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Get Familiar with Azure DevOps Certification

What is Azure DevOps certification? Azure DevOps has everything you would like to show a concept into a working piece of software. You can plan your project with agile tools. You can test plans from the web, version your code using git, and deploying your solutions to do an incredible cross-platform CI-CD system.

Azure DevOps has a lot of inbuilt functionality that allows teams to get up and running with managing their project and automating their workflows to increase productivity with a very short initial learning curve.

Some key terminology that is used within Azure DevOps that will be referenced in this article:

Organization – This is your Azure DevOps account name. Typically you will have one Azure DevOps account and manage multiple projects within.
Project – You can split your organization into multiple projects. This allows you to manage access control and split your code and pipelines from one and other.
Repo – Git or Team Foundation Services Source Control.

Azure DevOps provides extensive integration with industry and community tools. It is far from the closed-off single vendor solution that was the early version of TFS. As noted above, there is a marketplace that makes hundreds of extensions available, so if Azure Develops doesn’t do something out of the box, odds are a tool exists in the market which does.

In this area of openness, Microsoft has been a clear leader in promoting cooperation even with competitors, which is evident in the marketplace where you can find integration extensions ranging from AWS to Slack to ServiceNow. All of this integration is done with the customer in mind as Azure DevOps seeks to be one of many possible tools in your bag for managing your code development needs.


DevOps is that the combination of two words the “development” and, the “operations” and, also the mixture of practices, cultural philosophies and, tools.

DevOps is also an evolution of the agile model. The agile model is great for gathering requirements and also for developing and testing out your solutions. And what you want to be able to do is kind of address that challenge and that gap between the operation team and the development team.

So, with DevOps what you will be doing is bringing together the operations team and the development team into a single team. And then they can work more seamlessly together. Because they are integrated to be able to build out solutions that are being tested in a production-like environment.

DevOps means that once you commit a change and finally taking that change to production. DevOps is something that can help you reduce the overall time and provide you a standard set of practices using which makes your deployment very small. Of course, it will maintain high quality in your application. It means, if you want to do the test if you want to do some reviews, all these things are covered in the DevOps.

DevOps isn’t a tool, software, not in any respect a programming language that you can learn and call yourself a DevOps engineer. It’s moreover than a mindset, an understanding of what’s happening in every phase of the event cycle and, an understanding of what’s happening over the opposite world.


Microsoft Azure is a growing collection of integrated cloud services in which developers and IT professionals use to make, deploy and manage applications through the world network of datacentres.

Traditionally, the only option available to companies was to build and manage the physical hardware needed for computing, including servers, disk storage, and Ethernet switches. But today, companies can use a public cloud computing platform like Azure, which purchases and maintains all the computing hardware. This means companies can effectively “rent” hardware resources as needed.

Azure is a cloud computing platform provided by Microsoft. It is an online portal through which you can access and manage recourses and services.

All you need is the internet and able to connect to the Azure portal. Then you can access all of the resources and the services. The Azure platform is available in many areas and is available in the UK, US, and India, Australia.

Deep Dive into Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps provides integration with popular open-source and third-party tools and services—across the entire DevOps workflow. Use the tools and languages you know. Spend less time integrating and more time delivering higher-quality software, faster.

Azure DevOps Features

We can classify the features of Azure DevOps according to people, processes, and tools. Using this map as our guide, we can look at the security features, process management features, and tools for information sharing. These are the main features used for Azure DevOps project management.


Azure DevOps is a set of neoteric services. And, it has used to plan an intellectual collaboration better and sip faster. It is the development of any product. So, first, you have to work, then you have to deploy.

In another way, you have to plan in an intelligent way for the success of the product. At first, you have to collaborate better. And then you have to work on the code management on the development side, and at last, for the shipping, you have to focus on the deployment part.

So, Azure DevOps is a set of current services, which provides all these features. You can use all of them from these services as per your need or role. If you have come from particular conduct like the product owner, you can work with an individual ploy of the Azure DevOps. If you are coming from the development side, then you can focus on a particular service.

Azure DevOps is developed and managed by Microsoft. That is why you can say Azure is a very fast, very secure, and very reliable product for DevOps. Azure DevOps was formerly known as Visual Studio Term Service (VSTS).

How will you use Azure?

These four services are just a glimpse of what Azure can do for your environment. Besides Microsoft’s defined services, it is full of cloud-computing potential that you can utilize in almost any way imaginable.

If you’re ready to try out one of these services, you can get your feet wet with a trial and $200 in Azure credits. You can also get an idea of cost by using the pricing calculator. If you have questions about other ways you could use Azure or need help implementing a service, talk to one of our sales engineers and we’ll help you plan and implement the right tools to meet your needs.


Five services are available in Azure DevOps. You can know more to Learn DevOps Step by Step.

  1. Boards – boards are used to plan your work. Here on this board, you can write your stories, tusks, and bugs, or your epics.
  2. Repos – Repos is something related to your code. In these repos, you can use the TFS upholstery, TFS, or grid, and you can manage your code.
  3. Pipeline – all the tasks such as the automation process, the CI-CD, everything will be available in this pipeline.
  4. Test plans – testing is also one of the main features in the development. The automation testing, the manual testing, these things are taken care of at the test plans.
  5. Artifacts – artifacts are a collection of packages that you will get from the private repository, which you need to share among your team.



Well, this is the gist of what is available from Azure DevOps for any language targeting any platform. So, get started today see how Azure DevOps can accelerate your DevOps transformation.

Read more: https://www.recablog.com/how-can-businesses-grow-with-devops-and-test-automation/

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