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Habitual Jewellery Mistakes That You Should Steer Clear Of

Jewelry is an indispensable part of a woman’s life. It is worn to further enhance her beauty and complete her overall appearance. The gleaming baubles are a perfect way to make a woman shine brighter and look radiant. Blame on the habits, trends, or even lack of information, a lot of women unknowingly make Habitual Jewellery Mistakes that end up making them look tacky. We have put together a list of common mistakes that you should avoid to make yourself look great each time you dress up and adorn those beautiful pieces of jewelry.

Picking Jewelry That Doesn’t Match the Occasion: 

You have jewelry for every occasion, picking the wrong one can break your look and also invite unnecessary embarrassing stares from the people around. For example, wearing a loosely fitted bracelet that makes a jiggling noise is a wrong pick for work, prefer to wear a delicate tennis bracelet studded with diamonds that sits on your wrist perfectly and looks classy.

If you are hunting for daily wear diamond jewelry pieces, then you can check here at Melorra for some trending designs. Similarly, a pair of traditional heavy jhumkas looks good when dressing up for a wedding, or festive gathering, rather than when you are dressing up to attend a beach party with friends. 

Not Matching The Jewelry Color With Your Attire:

As a tradition, we usually pick gold in its most common color of yellow. However, sometimes this may not suit the dress you want to pair it up with, making us look out of place. For example, if you plan to wear a baby pink or lilac saree, instead of yellow gold you should go with white gold jewelry that will match perfectly with the dress.

Rose gold jewelry looks stunning with navy blue, red, or even with earthy brown dresses. This website of Melorra brings a collection of trendy lightweight fine jewelry that works well with your everyday wear.

Wearing the Same Jewelry Everyday:

We often slip into a habit of wearing the same pieces of jewelry like earrings, chains of finger rings day in and day out. It’s important to break free from this habit and consciously put in the effort to change your jewelry once every few days.

There are some beautiful pieces that we buy and lock away in our safe locker, only to be discovered once in a blue moon. Changing your jewelry once every 2 weeks is also a great way to flaunt your collection and break the boring look.

Not Cleaning Your Jewelry Regularly:

This is a big mistake most women make. Over some time, the most shinest piece of jewelry starts to look dull because of the grim and dirt it accumulates. You don’t need an elaborate method to care for your regular gold and diamond jewelry, all it takes is some liquid soap, warm water, a soft bristle brush, and a linen cloth.

Not Being Creative:

While we go out and boldly experiment with our outfits with the change in season, we shy away from doing so with the Jewellery Mistakes. Mixing and matching the jewelry pieces or even layering different metals is a great way to add a fun element to your personality.

Not knowing the jewelry material:

It is important to know what material your jewelry is made from. You can do this by checking the packaging it came with or product description. This allows you to use the materials that work best for cleaning your Jewellery Mistakes without damaging its quality. But most importantly, it allows you to avoid metals like nickel that may provoke allergic reactions when worn.

Not cleaning your jewelry:

Most of us just put our jewelry back in their cases or boxes after a busy day outside without giving it much thought – but did you know that our jewelry needs proper TLC to look it’s best? Plenty of us are unaware that our pieces need to be cleaned regularly to keep them in pristine condition.

While you may not notice, general grime and tarnish will build up and be noticed by others over time. And who wants their jewelry to become home to germs!

A good way to clean your jewelry is to simply wash it with warm water and gentle soap. Use a soft-bristled brush (like an old toothbrush) to gently clean your jewelry and to minimize scratches.

Cleaning your jewelry improperly: 

Many metals require specific cleaners in order to be cared for properly, and may even be ruined if you use the wrong type of cleaner on them. But not all cleaners need to be harsh chemicals. Baking soda is great for silver, and also works well when you aren’t sure what metals are present in your jewelry.

Put a little water on a plate and mix it with a medium amount of baking soda (the thicker the baking soda paste, the easier it’ll clean the jewelry).

Then, dip a toothbrush in the baking soda paste and gently scrub the jewelry with it. Voila! Not only will the jewelry be clean, but if you are cleaning silver the tarnish is also rubbed away. And baking soda is good for your pipes, so you get an extra benefit when you rinse the baking soda down the drain!

If you like sterling silver, but really don’t like polishing, consider pieces made from Argentium, the new low-tarnish sterling silver alloy.

Wearing jewelry when showering, cleaning, or swimming:

Soaps and shampoos will leave a film of residue to your pieces over time which might affect the quality of your jewelry. Exposure of your jewelry to chemicals such as chlorine and bleach will result in your silver pieces getting permanent discoloration.

Chlorine is also bad for any 14K Jewellery Mistakes and is especially bad for rings as the chlorine will weaken prongs which allows stones to fall out of their settings. Even saltwater will dull even the sparkliest gemstones and erode parts of metal jewelry.

The best advice would be to just leave your jewelry pieces on your vanity when showing or swimming.

Not storing your jewelry appropriately:

Just like water, humidity and moisture also affects the quality of your jewelry so avoid storing or leaving any piece in the bathroom, most especially sterling silver as this will cause them to tarnish faster. Jewelry that is all tangled and bunched up together will cause them to scratch one another. The easiest solution is to hang necklaces from hooks.

You can also use a padded Jewellery Mistakes to keep your pieces looking brand new. Plus, all those boxes neatly lined up in your drawer or vanity will make for an impressive collection!

Not clasping necklaces after use:

Did you know that you’re supposed to clasp your necklaces after use? It will prevent them from bunching up with one another in case you’re storing all your necklaces in a single box. This will also prevent entanglement which can be very annoying to deal with.

The goal is to make sure that your jewelry will be fast and easy for you to grab as you run out the door in the morning. Who wants to start their day by untangling a large mess of chains?

So, next time you buy Jewellery, ensure you follow the above to create a statement look.

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