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Get a permanent solution to hair loss with LLLT from the best hair clinic

Alopecia is a disease that is harming half of the world’s population. Androgenetic Alopecia takes 50% of the complete ratio and this is where the importance of laser or light therapy becomes useful for the ones affected with baldness. Especially men at the age of 40 or low and women around the age of 65 face this situation prominently. lllt hair treatment is the solution you can have as it is completely effective and has no side effects at all. You can get to know about the bottom of the therapy and how much it cost from the different clinic and their respective website. Only professional experts from the field with enough experience in this therapy do the job.

More about LLLT

The laser treatment is known in different names but it is effective the same way in every name. Bio-stimulation and Photo-biomodulation are some of the common names the LLLT therapy is synonymous with. The procedure depends on a device that emits light that penetrates the scalp and reaches the base to stimulate hair growth and minimize hair fall than ever. This is what precisely known as lllt hair treatment. Different types of lasers are used for such therapies as helium-neon, excimer, and fractional erbium glass.

The devices with diodes used for this therapy either emits red light or infrared radiation, they are available in different forms also. Like-

  1. In-salon hoods or panels that can be used overhead.
  2. Head caps or bonnets
  3. Devices that can be used holding over hands.


You must understand that the lllt hair treatment is not only dedicated to treating only the bald ones, rather if you are having thin hair and losing your hair at a rapid pace, no medicine or treatment is working upon, it will work on your scalp. Growth, resting and shedding are phases of the hair cycle growth. When dihydrotestosterone works to derivate the skin, the androgenic alopecia occurs and affects the hair growth and maintenance in the scalp. As experts have mentioned that the therapy stimulates and accelerates the blood flow on the scalps, this stimulates the metabolism in follicles of the scalp. All these results in the production of anagen hair. If you look at the matter scientifically, the build-up of DHT will be controlled moderately with laser or light therapy. Surveillance of expert therapists and expert laser therapy personnel is much needed for this. A proper laser can help you but the laser misplaced can create trouble for the patients undergoing the therapy.

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