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Digital Marketing

From the Bottom to the Top of the Digital Marketing Career Path Hierarchy

The field of digital marketing career is exploding like never before! With the advancement of digitalisation, businesses are attempting to enhance their online presence. The best moment to improve your digital skills and become a digital marketer is right now.

Professionals in digital marketing are in charge of managing and implementing marketing initiatives to promote a business. In order to recruit new customers, a marketer plays a critical role in organisations that boost brand awareness by increasing website and app traffic.

A digital marketer may also assist in locating the most recent digital improvements as well as web analytics solutions for assessing website traffic. This aids in the optimization of the company’s email marketing campaigns, social media adverts, and other marketing efforts.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

By 2024, the pace of job growth for all advertisers, promoters, and marketing managers will be around 9%.

By 2024, 20,000 new positions in advertising, marketing, and marketing management are expected.

What Are the Steps to Becoming a Successful Digital Marketer?

In recent years, being a digital marketer has not been difficult due to the abundance of material available on the internet. However, in order to succeed in a job interview in this field, you must have all of the necessary abilities for the position.

Digital Marketers’ Essential Skills

Digital marketers, like any other profession, must possess a set of fundamental skills and qualifications. The following are necessary to become an effective digital marketer:

Ability to think critically and creatively

Digital marketers must be able to think both analytically and creatively. Marketers may concentrate on a single component or on a number of topics.

As digital marketers, we are oblivious to measurements, from campaigns to plans that require sufficient thought.

Thinking Correctly

In general, digital marketers must be team players who are passionate about their profession. Being more enthusiastic about marketing projects and theories might help you measure or judge them.

You must learn to focus on yourself in the midst of the work that is most necessary at the time.

Expertise in Advertising

Digital marketers are in charge of publicising the company’s goods and services. The majority of the time, you’ll need to learn how to enhance a post, which falls under the umbrella of online marketing.

However, the effectiveness of online advertising is dependent on a number of things. If you’re new to this area and want to work in it, you’ll need to study everything there is to know.

Ability to Sell

This necessitates more than just boosting leads; a good digital marketer must also be able to sell. Companies will constantly consider how you can sell their brand while recruiting you if you consider these factors.

Students that are creative and passionate will thrive in digital marketing. Their abilities can help brands develop a full-proof, successful, and proven plan for driving traffic and achieving optimal results.

From the lowest to the top, here is a complete career path hierarchy for digital professionals.

#01. Analyst, Digital Marketing

For recent college grads or professionals who have never worked in marketing before. The Digital Marketing Analyst position is an excellent opportunity to begin your career in this field.

Entry-level marketing roles can have a wide range of responsibilities, but analysts must have a high level of skill to complete the most fundamental tasks.

Jobs as a digital marketing analyst can be difficult at first, but if you understand the main responsibilities, they become much easier. You can improve your soft skills, which are important for long-term job growth.

0-2 years of experience is required.

Salary ranges from $12,000 to $40,000 per month on average.

Responsibilities of a Digital Marketing Analyst include:

  • Manage the company’s website and digital marketing campaign.
  • On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms, optimise website and social media content.
  • Create reports based on the website’s traffic.
  • Manage product launches and networking events.
  • Determine the most recent digital marketing trends and assure brand advancements.

#02. Digital marketing expert/specialist

The experts are creative thinkers that can work with a variety of internet marketing platforms like as websites, podcasts, and blogs.

Working with diverse teams is a requirement of this position. Marketing, advertising, and promotional activities must all be coordinated.

Finally, digital professionals should be able to improve revenue by promoting a company’s products or services.

1-3 years of experience is required.

Salary range: $15-$50k

Digital Marketing Specialists’ Responsibilities

  • Create and match digital marketing strategies with your company’s objectives.
  • Assist in the creation of digital material (e.g. website, blogs, press releases and podcasts)
  • Oversee all digital projects.
  • To increase brand awareness, have an online presence.
  • Uses social media to act as a powerful online company voice.
  • Keep track of your return on investment (ROI) and key performance indicators (KPIs

#03. Assistant Manager/Leader of the Digital Marketing Team

Marketing lead jobs are the next stage in the career path. Team leads are helpful in aiding the Digital Marketing team with all tasks linked to digital marketing.

Administrative responsibilities, market research, database updates, and generating content for both company and social media sites are all part of a Digital Marketing team’s job description.

This profession also requires leadership skills, as team leads are responsible for carrying out the marketing strategy by nurturing entry-level personnel’ development.

3-5 years of experience is essential.

Average Salary: $50,000-$60,000

Other duties of the Digital Marketing Team Lead include:

  • With task organisation, assist the Marketing Manager and marketing team.
  • Perform administrative chores to ensure that marketing initiatives run smoothly.
  • Analyze marketing surveys and do market research.
  • Use internet marketing analytics to collect data from all of your websites.
  • Databases, spreadsheets, and inventory lists should all be updated.
  • Prepare and coordinate promotional presentations.

#04. Manager of Digital Marketing

The primary responsibility of a digital marketing manager is to strengthen the company’s brand in the digital realm. Marketing managers must concentrate on the marketing tactics themselves.

