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Free Resources To Crack Google Cloud Architect Exam With Ease

We have so far focused only on what Google has to offer about Google Cloud Architect certification. There are books that provide their own perspective on Google’s approach to cloud computing. Let’s take a look at some of the top books that can help you prepare for your Google Cloud Architect exam.

1. Google Cloud Platform for Architects, by Vitthal Srinivasan and Judy Raj, Janani Raji

The Google Cloud Platform for Architects book aims to assist cloud professionals in learning and using Google Cloud Platform with high competence and confidence. This book will help you understand cloud architecture, and you can become a professional cloud architect. This book will teach you how to configure and use cloud services.

It will help you understand and identify the scenarios where Google Cloud services could be used. This is crucial for the Google Cloud Architect exam preparation. You will also have the knowledge you need to get started on the Google Cloud Platform by the end.

2. Site Reliability Engineering – How Google Runs Production Systems By Niall Murphy, Chris Jones and Betsy Meyer, Jennifer Petoff

This O’Reilly book explains exactly how Google Cloud Computing works. It is recommended for cloud computing students who are working on Google Cloud Platform. This book is available online, so there’s no need to worry about the cost of knowledge.

The book is divided into four sections: introduction, principles and practices, as well as management. This book will teach you the basics of site reliability engineering and the areas of expertise and best practices that Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) use. This book is a great resource for your Google Cloud Architect exam preparation.

3. Google Cloud Platform: Building Your Next Big Thing by Ugia Gonzalez and Krishnan Jose

This book provides a complete guide to the Google Cloud Platform products, for both enterprise architects and developers who are preparing for the Google Cloud Architect exam. This book will help you take advantage of GCP technologies, and build various cloud-based services and software both for private and public consumption.

4. Google Cloud Platform Cookbook by Legorie Rajan PS

The Google Cloud Platform Cookbook is a comprehensive guide that shows you how to use Google Cloud Services using its simple recipes. This book provides a complete guide for opting during the Google Cloud Architect exam preparation. You will be able use all of the Google Cloud Components by understanding the concepts in this book. Developer tools, security, management, and networking are all covered. You will also learn how to integrate core services from Google Cloud into your company.

The book also addresses administrative tasks like troubleshooting. This will help you monitor efficiency and implement best practices. You will be able to use Google Cloud services within your organization by the end of the book.

These books will help you become a Google Cloud Architect expert. These books are for all levels of experience, so no matter if you’re a beginner or an expert, they will help you get started with Google Cloud Platform to create Google Cloud software and services.

You will need to follow these expert tips during the Google Cloud Architect exam

After you’ve read all the resources and tips for preparation for the professional Google Cloud Architect exam, you won’t be worried about passing the certification exam. It is important to know a few things, just like with any exam. This will help you make it through what can be the most difficult 120 minutes of your entire life. These are some tips to help you do that.

  1. Multiple choice exams are time-sensitive. The time limit prevents you spending too much time on one question. It is recommended that you attempt as many questions possible to ensure that you answer all the questions on your first try.
  2. It’s common to be confused between two answers and begin questioning your knowledge. It is important to trust your instincts and choose the right answer. You can always revise the final version.
  3. Many multiple-choice questions include the answer within the body. It is important to read every question carefully and thoroughly before you attempt to pick an answer.
  4. It is perfectly okay to calm down if you feel like time is running out. An anxious mind can make mistakes that a calm one would be able to avoid.
  5. Pay attention to case studies as they can often be used to create multiple questions which are linked together. It will be easier to navigate the questions if you are able to understand the basic rules.
  6. Sample papers are not a good indicator of what you might encounter on the exam. Although they may contain questions from past years, it is not guaranteed that these papers will be used in future question selection.
  7. All questions are eligible for revision, even those that have not been answered yet. Sometimes we focus only on the remaining questions, which can lead to mistakes in questions we haven’t answered yet.

Google Cloud Architect Certification FAQs

It is a good idea to ask frequently asked questions while taking the Google Cloud Architect Certification exam. We have compiled a list of FAQs for Google Cloud Architect Certification that will help you clear your doubts. You will also find the answers to your questions. Let’s move on!

