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Flutter For Android App Development: Pros and Cons

Creating an android application demands merchants to use the finest tools and technologies! With the right choice of technology, it becomes easier for merchants to make their businesses stand apart. Further, it also allows hire Android developer to provide unique features with ease. Also, choosing a proper technology for development can help them in enhancing their development speed and accessibility. 

However, achieving this with traditional technology for android app development is almost impossible. These technologies tend to make the codebase unmanageable and don’t sport needed facilities such as cross-platform support. Also, traditional development technologies for android apps don’t facilitate contemporary UI/UX development. 

With this article, we will take an in-depth look into modern cross-platform technology popular amongst Android app development company Flutter. Also, we will try to deepen our understanding of scenarios where it can be a perfect choice. But before that, let us first create a basic understanding of this technology. 

Introduction to Flutter

Flutter is a cross-platform mobile app development technology. It first started as a startup and was later acquired by Google. Flutter powers some of the most popular and interactive applications on the web such as Google Ads, Alibaba, Reflect, etc. This recognition by these popular brands has resulted in exponential popularity across the android app development community. Hence, one can easily hire android app developer with expertise in Flutter for their development.

Flutter uses Dart as the core language for application development. Further, it also facilitates easy integration with other technologies. Moreover, it provides features such as Hot Reloading, Native app features, etc which we will discuss later. These features allow developers to speed up the development process for Flutter-based apps. Further, the android apps based upon flutter are also more interactive and lightweight.

When Choosing Flutter would be a wise choice?

Flutter can be a great choice in many instances. Choosing Flutter development company can aid you in creating unique and out-of-the-box apps for your business. Moreover, Flutter also enables you to reach out to a wider range of target audiences. Below is a list of scenarios when choosing Flutter could be a great choice:

For Faster App Development

If you have a tight schedule and are short on planning and resources, Flutter can be a great choice. It comes with an SDK and a set of numerous UI components this makes development with Flutter faster. Also, these unique features facilitate fast code creation, issue fixing, fewer syntax errors, and faster testing. All of these eventually improve the development time dramatically.

For Complex UI Designs

If you need an application that provides unique and out-of-the-box UI/UX for your business, Flutter can be a great choice. With the help of Flutter, you will have the scope to control every pixel on the screen. Further, the Software Development Kit for Flutter also ensures the easy creation of complex UI without affecting the performance. Hence if you need a lightweight and complex UI choosing Flutter would be a great choice. 

For Excellent Performance

Cross-platform technologies with Javascript bridges can make an app work at a slower speed. However, since Flutter uses Dart as its core language merchants can easily create a cross-platform app without settling for poor performance. So if speed and performance are high priority, using Flutter can be a great choice. 

For Quick Apps 

If you have time constraints Flutter can be a great option to choose. As the SDK comes with unique UI components which makes the process of code writing fun and faster for developers. Further, for MVP models as well, using flutter can result in much faster results than the traditional approach.

Also, with hot reloading feature including flutter makes bug fixing and testing much more easier and efficient.  

Unique Features Offered by Flutter

Now since we are aware of the multiple instances where Flutter can be a beneficial alternative, let us look at its features as well. Having a detailed understanding of features offered by Flutter can help merchants in making better business choices. Further, it can also assist them in evaluating whether it can cater to their business needs. Below is a detailed list of unique features offered by Flutter: 

Cross-Platform Support

As discussed earlier flutter SDK comes with Cross-Platform Support. This signifies that you can make your app accessible to a wider range of target audiences. Further, since you can run on both android and iOS using a single codebase you can easily save up on development costs as well. 

Well Defined Codebase

Flutter uses Dart as its choice of language. It has a centralized structure which makes development a more streamlined process. Further, it also facilitates easier scalability as well due to this. This facilitates easier app management. 

Hot Reloading

Hot reloading is one of the most unique and useful features offered by Flutter. This basically allows developers to instantly view the changes performed in the codebase. As a result, it makes the process of testing and bug fixing much faster and efficient. 

UI Component and Development API

Flutter comes with a number of easy-to-integrate UI components and APIs. The components not only enhance the development speed but also makes it easier for developers to include native features. As a result, during the cross-platform development process 

With the help of these unique features, merchants can easily thrive by using Flutter. However, before choosing it they must also access their needs and budget. 

Pros and Cons of using Flutter

From the above discussion, we can easily conclude that with the help of Flutter one can easily enhance their development process. However, at times Flutter might not be the ideal solution for your business. To create a better understanding of whether you should go with Flutter for your next project weighing its pros and cons is a must. Below is detailed list pros and cons of using Flutter:

Pros of using Flutter for Android development:

From the above discussion, we can conclude that it offers a variety of benefits that make app development easier. Below is a detailed list of benefits of using Flutter:  

  • Flutter facilitates faster development of android applications as it comes with premade APIs. So using Flutter will ensure a quick app release in the play store.   
  • Also, with the help of Flutter testing and bug fixing becomes much easier as it comes with hot reloading features. This also helps merchants in avoiding run-time errors.
  • Flutter also makes the development of complex UI lightweight and easier as it comes with premade UI components. These components can be later optimized for better UX. 
  • Further, since it can run on multiple platforms using a single codebase it also saves development time as well.

Cons Of Flutter for Android development:

Although Flutter comes with a number of unique and amazing features, it still has few drawbacks. Before building an app using Flutter evaluating these cons is a must as they can stop you from catering to user’s needs: 

  • Flutter apps can be heavier than traditional android applications. Hence, ensuring that your target audience would prefer engaging with it beforehand without worrying about memory space is a must. 
  • Although web apps are all in-trend Flutter apps are not supported by browsers. So if you plan to create a web app in near future Flutter codebase might end up becoming a hindrance. 
  • Flutter is still at the growing phase. So while working with it every code has to be written from scratch. This can cause syntax errors if not done carefully. 
  • Also, if you have a majority of iOS users as your target audience Flutter might prove to be a poor choice. This is due to a lack of proper support from Flutter for iOS devices. 

To Wrap Up on Flutter

Flutter is a unique and out-of-the-box technology. With the help of Flutter, you can easily create a unique app UI and interact with your target audience. Further, if you have a tight deadline for your app submission using Flutter can provide you a smooth sail for your development process. Moreover, since it reduces the development time dramatically with hot Reloading features, its maintenance is much easier. Also, it helps merchants in lowering their development costs. 

However, Flutter as a technology is still evolving and can have many flaws making it incompatible with your business needs. So wisely weighing all your options before adapting to it is a must. For this, you can compare your business needs with the pros and cons mentioned above for making better decisions. Alternatively, you can also hire a talented team of developers to perform the business analysis before making a decision.

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