Marketing directors receive research and reports such as market conditions, customer data, and rival activity. You can change the overall approach to meet your corporate objectives.

This objective must improve buyer intent as well as potential customer interest in the brand.

4-5 years of experience is required.

Salary range: $75-100K

Digital marketing manager responsibilities include:

  • Marketing campaigns are created, implemented, and managed.
  • Increase brand visibility on the internet
  • Increase the number of visitors to your website and the number of leads you receive.
  • Examine new digital technologies and track website visitors.
  • Marketing campaigns, email marketing, and social media advertising should all be optimised.

#05. Strategist for Digital Marketing

The position of a digital marketing strategist requires a mix of leadership, technical, and business skills. They must collaborate with employees from various departments within the organisation.

5-8 years of experience is required.

100-200K Average Salary

Responsibilities of a Digital Marketing Strategist include:

  • Create web presence and outreach methods.
  • Improve the efficiency of your website traffic.
  • Make a list of new business communities to join in order to generate leads.
  • Examine the most up-to-date digital marketing tools and technology.
  • To foresee trends, keep an eye on SEO/SEM and marketing.
  • Collaborate with a variety of teams, including creative, sales, and marketing.

#06. The Chief Marketing Officer

A CMO’s primary responsibility is to execute effective ways for converting valuable data. This position is regarded as one of the most important marketing positions in any organisation. These roles have become more general in recent years, similar to one-size-fits-all backgrounds.

Their marketing responsibilities include designing, planning, and implementing all marketing efforts.

The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is in charge of reporting marketing statistics to the CEO and boosting the company’s return on investment (ROI).

6-10 years of experience is essential.

Salary range: 110-300K

Responsibilities of the CMO:

  • Create the best data analysis methodologies possible.
  • Define the company’s measurements and data sources.
  • Analytical solutions should be chosen and implemented.
  • Lead and grow a data analysis team.
  • Reports can be generated from a variety of sources, including IT, operations, and client feedback.
  • Senior management should be presented with the analytical data.

Digital marketers employ a variety of tools.

Digital marketers may easily carry out their optimization with the latest digital marketing technologies available on the market. So, here is a list of several technologies that the majority of digital marketers employ.

1. SEMrush

SEMrush is a versatile tool used by marketers all over the world. It will aid in the analysis of extensive keyword lists as well as crucial information such as keyword difficulty and search engine volume.


  • Investigate your natural competitors.
  • Analyze your backlinks
  • Examine the keywords and advertisements of your competitors.
  • Examine the product listing ads of your competitors.

2. Vimeo

Designed with the latest video trends in mind, this application has a slew of useful features. As a result, marketers use Vimeo to generate HD, ad-free movies for their target audience.


  • Make videos available on the internet.
  • Personalize the player to your liking.
  • Analytical tools to determine how well videos are performing
  • Streamline the feedback process and assemble the team

3. Hootsuite

Thousands of digital marketers and social media specialists utilise this as one of their most important tools. This programme allows you to schedule post updates and manage several social media profiles all at once.


  • Make social media posts ahead of time.
  • Easily manage social media material
  • The production of social media is measured.
  • Set out time to have important conversations.

What role do certifications for digital marketers?

It is much easier to continue exploring a field if you have all of the necessary facts. The same is true for digital marketing. However, to be a good digital marketer, you must have a strong desire to learn and persevere.

Make sure you take a digital marketing course at a reputable institution where you will have a wide range of options to land a well-paying career.

To begin, you must have a basic education, whether it is a high school diploma or a bachelor’s degree. With merely a bachelor’s degree, you can apply to a reputable organization in the digital marketing industry.

If you want to start a successful career in digital marketing, join in Academy of Digital Marketing’s Digital Marketing course right now to learn more about the field.

You can enter this track with certifications and gradually advance through experiences. Gain all of the basic needs to master the digital marketing job interviews, as each organization has different standards.

However, with Academy of Digital Marketing, you may construct your portfolio, and we also provide internship chances for students to learn about real-world projects.

Salary of a Digital Marketer

In India, a digital marketing manager’s compensation ranges from INR 4,00,000 to INR 18,00,000 per year. For professionals with 4-7 years of experience in this industry, the average salary is INR 8,09,777.

This price varies depending on a number of different criteria, including your qualifications, certifications, region, and the firm for which you work.

The income of a digital marketer manager working in Tier 1 cities, for example, will be more than those working in Tier 2 cities.

Is there a bright future for digital marketing?

With more firms attempting to interact with customers online, digital marketers have a bright future. In the digital world, several new technologies and trends are emerging.

Digital marketing is directing more than ever before, because to the rise of artificial intelligence, digital personal assistants, and social media.

Apart from that, automation is exploding in the field of digital marketing, necessitating the need of professionals to carry out these activities.

The Bottom Line!

With this in mind, top corporations and medium-sized organisations are willing to give top marketers with extensive expertise and knowledge a decent wage.

Then raise your bar by obtaining digital marketing credentials and enrolling in classes. Digital marketing courses can assist you in earning credentials and positioning yourself ahead of the competition.

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