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Hairline Lowering-Most Effective Way to Stop Hair Fall

Hairline lowering is a long surgery that takes about two hours. The procedure is also called forehead reduction and is considered to be cosmetic. This process is always done under local anesthesia. The anesthesia helps the patient to be comfortable during the process.
Hairline lowering surgery will require you to stay in the hospital for one day. The surgery takes one to two hours, depending on the hair loss. The process involves making the forehead short by moving the hairline ahead. The hairline process is usually done to women who are not happy with the size of their forehead.

The Procedure for Hairline Lowering

The hairline lowering process takes about one to three hours. The time taken will depend on the doctor and the extent of the forehead. During the process, the doctor will inject your scalp with general and local anesthesia.
To start, the doctors will mark your new hairline, and then he will make an incision. They will then loosen the scalp tissues and move the forehead skin one to three centimeters ahead. They will then remove any excess skin on your forehead.

If the skin is not elastic enough to move forward, the surgeon will use a tissue expander on your scalp. It will take about two months for the skin to stretch slowly. The surgeon will then remove the tissue expander to complete the hairline lowering process.
After the procedure, your doctor will then put the hairline in position. Then he will close the incision with two layers of stitches. He or she will then cover the stitches with surgical dressing to prevent some infections. For the best results, always go for experienced doctors. The results will be permanent and natural. You will also regain your confidence back.

Good Candidates for Hairline Lowering Surgery

The perfect candidates for this process are men and women who have big foreheads. It is also suitable for those people who have good scalp stretch, no thinning hair, and those people who want to change the proportions of their facial features.

Some doctors combine this procedure with a brow lift. The brow lift or contouring helps to shorten the distance between the brow and the hairline. Women than men mostly do the hairline lowering process.
Hairline lowering is also done to transgender who is changing from male to female and want to look more like women. The procedure sometimes combines with a brow bone reduction. The doctor shaves the orbital bone at the top of the eye, below the eyebrow, to make a big forehead unseen during the process.

The Recovery Time

The recovery is not the same for all patients. Some patients recover fast than others. Many people go back to work the next day after the procedure. But doctors mostly advise their patients to take a day or two off for a better recovery.

After the surgery, you may feel some redness, pain, swelling, and bruising. These complications are mild, and you will recover after a week or two. Your doctor will tell you to avoid hard work for the first week. Doing this will help you to avoid getting infections caused by sweat.
After the process, you will feel some discomfort. The doctor will give you some painkillers to relieve the pain. Also, to reduce the swelling, you will need to keep your head raised during sleep. Use a few pillows to help you with the healing process.

The hairline lowering process is fast, and the recovery is easy. The only thing to do is to follow the doctor’s instructions. Also, make sure you have done adequate research on the best surgeons and clinics. This will help you avoid severe risks and complications.
The recovery process takes about six months for the incision to heal and fade completely. You can also style your hair in a way that hides the incisions during the healing process. You will have a forehead reduction scar which is invisible.

The hair will grow in front of the incision and will then hide the scar. If the scar is not entirely hidden, make sure to go for hair grafting. The hairline lowering surgery should be permanent and natural.

Possible Risks and Side Effects of Hairline Lowering Surgery

Hairline lowering surgery is the safest. But every procedure usually has risks and complications. These risks are mild, and they are;

· Numbness
· Infection
· Some mild pains
· Bleeding
· Scarring
· Swelling
· Bruising
· And some rare permanent hair loss

Most of these surgeries are easy to recover from, and complications are less.

The Cost

The hairline lowering procedure costs around $8,450. Health insurance companies rarely cover it because it is a cosmetic procedure. During the consultation, make sure to ask your doctor about the overall cost. Also, ask what is included in the cost they give you.


Hairline lowering helps to improve your looks. It helps to balance your face proportions. The outcome is always immediate and permanent. It may be expensive, but it is worth it because it is natural and lasts for a lifetime. Always make sure to research the best clinics for better results. good research will also help you to avoid some serious risks and complications.

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