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Frequently Asked Questions for Wedding Car Hire Service

Frequently Asked Questions for Wedding Car Hire Service

Getting married is one of the biggest decision in anyone’s life. In this day no couple want to compromise in any manner. Everyone has a list of their own. Some have a small list, and some have long, but there are few things that are constant in each. Such, as choosing a nice venue, the selection of dresses, catering service and even wedding car hire service. Most of the time, people didn’t pay attention to the wedding car service. According to the other things are more important than this. But hiring a wedding car is the key. It is the only way to travel to a wedding venue on time.

Here, it doesn’t mean that you have to hire a luxury car, as it all depends on your budget. Even a normal car is okay if you don’t want to spend extra. Now the good thing is that many companies offer the service of wedding car hire. Some are well established and have many options for the customer; on the other hand, few don’t have. If you are able to find the car you needed even from the company that don’t have many options, it is good for you. Also, try to contact a company that is near to you, in this way you can visit the office and see options on your own, even if your schedule is busy.

But while hiring a company for the service, there are few questions that might help you in making the right choice. It is something that saves time too.

How many cars do you need to hire?

There are few who only hire a car for the couple, and everyone else travels on their own. But some like to take things to the next level. They hire cars for close relatives and friends too. If you are planning to do the same, you should decide everything before contacting a company. It is obvious that you will not hire a car similar to yours for everyone. Once you are able to decide all this, the choice becomes easy. You are also able to deliver everything to the company properly.

wedding car hire
wedding car hire

What is the pickup and drop off location?

If you are planning to hire cars before deciding a budget, then don’t do it. It is important that you first have an idea about the venue than contact the company. In this way, they will tell you the right price for each car, as distance affect the price. There are times when you have to send a car to the airport because of some important guests arrival. It is important to mention it to the company too. If you feel like the total amount is getting out of the budget, don’t worry. Ask the company, to arrange cars that have less rent or skip some guests who have their own vehicles.

Are cars maintained or not?

You will not like to hire cars that are not maintained. You never know when they stop and you not able to reach the venue on-time. If you have time, visit the office of the company and check the cars on your own or give this responsibility to someone else. You can get the idea about the car’s maintenance from the company website too. The reviews of the previous customers tell a lot.

How much expense is for car decoration?

It is better if you ask the company whether the decoration expenses of the car are included in the rent or price or not. There are some companies who give decoration service for free, but some don’t. It is important to get yourself clear in the start. So, later when company demand charges from you, you will not get surprised.

What is the report of the company in the past?

Make sure the history of the company with the customers is good. You can ask the company to provide you references. They will not mind at all.

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