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Follow These 10 Tips to Get Planning Permission for a Drop Kerbs

Follow These 10 Tips to Get Planning Permission for a Drop Kerbs

Having a parking space in front of the house adds more value to the property. But do you know that it is against the law if you drive your vehicle onto the driveway without a dropping Kerbs?

We request you do not go against the law, or you will have to pay. The council will have several rules you need to follow to get permission. Suppose the groundworks near you are not at the specified distance. You may be denied permission.

First of all, a drop kerbs is a pathway with edges of the exact width of the entering of your house. It’s used to access the vehicle from the public pavement to the driveway of your house. You need it for safety concerns of pedestrians, pipes, or other apparatus underneath.

Here are some pointers to keep in mind:

Get permission from the council

If you want to apply for the planning permission, you might need to fill a form according to a few councils. Search for ‘drop Kerbs Hounslow’ or ‘drop Kerbs Glasgow’ in any search engine. Follow legal instructions.

The vehicle should get parked completely on your property

First of all, your vehicle should not cover any part of the public pavement. There should be enough space in your front garden to park your vehicle completely on your property.

Width of the Kerb

The width of the parking area must be 2.4m. The distance between the Kerb and the front of your house should be 4.8m, and if there is a parking area in front of the door, then the distance should be 6m.


Proper drainage system

There should be a proper drainage system that can take the excess surface water. The drainage system in the groundwork is hardstanding.

Cost to get a dropped Kerb

All the expenses completely depend upon the location. On average, the total cost may be around $350. Adding all the additional charges or it may vary depending upon the area.

Get it done from an authorized contractor

This is a very useful tip. Some people might not know this will create a lot of trouble for you.

No uprooting of  a tree

It will remain difficult to get permission if there is a tree in the drop kerbs location.

No traffic lamps or any street property in the way

The drop Kerbs should not cover the traffic lights or any other street or the municipality furniture.

Apply yourself and not your tenant

Your application will be completely refused if any tenant applies for the same and not you as the landlord.

Final note:

Keep the dimensions in mind. And do not ignore them. Once you apply for planning permission, the authorities will come to your place to check and verify whether you are following the law or not.

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