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Funnel Web Filter


I’ve greased around the inside ring to make sure there are no dirt crumbs just hanging out a couple little pieces there use your hand or if you have an air nozzle knock all that out it’s all inside it out and it looks great so now that i have inspected my air filter cleaner take my plastic bag boom and there we go this air filter is oiled and ready to just pop in my bike all right now your funnel web filter cleaned and you’re ready to get back out on the trail so if you liked this website content make sure you drop some comments down below and let me know how it helped you out I’m Dakota freeman and I’ll see you in So make sure. i make new content after that you can watch my next video right here go ahead click on it I’ll see you guys over there Funnel Web Filter.

fwf filter

what is up I hope everything is good i hope everybody is almost ready for christmas this holiday season is just totally snuck up on us but today i’m excited i got a new product i really want to try it I’ve been debating on it for a little bit we’re talking washable air filters today um as far as air filters go I’ve always been that guy that just does the 10 15 throwaway pre-oil air filter a pro filter from maxima um twin air makes a pre-oiled one I’ve done. it all so um this is a first for me um if you guys are watching this video it’s probably a first for you so let’s dive right in all right so i got my seat off my 450 here is my funnel web filter um i’ll be totally honest with you guys this is an oem yamaha filter that i bought with the intentions of cleaning it all up and reusing it again and again and i have not done that yet so we’re going to take this baby out and here i have also got my ktm oil filter that is off of the build project so

About The Filter

If you guys don’t go check out this playlist i’ll put it up above right here and you guys can go ahead and follow my build on the 125 ktm i’m pretty pumped about this it has been a good time so far and you can see inside that air box my filter has done a dang good job of keeping everything out there is not a speck of dust inside there see my grease on the outside ring there but um that air box air box is dirty you wouldn’t tell by the condition of the bike but the air box is dirty for sure all right guys i got my air filters right here as you can see two of them we’re going to try and clean them up today and here i have the kit i’m going to start using so this is twin air’s complete air filter cleaning system so it has everything that you need to clean your  air filter cleaner not only that but if you get this one you also get to store your cleaner and your oil for your filters so let’s open this thing up and i’ll show you what’s inside all right a couple things these are your spacers for your buckets um it keeps your air filter off of the bottom of the bucket this right here is your oiling tub so we will go ahead put our oil in this and then this is what we will use to saturate our filter in oil before we install it on the bike this would be our cleaning solution right here our funnel web filter oil they also give you some contact cleaner which is kind of handy you can never have too much of this stuff on hand really this is i mean really.

I’ll probably just use this for the cages probably dip them also but this will clean off the cages get the rest of the oil and dirt off those you got your big bucket this is going to be your cleaning tub and of course they throw in a little bit of swag there which is awesome get a lid for each bucket so that we can store these and that is what is so um that’s what’s so desirable about this kit is you you get the buckets to not only clean it but to store your filter uh oil and cleaner also so after we use this a couple times of course your funnel web filter cleaner is just going to get totally saturated totally nasty and you can go ahead swap it out put new in and you’re good to go the oil you basically just use it until it all dries up so we’ve got a lid for each bucket and some gloves i don’t know how many pairs in here says 10 pieces so probably five pairs which is nice okay one thing i forgot to mention also twin air gives you the option to buy a biodegradable dirt bike air filter and cleaner along with some contact cleaner or the standard which is what i have and what comes with their kit so keep that in mind if you’re looking for something that you can wash down the drain later and not have to worry about recycling then keep that in mind get the bio chemicals rather than the originals the kit comes with the originals but i just wanted to let you guys know that for sure here i got my two filters now this one is off of my 450 my yz-450f i have kind of neglected this filter i will say that you can see what color it should be and what color it is so let’s give this thing a shot i’m going to go ahead i’m just going to put it in here just give it a couple squeezes well this stuff kind of smells a lot like gasoline is what’s kind of it’s kind of funny because a lot of people um swear by gasoline and using it on your filters but i found out that that breaks your filters down pretty easily um back in the day i used to do it on the lawnmowers and everything else and oh my gosh look at how well this is working look how clean this thing is already that is amazing.

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