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Feather Flag vs. Teardrop Promotional Flags – When To Choose Each

Difference between Custom Feather Flags or Teardrop Promotional Flags (and not the Swooper Flag)!

There are two principal styles of promoting pennant hails that clients end up settling on, each has the advantages and disadvantages. The customary plume banners were the principal cycle into the commercial center of the publicizing Teardrop Promotional Flags. The standard arrangement comprises of a 2.5′ wide vertical banner with an extending fiberglass flagpole and changeless ground sleeve.


  • The best alternative for the long haul, one area banner showcase
  • Optional banner sizes and banner statures with the extending shaft
  • Set-it-and-overlook it banner arrangement
  • Economical, Solid Color Feather Flags accessible for incredible perceivability
  • Message Flags accessible for straightforward messages


  • Not perfect for a present moment or same-day arrangement/teardown
  • A Temporary Ground Stake is accessible however will require intermittent resetting
  • Permanent ground sleeve choice requires burrowing a gap and perhaps utilizing concrete to set it set up
  • The extending posts breakdown just down to 6′ so shipping them can be trickier
  • The Teardrop Promotional Flags will hang in non-wind circumstances

Best Uses:

  • Apartment Complexes
  • New Home Communities
  • Long Term Setups with the capacity to forever set the ground sleeve

Edge, Premium 90 or Teardrop Flags

The assortment of Premium Teardrop Promotional Flags is the most recent and most mainstream promoting pennant banner alternatives. Every one of the ones needs to do is drive down a bustling business road and you’ll see the sharp edge and tear banners specking the side of the road.


  • Sets up in a short time or less!
  • The only instrument if necessary would be a mallet
  • The flag remains obvious in non-blustery occasions
  • Packs rapidly and totally into 4′ travel sack
  • Larger workspace on the banner for planning
  • Can be utilized indoor or outside with only an adjustment in the post base
  • Anybody can set it up


  • Slightly higher starting expense with increasingly premium shaft set
  • Adjustments may be made occasionally

Best Uses:

  • Businesses on side of the road
  • Team games
  • Indoor expos
  • Fairs and Events
  • Short-term deals

For what reason would it be advisable for us to not consider the Swooper Flag?

Alright, here is my opportunity to share my contemplations on the swooper banner style originating from a “banner person”. I get why an entrepreneur may see the swooper banners on the web and be captivated. They have many stock plans that spread about each business that could utilize one. The costs at first look really serious and huge amounts of destinations have these accessible. Presently originating from a banner person, I will attempt to clarify why you may reevaluate that buy.

I challenge you to drive around and take a gander at the organizations that have swooper signals in front. What condition are the banners in? About each time I see a business utilizing the swooper banner, the banner has a few issues, in the case of tearing, tearing, or blurring. These banners are the main thing individuals see that speaks to your business.

I am constantly astonished when I see a strong business that forgets about a very much passed their life expectancy banner out before everyone driving by. Not the early introduction I would suggest! Thus, the issue with the absence of Quality. For what reason do you think they are so modest on the web? All the swooper banners available are made in China. With the strain to keep costs low, what do the Chinese makers hold back on? The appropriate response is…anything that will make the banner last more!

That implies the material has no UV inhibitors, so blurring will begin in a flash. The sewing proceeds as fast as conceivable with a negligible measure of strengthened sewing for life span. The shaft sleeve material and fortification are route beneath standard. These banners are planned and completed to look great on day 1, not on day 100.

Long story short….it is about your “banner dollar” every year. I will give a brisk model. The Teardrop Promotional Flags, however through the span of the year you need to buy 6 banners except if you need an exhausted banner before your business. That is $180 every year in banners. On the off chance that you decide to go to a residential banner producer, you would need to MAYBE purchase 2 per year at $160. Most US banner makers utilize better materials, inks, and wrapping up. So you spare $20 per year, AND the best part is you can do your own handcraft!

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