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Find Out Why WordPress is Still the Best Platform for SEO

WordPress is the Best Platform for SEO

WordPress is the Best Platform for SEO – Indisputably, WordPress is a widely used and popular CMS (Content Management System). Businesses and small firms today prefer building their first website using this platform, especially those looking for business expansion online and gaining authority on diverse niches. Over 32% of websites available over the internet are now powered by WordPress and for many good reasons.

Besides, the successful and experienced SEO company in Gurgaon recommends and uses WordPress because it works and performs well for SEO. Let us find out what makes WordPress so special and unique for SEO.

Enticing Permalinks

WordPress is the Best Platform for SEO – Permalinks are the URLs on your WordPress website, and editing the Permalinks is quite easy from the dashboard of WordPress. You need to visit the settings and edit the links in the format you want. Customization of the permalink is quite easy with WordPress. By choosing a better format for the URL, you can rank higher on search engines, and your visitors can easily find you and figure out the subjet-matter from the link itself. Permalinks affect the site ranking in two ways.

  • Attractive Permalinks increases CTR of posts on search results
  • Keywords in the URL can prove to be the ranking factor

Auto Addition of Metadata

Meta descriptions and SEO titles are the two crucial ranking factors that must be added on every blog or post of your website. It must include targeted keywords as it helps in proving the ranking of the site significantly.

Plus, it helps in boosting the CTR as they are easily viewable on SERPs. Users need to install the free SEO plug-ins available for WordPress and start adding metadata.

SEO Optimized Pictures and Images

Images play a crucial role in making your blog posts interesting and enhance its readability as it breaks up the flow of texts. The SEO of your website is also significantly affected by images as it improvises the user experience. But you must include only quality images that are relevant to your topic or blogs. Optimization of the images is necessary for maximum exposure, and the editing option is easily available from the dashboard setting of WordPress sites.

User Experience

To encourage your visitors to stay longer on your site, you have to ensure better user experience. So, upload engaging and informative content always. Google identifies the user experience from the metrics like average time spent on site and bounce rate of your site. Another advantage of a well-designed website is the increased engagement rate. Plus, visitors are likely to leave comments and questions for further discussions. WordPress offers multiple options for customization of the website. Plus, there are different themes and plug-ins available that allow you to customize the website for enhanced user experience. So, be creative while designing the site on WordPress.

Loading Speed

The speed of the website is the major ranking factor, indeed. If the site takes longer to load, visitors are likely to look for other alternatives, and the bounce rate will increase. Google even forbids the websites with slow loading speed. But, websites that are already on WordPress would never face any site loading issues. The WordPress sites load faster as they use fast loading themes and plug-ins that improvise the site loading speed. However, if the plug-ins and themes are not used aptly, the WordPress site may face loading issues.

Mobile Optimization

Users of Smartphone devices are increasing rapidly, and entrepreneurs must adapt to this latest trend. With WordPress, you are no longer required to worry as it comes with several mobile-optimized themes that you can be used to make your site mobile friendly. While customizing your website, you can also check how the site looks on different devices and screens. But, ensure to use the themes that are highly responsive to make your website mobile optimized. The mobile version of the site must be of the same quality as your desktop version. Poor quality design or low loading speed may impact the SERP rankings negatively.

Social Media Integration

Many digital marketers often ignore the significance of social media when doing SEO of their website. Engaging audiences on a social platform is becoming important today to rank better and higher on SERPs. As the ranking on search results increases, you can expect to see higher engagement on social media posts. WordPress also excels in social media integration. Users can install the best plug-ins created specifically to heighten social media exposure. Automate the campaigns and add social media buttons to your blogs to get maximum shares from visitors and include social media feed on-site and other options to urge your visitors to participate in your social media campaigns.


WordPress is the best platform for SEO, and it will be for the coming years. It benefits the users and saves time for the owner and marketers as it offers features and tools that are hard to find anywhere. So, seek help from the best digital agencies on Sohna Road to build a WordPress business website for these SEO benefits.

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