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Best Free email marketing tools in 2020

According to economists 2020 is not a good year for business, but still we can hope for good and do our best to stay in the competition of business industry. Still people needs goods, still people having food, Covid-19 cannot end the needs of living that means still we have hope to grow our businesses than why you are not running your campaign?

If you can’t go outside un-necessarily due to Covid situation, my answer is, you are right. But not going out not placing billboards and banners can’t end your marketing ways. You have best thing in your hand at your home, offices, that’s called email marketing.

Email list cleaning is a critical process for maintaining the health and effectiveness of email marketing campaigns. It involves removing inactive, invalid, or unresponsive email addresses from your mailing list. By regularly cleaning your email list, you can enhance your email deliverability, improve engagement rates, and reduce the risk of being marked as spam. This process ensures that your marketing efforts are targeted towards an audience that is genuinely interested and engaged, leading to better campaign performance and a higher return on investment. Additionally, a clean email list provides more accurate analytics, allowing for better-informed decisions and strategies in future marketing initiatives.

In this situation when other marketing strategies are difficult to take place you can do email marketing. And if you didn’t do email marketing before or as your business is down due to the situation and you can’t invest in marketing so let me tell you, you can do email marketing for free. Yes there are a log of email marketing tools available for free and you can take the advantage of those tools.

Don’t need to use any paid email marketing service, you can run your own campaign for free. There are a lot of email marketing tools for free, I’ll tell few tools that will help you in best interest and you will be able to generate sales with your email marketing campaign.

Here are 3 best email marketing tools:

Get Response.

Active Campaign.

Constant Contact.

Get Response:

Get response is all in one email marketing solution for any business campaign. This platform featured with turnkey newsletter, landing pages, webinars, marketing automation and limit less auto-responders, with these outstanding features get response is one of the best email marketing tool.

Active Campaign:

Active Campaign covers the whole customer lifecycle from sending email to converting it in to the lead or sales. This tool works best in automation and helps you run your campaign with a single click. Active campaign have everything you need to run a best marketing campaign, you just need to register and start marketing you’ll get good sales soon.

Constant Contact:

Constant Contact is one of the real automated email marketing solution. This tool have thousands of free template to run a campaign. Either you need to send newsletter or broacher, constant contact is a great tool for email marketing. This software has everything that any of B2B marketers need.

The above 3 are the best email marketing tools for free. But there are a lot more, with free trial or paid tools that can help you run your email marketing campaign. But I’ll suggest you to go with the free above tools as they have everything and you don’t need to invest a single penny on it. There are some other free tools as well but they don’t have that much verity of services in it.

I explained you a bit about the software but at the end the power is your. You can come to my blog to read more about these software. Something more related to sales and marketing. I have around 7 years professional experience in sales and marketing and want to help people to grow as I did.

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