaving the site.

This extension enables the shoppers to quickly access the store site in milliseconds. This module enables the e-stores to get benefits of various cache management, data handling, storing data in offline mode, etc.

#2 No Downloading

Magento 2 PWA eliminates the requirement of downloading an e-store application. It aids to save a lot of money for e-store owners by diminishing downloading applications.

This Magento 2 extension aids shoppers utilizing any browser to access the e-store site and it can be easily accessed on smartphones just like an app. It gives experience just like an application.

#3 Support Offline Mode

It supports working and saving information in offline mode. It really eliminates the problem of working in offline mode. Normal applications or internet-based sites and services don’t work in offline mode.

And Sometimes the entire work gets deleted when you lose internet connection. But now you don’t need to worry about this issue if you have our addon.

Now your shoppers will be able to checkout items in ‘no network’ mode as well. It enables the shoppers to do almost all activities such as booking items or check out more items. It saves the process until the e-store doesn’t get network again.

#4 Simple To Access

Some e-store owners may think that shoppers will forget the e-store app like others if they save it on the main screen of their smartphone.

But it is not true. Saving an e-store app on the main screen of a smartphone can help to boost repetitive sales.

The shoppers who shop online frequently don’t need to open their computer, smartphone, or laptop to browse the e-store’s site to buy anything, they can simply tap on the e-store icon on the main screen and visit the e-store. It completely simplified the store access process.

It enables you to use full-screen mode too. Its app seems exactly the same as an e-store on the computer only without an address bar and navigation.

#5 Improve Sales Growth

It enables to improve of the sales growth of the organization with the help of its all crucial functionalities. It can raise your growth graph very high by generating interest from internet users in your Magento 2 store.

Magento 2 PWA is the addon that really deserves your attention for your better growth. It is a fully suitable addon for both e-stores and shoppers. It is advantageous for everyone whether you are a store owner or buyer.

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