Fresh Ways To Use Glass in Bathroom Enclosures

You often see people installing glass doors and frames in their house, particularly in the bathroom and its adjoining area. It is because glass makes an incredible material for bathroom interiors. You can use them as barriers to separate the damp and humid shower space to minimize water splash. Unlike wood or other materials, they are also less prone to damage Bathroom Renovations Perth.

Glass enclosures do not just add a feeling of openness by allowing a clear view. They also enable the bathroom to appear larger and livelier. 

So, the following are a few creative ideas to use various glass enclosures you could use when getting your Bathroom Renovations Perth.

  1. Transparent Glass

Choose unframed shower panels to create a seamless, smooth, minimalist aesthetic. Such glass partitions are customized individually to fit the proportions of your bathroom.

It is vital to highlight that you must use silicone sealant to waterproof the spaces between the glass enclosure and the flooring.

Try using an aluminum metal framing for a glass or fiberglass showering compartment to offer sturdiness and stability to your separation panels and entrance. Sturdy materials, including aluminum or iron, could be utilized to create a trendy style, whilst nickel or brass framings can get fitted to create a traditional style

A border pattern in a charcoal metal frame with transparent glass appliques for bathroom renovations Adelaide creates an attractive appearance in your shower.

  1. Decorative lacquered glass

Colored lacquer enclosures add a dramatic and lively appeal to any shower, drastically improving its appearance. Lacquered glass bathroom fittings are found in various shades, including emerald, yellowish, crimson, and blue.

Tinted lacquer glass panels should be installed cautiously like a permanent glass wall.

  1. Glasses with a frosted finish

For those uncertain about installing completely transparent doors, you may use frosted glasses or a combination of clear and frosted panels. Frosted dividers add a perception of brightness to the bathroom. Frosted enclosures are also much easier to clean than transparent glasses. It is because they get fewer water stains.

  1. Textured Panels

Embossed glass material is an excellent option for separating your showering space from the rest of your bathroom area. It provides you with restricted sight while allowing sufficient lighting to flow through.

  1. Printed Glass

Incorporate colorful designs into the bathroom using tinted glass panels. They have usually patterned wallpapers sandwiched between adjacent glass panes or screens. It is an excellent method to infuse colorful patterns into your bathroom.

  1. Sliding glass panels

If you do not have sufficient space inside your bathroom for installing a door that you could swing open, a sliding glass shutter is preferable. It is a highly useful spatial solution.

The only disadvantage to using these is that they must be slid carefully. Otherwise, harsh slammings could break the alignments of the outer frame.


There are several other types of Glass enclosures apart from those mentioned above that can be fitted in your bathrooms. We here have mentioned only the most frequently used ones. 

If you want to design your new bathroom or want to renovate your old one, get in touch with Hatch Renovations to find the best-suited glass doors for your bathroom.

Which glass divider designs did you like the most? Let us know. 

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