1. What is a Google Cloud Certification and how do you get it?

The GCP Certification Program is a great way to prove your technical skills if you work on Google Cloud Platform. These exams are open to all, including customers, average users, and technical partners. Google is the largest tech company in the world. They assess people through multiple choice tests and determine their level.

2. What is the cost of Google Cloud Architect certification exams?

Google Cloud Architect certification costs vary depending on which type of certification you choose. The cost for the Google Cloud Architect Exam is currently $200

3. What is the validity of a Google Cloud Architect certification?

All Google Cloud certifications last for two years from the date they were issued. The candidates will be notified to take the recertification test at the end of the 2 year period. If the exam is not scheduled within that time, certification will automatically be extended until the exam can take place.

4. What happens if I fail the Google certification exam.

You can still pass the exam if you fail it. You can take the second attempt after 14 days. The third attempt requires you to wait 60 days. You will need to wait one year if you are still unable to pass the test. No matter how many times you try, you’ll still have to pay the full amount each and every time.

5. Why don’t scores or feedback come back after I submit my exam.

These exams are intended to assess the competence of cloud computing professionals using Google Cloud Platform. You don’t need to score higher or lower than the other parts of the exam. A certification does not prove that you are an expert in Google Cloud.

6. What is the time it will take to pass the Google Cloud Architect exam.

The syllabus determines the length of exams. The standard time for the Cloud Architect exam is 2 hours.

7. Is there a prerequisite for the Google Cloud Architect certification exam.

This exam does not require any prerequisites. It is open to all, provided they have sufficient knowledge and are willing to pay $200.

8. Can I take this exam in a group or with a partner?

Google Cloud Architect Exam By Design must be taken by yourself and not in collaboration with others. Anybody found cheating on the Google Cloud Architect Exam by design will be barred from taking any other Google Cloud certification exams for one year.

9. Are Google Cloud certification exams open-book exams?

Google Cloud certification exams cannot be taken open-book. Candidates are asked not to bring any notes or other unauthorized materials. Any unauthorized items may be considered misconduct and could result in your exam results being canceled.

10. Do you have to be at least 18 years old to pass the Google Cloud Architect certification exam.

Yes. If they are citizens of the European Union, individuals must be at least 16 years old to take this exam. The age limit for all other countries is 13 years.

11. What happens if I break the exam rules?

Your certification(s), if Google finds out that you have violated exam rules, will be revoked. The exam and all other Google Cloud exams will be permanently canceled. Google may decide to take legal action depending on the laws in the country.

12. Do I need to bring my own ID for my exams or do you not require it?

Yes. You will need to have identification before you can take the exam. Acceptable forms for ID include those issued by the government. They should include your name, signature, and photograph. A school photo ID will be accepted if you are less than 18 years old.

13. Can I get a full refund if I’m unable to take the exam?

Refunds are only available for certain situations. You must contact Google prior to the exam. Only a handful of circumstances will make you eligible. These are:

  • You or a loved one is in a medical emergency
  • Severe weather conditions or natural disasters.
  • Within 72 hours of the exam, urgent travel restrictions or severe security advisories will be issued.

14. When will I need to recertify?

The validity of the exam is two years. You will need to recertify. Reminders will be sent to you by email 60 days and 30 days before the expiration of your certification. These emails will be sent at the same email address that was used to register for exam.

15. Whom can I reach for assistance?

Contact Google Support to ask any questions about the Professional Cloud Architect exam.

Last words

You’re almost there! These are all the details you need to pass the Google Cloud Architect Certification Exam. The exam is designed to be as easy as possible, yet accessible to everyone. Although the exam is fairly standard, the detailed information, preparation guide and the resources mentioned above will make it easy.

Whizlabs is a pioneer in the online certification training market. They aim to help professionals prepare for and pass certification exams. So, we bring Google Cloud Architect practice tests for you to help you in your Google Cloud Architect exam preparation. Our practice tests will help you feel confident enough to pass the certification exam the first time.


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